Obama: Window For Peaceful Solution with Iran Closing

News Commentary – March 25, 2012

President Obama said Sunday there was still time to peacefully resolve the dispute over Iran’s nuclear program but the clock was ticking.
“I believe there is a window of time to solve this diplomatically,” Obama told reporters, “but that window is closing.”
The U.S. president echoed similar remarks he made in a joint press conference with British Prime Minister David Cameron a week ago, when he warned that the window for a diplomatic solution was “shrinking”.
President Obama is thought to have pressured Israel into delaying a strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities, arguing that more time was needed for sanctions to take effect.
Earlier in March Obama was reported to have promised to supply Israel with bunker busting munitions and aerial refueling tankers, on condition that the Zionist state did not strike Iran this year.
Although one of the prime cheerleaders behind Iraq invasion, journalist Jeffrey Goldberg has written that Israel is growing increasingly confident over the prospect of a successful attack on Iran, the overriding consensus among most experts is that such action would be fraught with danger and uncertainty.
“I don’t know any security expert who is recommending a military strike on Iran at this point,” said Anne-Marie Slaughter, a Princeton University professor who was a senior State Department official earlier in the Obama administration.
In the same article W. Patrick Lang, a former head of Middle East affairs for the Defense Intelligence Agency told the New York Times “Unless you’re so far over on the neocon side that you’re blind to geopolitical realities, there’s an overwhelming consensus that this is a bad idea.”
However, while many experts are publicly urging caution and restraint, others fear Israel may leave it too late before attacking.
Iran’s steady development of its own military technology has some Zionists worried that Tehran could soon have the means to repel an Israeli attack.
In other words time may be running out for Israel to successfully carry out an attack on Iran. If Israel waits much longer it may be too late and to this end reports have appeared recently speculating over an Israeli strike in the coming months.
However, we don’t consider this a viable option because:
1) Israel first has to take delivery of the upgraded bunker busters and at the time of writing that has not been confirmed.
2) Then the Israeli Air Force has to modify its planes so they can carry the heavier munitions. Thereafter their aircrews will have to train to ensure they can deliver these more powerful payloads.
This takes time and many Zionists now fear that Iran could soon establish a sophisticated nationwide air defense system before this can be accomplished.
Consequently the only really viable alternative for Israel is to set up a false flag atrocity, which could then be blamed on Iran. The Zionist state has a history of such operations from 9/11 to 7/7, from the attack on the U.S.S. Liberty to the Madrid train bombings – all bear the hallmark of Mossad involvement.
So a false flag atrocity that could be blamed on Iran is a very real possibility.
The only real question is when and where? We believe the following linked videos and articles offer a clue.
If war hasn’t erupted with Iran by late July 2012, expect the Olympic Games in London to be the stage for a horrific false flag, which will then be blamed on Iran. In fact the following articles and videos make a compelling case for such.

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