Three Blind Men with Mercury in Retrograde

Smoking Mirrors – March 25, 2012

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The problem with the truth is that it’s inconvenient, just like Al Gore. The problem with the truth is that it’s impossible to isolate it unto itself without shape, size and coloration, because it can’t be seen otherwise. It can only be inferred and every inference, is affected by perspective. Like Lao Tzu said, “The Tao that can be named is not the Tao”.
Recently, against my best efforts, during and after the fact, I ran into a mini shitstorm, concerning the ‘gay thing’. I had mentioned that Lindsey Graham was being blackmailed by The Tribe for being a Log Cabin Republican. Can I prove this? No, but some things you can infer with no great degree of difficulty. We also know that many members of Congress are either blackmailed or financially leveraged by the global control, Tribe machine. We know they killed Kennedy for going after the Federal Reserve. We know they were the primary and enduring cause of the Bolshevik Revolution and the perpetrators of the murderous policies that came out of it. This last we can prove. The rest we can infer from ‘the duck equation’. There are other, ‘monstrous lies’, which we can also prove to be lies. We can prove them as comprehensively and easily as the Bolshevik Revolution; just as easily as we can prove who was behind the Afghanistan, Iraqi and Libyan wars and who is pushing to destroy Syria and Iran. We can prove them just as easily as we can prove who did 9/11 and we can infer about 7/7 and The Madrid Train Station bombings, with all sorts of direct and corollary evidence. You might want to look up ‘corollary’, if you don’t know what it means. You might also want to look up ‘Mercury in retrograde,’, if you’re not fully informed about that either. We’ll be there till around 4/5 and it explains a lot about the last couple of weeks.
I said, or inferred, that Graham was being blackmail leveraged to be a mass murdering dick because of his sexual orientation. That’s all I said. I didn’t make any judgments on the lifestyle,. In the aftermath, I made a few observations, easily proven, about the time periods and state of the culture, in which the phenomena proliferates more than usual. We know that The Tribe sits in distinct majority, at the head of every gay, lesbian, transgender and whatever else organizations of like disposition. They have an agenda concerning this and it has to do with morphing the culture and the destruction of the family unit. In England you can see the horrific effect of this, in the actions of the social services organizations that are taking people’s children away in the thousands. I’m not directly linking this to the ‘gay thing’, it’s just another example of pernicious industry, directed at the destruction of the family unit, which is the cornerstone and centerpiece of civilization.
Please do not ask me to prove who sits on the boards of directors of all the gay organizations. I’m not your research assistant. Look it up. In some cases they are exclusively the only people on the board. If I have any problem with the ‘gay thing’, it is this. This is the feature that impacts on me and you and is active with things like this and all the books forced upon children in elementary school, as well as the programming that accompanies them. They are seriously active in the educational system and in high approval of entities like Sandusky, who was allowed to go on and on because of the highly placed satanists, operating behind the scenes throughout the system. These are the same people who were behind The Franklin Sex Scandal. They like to refer to Tel Aviv as the gay capital of the world. That’s not me saying it, that’s them.
However you may want to parse each individual thing I say, no one can deny that there is plenty of fire to accompany the smoke. I didn’t make any assessments about gay whatsoever, when I mentioned Graham. I was responded to as if I did. The Ganymede factor has been around a long time and includes some truly illustrious names. My position on it, insofar as I have defined it, for the benefit of ‘my own understanding’, is that it is a permutation of the kundalini force, when it is drawn to material culture. It is also a phase through which everyone passes at one time or another, through the recurrent process of reincarnation. Anyone with knowledge of or access to my personal journey through this particular incarnation, knows that I have no binding judgment upon this condition, except for what I have said so far. My association with people of this persuasion and my efforts at different times on their behalf is matter of proven record, in the minds of those familiar with me at different times. Everyone else may not know where I’m coming from but I do and they do.
I have to handle an enormous amount of traffic every day; emails, comments, projects and so on. I can’t be expected to be one hundred percent attentive to every single detail. I miss things. Certain things never even occurred to me during this recent series of exchanges. I didn’t even know what was going on, primarily because I wasn’t doing anything more than making an observation about arm-twisting influence on the part of pernicious interests. I try to stay on top of things, while I’m doing everything for free in the first place, but I miss things that are right in front of me, because so much is in front of me. Then I try to make it right and it becomes very annoying when some people won’t even let me do that.
