Asian Porn Symptom of Age-Old Gender Dysfunction

By Aspen – for March 25, 2012

Taiwan – The proliferation of Asian porn is a symptom of gender dysfunction more than its cause.

Asian pornography feeds on centuries-old habits of characterizing women as subhuman. The truth is that Asian men have been and continue to be utterly rotten towards women.


Asian males have been driving the porn market to unbelievable extremes.

Asian porn businesses are the most successful globally. The annual $70-billion-plus porn revenues of China, Japan, and South Korea account for around 75% of the industry’s sales worldwide. South Korean men top the list, spending nearly three times more on pornography than the closest competitor, Japan.


The pervasiveness of pornography in Japan would shock most Westerners. The defining ethic of Japanese porn is the humiliation and debasement of all that is female.

Let the namesake website,, speak for itself:

“Legend has it that in ancient Japan, women who were found to be unfaithful were publicly humiliated in the town center by being tied up while every man in town ejaculated all over her to show his distaste…. although many feel that the practice of bukkake is shameful and degrading to women, it must be remembered that bukkake may have originated as a form of punishment (writer’s note: which makes it okay, right?)…. By the late 90’s, it had evolved into its own [film] genre. Gay men began to experiment with the practice in ritual initiation ceremonies. American and European filmmakers were quick to follow the Japanese lead, adding their trademark stylish flow along with a line of willing porn starlets who were ready to be covered in [sic] cum.”

Here we find initial indicators of a core of anger and self-hatred in Japanese society, with respect to gender relations and sexuality in general. This applies to homosexuality as well.


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