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Visible Origami – March 28, 2012

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Over at another blogger’s site this morning, I added this comment, “Insanity, like arrogance and evil, increase in intensity and logarithmically expand the process of reaching beyond grasp, as they approach destruction. This is a cosmic law, like “pride goeth before a fall” is a cosmic law, not just an example of scripture. Well, there you have it (grin)”. I wrote this because each day we see significant examples of each of them. When the human mind is presented with adverse complexities, or conditions, it cannot resolve, it becomes depressed. The same thing occurs when one’s opportunities for employment are restricted, or their continuance of residence in their home is threatened. All of these things are engineered and manipulated by the self-imagined powers that be. When the temporal realm is on the verge of massive transformation and a passing of the reins and reigns, it’s survival instincts kick in and it has only repression and enhanced confusion, along with the creation of want at its disposal. You could probably add in a few thing to the arsenal but these are the main things you see.
Corruption in all areas of endeavor, by the powers that be, becomes routine. Gratuitous wars to expand territorial control, for financial gain and other venal motivations, become ubiquitous. You see a great deal of, “why is this man laughing” photo ops. You see a sneering indifference among the privileged classes and a willingness to trample on the lower classes, to gain yet more of what they already have too much of and simply because they can. They don’t see anyone in a position to stop them and they have their own police forces and control of the media, which directly impacts on what people believe to be true, because a large percentage of people are very stupid. This stupidity is birthed out of self interest. One of the truly stupid things about it is that it is anything but profitable self interest. The masses are turned into their own enemies and the enemies of each other.
So, there is all of that and more, being employed and taking place; depression is epidemic through the populace, attending fear as a handmaiden. There is a lot of negative emotion circulating through the ranks. People become numb and that is the intent. It makes you docile, as do all the pharmaceuticals and endless picayune laws, that are designed to restrict human freedom, on every level where it formerly operated. Whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do?
In many cases, the answer to that is, “not much”. If you are living a lie or under the spell and control of lies, you do not possess true seeing, so you can’t navigate and the mirror in which you see yourself, is filled with smoke, or dust, because it hasn’t been cleaned in a long time. The procedures for cleaning the mirror are not engaged. The attention is on the trivial and superficial. Life becomes trivial pursuit. So what is important is obscured by the passion for possession of what is unimportant. There’s a phrase from the Bible which states, “Where there is no vision, the people perish”. Vision, defined as something other than eyesight, is a product of inspiration. Inspiration is one of the fruits of intuition. Intuition translates as ‘inner teaching’. You definitely need inspiration. I couldn’t function without it. I shudder to think what life would be in its absence.
People are looking for answers. They know, in most cases, that something is wrong and that it has been getting worse. What just about everyone does not realize, is that the bad guys were well aware of the approach of The Apocalypse. They knew that awakening was coming to the masses, to the extent that the masses could respond to it. This is the reason for the draconian environment that has been set up. They have been diligently employed in creating agencies of suppression. They created all of those terror attacks in order to bring about things like Homeland Security and the TSA. They instituted all of the home foreclosures and the dire employment climate, to put the population into a cauldron of uncertainty and fear. Fear is a mighty whip-hand. Visible authority is an intimidating presence.
The human mind is limited by its condition of mortality. It generally only knows what its been exposed to in any particular lifetime and the rest it assimilates from history, which is why the historical record is fabricated. Unfortunately, for most people, they lack the curiosity and courage to probe deeper into the superficial lies that overlay deeper truths. If they did, they would see that all of the great lies of recent times; the last century, are easily disputed and disproven because there is plenty of evidence to the contrary of what is proclaimed. One particular, monstrous lie was hardly mentioned until the 60’s and appeared nowhere in the memoirs of famous individuals, who were intimately acquainted with what was really happening. The myth of 9/11 is outrageous in its transparency, as a complete fabrication. It’s a 24 carat iron pyrite lie. It’s a fool’s gold, tungsten filled bar. It was orchestrated and carried out by these people, precisely because of the approaching apocalypse. Why do I say these things over and over, only varying the means of presentation? People look up, or to the side, from what they are doing, for a moment and then go right back to it.
