Moonbathing on the Banks of the River Styx

Smoking Mirrors – March 29, 2012

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(Today, I did something I rarely do, I canned a post near the completion of it. I never can a post at any point; might have done it once in the whole time I’ve been doing this. I went off on Spike Lee, Al Sharpton and a few others and of course, The Tribe is still responsible for some amount of evil, above 50% of the total in the whole world and so, they got the usual honorable mention. How can you not mention them, given the object of their daily industry? I’ll try again, maybe the same thing will happen. We’ll see.)
I talk about people when they annoy me. They have to pretty much really annoy me and consistently at that. I’m willing to take my own licks for that when they come. I’m especially annoyed at gatekeepers and the rash of defectors from our ranks in recent times. They seem to be coming down with Christopher Hitchen’s Syndrome; I’m hoping you can figure out what that is. Chris is presently in a holding area, waiting for Richard Dawkins (no relation to Daryl) to show up. They’ll be sharing a dingy for that ride across the River Styx. You might not know this but the River Styx is pretty wide and has islands and all sorts of strange geography on the further bank; meaning inlets and lagoons; where it accesses a hidden sea and, this underground river feeds into other underground rivers beneath it, while being also fed by mysterious springs at the source. This and many other unseen phenomena, can be a problem for those operating with mortal eyes, on that half of the Mobius Strip that is presentable to their perceptions but, I digress.
What you are seeing in the United States, is the tip of the iceberg, of an emerging trend, where the country is going to start looking like a Chinese new year of armaments, unburdening themselves of their volatile contents. You need to check with the script girl for time and location in your neck of the woods. I’m not going to talk about the Zimmerman thing. Everyone else is doing that, so why should I?
The incredible, replicating Occupy movement, is plugging in to the amazing, monster paranoid machine, that’s hiding in the curtains but no one’s really certain, why it doesn’t want its amplifier seen. I’ve heard tales of it being compromised; another Little Georgie Sorrows scam. I can imagine there are outriders, dressed up like ringwraiths on snorting black horses, who ride herd and Grima Wormtongue-like agents who move among them, spreading mischief and communicating with the black bloc members, secreted in the mass. On the one hand, you have this massive and extensive security apparatus, that operates on the behalf of the one percent and on the other hand you have the crazed informants, who want to believe that anyone could be the enemy, or who recreationally hunt down and shoot people, like Zimmerman. It’s hard to know what’s really going on at any particular point.
There are very strange things going on and figuring out why this is happening, is the job of persons better equipped for the effort than me. Something weird is going on over at Veterans Today. Something weird is going on with longstanding alternative web sites and their level of donations going down but that could just be the economy, or maybe people have woken up to the point that they sense a lack of full disclosure on the part of old familiar sources, where they’ve been getting their news. Something weird is happening around Fukushima; how could millions be living under the threat of certain death when the blood of all the casualties is on their leaders hands? Does it have something to do with the truth behind Fukushima? I don’t know what the truth is and I’m not implying anything. I just wouldn’t expect this kind of behavior from the Japanese government. I know how jejune that sounds but it’s a sense I get.
A whole lot of governments are acting strange. The obvious answer is that the banker control, in tandem with the world wide Zionist conspiracy, is behind this but it doesn’t seem complete. Obviously the Zionist and the Satanists are operating as a tag team, for the destruction of all cultures and systems not their own. They’re racing against time, neck and neck with The Apocalypse. The question is, are they trying to do as much harm, right up to the point where they lose the race, or do they somehow think they can win that race? They can’t but they could believe it. Many people believe things that are not true. Many people die for those beliefs. It happens every day. Lies are entities of terminal finality. In any case ‘they’ are going to be the poster orcs, for the proof in the pudding that ‘the boy who cried wolf’ is not a fable.
In Kali Yuga, irony is one of the tent poles that hold up the cover for the main stage. Kali Yuga is also all about payback. Some of that payback has been coming for a really long time. This is a time of summation and resolution, every bit as much as it is a time of awakening and revelation. Those who have no interest in awakening, have worked on the design of their denial for a long time. Some of us have an inside track. Some of us are not even on the track and there are dark horses and long odds and surprises to come. No one knows the level of their development, until the yeast goes into action.
People believe the truth is dangerous terrain. They think lies keep them safe. That is especially not true in this period of time and that is why so much is coming out, why people are walking away from the mainstream media and why the print media is dying. In many cases, people do not know why they are doing what they are doing. They’re just doing it because the off stage voice is sotto voce. Something is hearing but it’s in the nether realms. What’s being said is rising with the yeast and will make itself heard more distinctly when the times comes. Meanwhile it is provoking inexplicable action on the part of many. Many are experiencing a great deal of fear. They don’t know who this person is that is emerging from out of the hidden parts of themselves.
There are a lot of ways to look at it all and still have it make sense. There are all sorts of lenses that people adopt for viewing, because they don’t challenge their belief system, or because they support it. All belief systems have precedence and possibly rumor and myth that support their findings. Some assumptions being made are obviously absurd. Jesus is not going to show up with an industrial forklift to assist fundie Christians, in whatever rapture they are expecting, as a result of believing that all you have to do is be saved and you’re good to go to everlasting residence in Heaven, regardless of being directly involved the displacement, torture and murder of millions. Paul Crouch is not going to Heaven. It is as likely that Tammy Faye Baker is in Heaven, as the pet tarantulas on her eyes are there. Benny Hinn is not going to Heaven and neither is his hair. I know I’ll hear about this because how could I be in a position to know who’s going to Heaven? Because, ‘by their works ye shall know them’ and because direction is the surest indication of destination.
Well, I’m talking about people again but I guess there’s no way around it. I want people to think about certain things. I wonder about certain things. I wonder why, no matter where I go, I almost never find anyone who wants to talk about the things I talk about. I wonder about why, when I observe the lives flowing around me, I never see anyone watching too; watching in a certain way. I wonder about why no one among those truly evil in this world, ever have an epiphany and publicly come forward to tell us how wrong they were and reveal that which they were engaged in. I know there are whistleblowers but I’m talking about the big cheeses; the super-sized Limburger’s who walk among us. You don’t hear presidents, secretaries of state, financiers, military generals, with the exception of Smedley Butler getting up and saying it. It just doesn’t happen. I notice a lot of curious things that you would think would happen now and again but don’t. You never see a president come out and say, “I’m being pressured by bankers and AIPAC to kill millions and turn the world into an open air prison camp. Well, sometimes you come across quotes here and there that are buried in the mix. I ought to list some of the things I find to be very odd and maybe I will at some point. There are a lot of things I haven’t said so, maybe I’m affected in some way too. Maybe our roles are mostly hardened and on rails. One thing I know is that it is never harder than when you are trying to change.
It looks grim from some angles but I do believe that help is on the way. I believe that these times are far more momentous than we imagine and that certain possibilities and opportunities are too. I believe that locations, spoken of for centuries but never seen, are just as real and probably more real than everything else, because everything else comes and goes. I tell myself that I am headed toward a particular place; when I walk out my door, regardless of whether I am heading to the supermarket or into the woods. I tell myself that I have always been headed there and that intention can harden just like personalities and conditions can. Whatever is actually going on and causing what we see in the news and around us every day, I think that’s going to go public too. If one were focused on the progressions in consciousness and events this would seem pretty clear. We’ll see.
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I’ll be on the radio tomorrow with Robert Phoenix at 10:00 AM Pacific time. This is quite a bit different than the usual fare


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