The sweet swinging ineffable has the whole world in its hands. It’s only going on the way it does and looking the way it does, for the purpose of demonstration. If you are not getting the message, the lesson will be visited on you. As has been stated more than once, those who cannot hear must feel. It depends on what you depend on. If you are depending on the cornucopia of all good things, then good for you. You won’t be a blind man swinging at an out of reach pinata. You won’t be feeling up elephants and comparing notes with your equally sightless fellows. If you are relying on what you are being told by those whose primary intent is to deceive you, you will be deceived and that is never a good thing.
People find it hard to believe in an invisible benevolence, because the visible disputes its existence by the conditions in which you find yourself. The conditions in which you find yourself, are generated by the dynamic of what you depend on; what you rely on. If you are not relying on the divine ineffable then your conditions will worsen, until you have no option but to do so. You will be reduced to extremity. That’s how the cosmic software program works. If you can’t dig infinity, you will be a prisoner of time. If the truth is uncomfortable or compromises the pursuit of the desires of the lower nature, then the result will be an even greater degree of discomfort.
Some of us are lucky. Some of us have been forced by the circumstances of our life to have to rely on the divine ineffable, over and over again. Subsequently, it became pro forma to do so. It becomes axiomatic. This is why those who have a smooth cruise of it, are far worse off than those who don’t and who come to smooth cruise control through adversity. It’s is far better to be tried in the fires of affliction and calamity for the purpose of realization and tempering, than to be trolloping around through the malls on an endless shopping excursion; shopping for no other reason than to shop and not needing the items purchased. There are fleets of individuals in Jetstream trailers and other conveyances who motor off every summer, to visit famous malls and shopping areas around the United States. This is their idea of a good time; dog paddling through a world of stuff. The cosmos isn’t very tolerant of this sort of thing but does let it go on for the purpose of demonstration.
Consider the awareness in any mind of the moment, that actually believes Darth Obama represents their best interests and is doing a good job. Consider the mindset of the moment that believes there is a difference between Obama and his competition from the other party, except possibly in the degree of mendacity. Consider the mindset that can imagine that Israel is a chosen nation of the divine, in the face of all of the things Israel gets up to each day. This is a very deep degree of stupid accompanied by clueless. Here is an example of the sort of thing Israel gets up to, in its efforts to amplify global mass murder, while they also arm the terrorists who are actually doing these sorts of things, if they are being done at all. Consider the mindset of those who can believe things like this, having already forgotten all about the babies being tossed out of their incubators in Kuwait, if they ever paid attention in the first place. As usual, there’s no author for the piece. Those seeking sexual control of the culture, the same people again, are busy making up statistics about what people want, according to the time honored, “lies, damned lies and statistics”. The idea is always to accuse the opposition of the things you yourself are engaged in but even more deceitfully and injuriously. Consider the mindset of people who buy into this sort of thing. The unfortunate thing about any kind of vested interest is that, no matter how smart you may be, or how aware of other things you may be, when it comes to your pet concerns, you’re swimming in squid ink.
Relying on the sweet, swinging ineffable is the key to freedom and security on all levels. You get the daily newsletter. You get the up to the minute real deal, because you are open to it. Unless and until you rely on this eternal source of what is true and what is real, you’re part of the shit creek, tour adventure and the paddle is for your rear end. All sorts of people who consider themselves well informed are in denial about fundamental and enduring truths that bear only a passing resemblance to fundamentalist dogma and cant. I’ve no doubt got some areas of my own but I’m trying to quit.
The reason that Bhakti Yoga is the simplest and most direct route, can be associated with the conditions of these, ‘no exit’ times. This form of yoga is all about reliance and what you depend on. You don’t have to call it a yoga. You can call it devotion and you can call it surrender. You can call it whatever you like, doing it is the point. One way or another, you come up against it. You might as well go willingly.
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