The world, at this time, is a pretty fucked up place, even if it is all perfect in terms of how it resolves. We got things like this swaggering jerk and psychopaths whose hearts attack them. They probably had Ted Bundy’s heart on ice for him. We’ve got ignorant uniformed crap like this. “Heartbreaking destruction” my ass; like we’d learn something from a Civil War battlefield that would be of any use, since we haven’t learned anything about war and mass murder since. We do get some amusing things with positive outcomes and we’ve got all sorts of strange sounds that, so far, no one has been able to explain. We get strange, disingenuous and provably wrong statements like this, “Face it, tens of millions of Americans see Israel and Jews as responsible for the planning of 9/11. Though there is proof of Israeli involvement, that is undeniable, blaming Jews in America is beyond insane” from sources like this, which has lately been the source of all kinds of unusual acts of bizarre reasoning, also easily disproven, with the names, nationality and positions clearly named, in direct refutation of that quote about who is not culpable. That last link is the most comprehensive collection about who was behind 9/11 and, given Mercury in retrograde, this is about Veteran’s Today and not the blog that reprinted it. This is a world wide cabal of vicious operatives. It’s not just Israel but, the truth is inconvenient and telling it like it is, annoys those, who are in the hip pocket of those they pretend to be in opposition to, while letting those providing them with funds, slip off the hook. We got more gatekeepers than gates at this point. We got people who defend Chomsky, when he has clearly stated where he is at on the most important event of recent times. Yeah, you don’t want to get too much into telling the truth, it pisses people off. So, it’s a toss up whether you are more comfortable pissing people off or holding yourself in contempt for not doing so.
We all have to answer to ourselves for what we say and do. Our conscience is the ultimate judge and if we don’t want to hear about it and ultimately be convicted by it, we have to tell ourselves large and loud lies to drown out its voice. Of course, that doesn’t work forever. Sooner or later you come up against the voice behind your conscience.
People can and do disagree with me. That is perfectly okay, but my position is that you disprove what I say; clinically, specifically and comprehensively. It is not an acceptable argument to not want to hear it or to find it inconvenient. That’s not acceptable or legitimate. Prove it wrong. Go ahead. I’ll be glad to alter my perspective based on the commensurate weight of your rebuttal. I’ve changed my view and conclusions many times, in this life and other lives, I am perfectly willing to do it again. Furthermore, if you’re going to disagree with something I said, let it be something I said, not something you pulled out of thin air, that had no connection to anything I said. Don’t come flying in on a tangent, a wing and a prayer, making something up out of whole cloth, as if it were the robe of Jesus, when Jesus never wore that robe or Jacob either. I’m laying all of this at the door of Mercury in retrograde. Might be that puts us both off the hook, unless you really do need to swallow the worm, even if it was never anywhere near a bottle of mescal.
There’s a big difference between people’s feelings getting hurt, because they have an investment in something and the need to justify the authenticity and value of it, regardless of the cost to what is. Feelings are one thing, facts and figures and the application of dispassionate reason are something else.
Most of us lie or keep silent, as a matter of routine, in order to maintain our positions of employment, our friendships; which means they aren’t really friendships, our social status, our engineered reputations, our credibility; Jesus! There’s irony for you. Most of us do this because we want to perpetuate our continuance here. We want all the good thing we believe will be denied us, if we go contrary to the prevailing fabrications of our time. We want to snuggle in and get comfy with material nature. That’s a fatal proposition. It’s terminal AND unpleasant. We want to impress the world with our compliance and conformity, so that we can rise up through the ranks of gifted liars, at the expense of everything meaningful and valuable that are no longer either, cause we threw them away. We sacrificed them on the altar of personal gain. I only want to impress my invisible friends, because that’s whose company I intend to be in, when I become less visible. A lot of people believe if you can’t see it, it isn’t really there. I believe that just because you can see it, that’s no guarantee that it is there and sooner or later it won’t be. What are you actually seeing after all? Are you one of those 3 blind men exploring an elephant?
Anyway, I’ve said my piece, probably not as effectively as you or I might wish and certainly not effectively enough for those who simply have to believe whatever it takes to bolster their need to have any and all evidence, real and imaginary, prove them right in all they say and do. As long as we need to make everything adjust to how we want things to seem, truth is no less a drag queen than The Pope in Rome. Once again, this is no judgment on drag queens, all it is is an example of the advertising not matching up with the concealed contents. Do you know the difference? I hope so. “Priscilla, Queen of the Desert” and “Hedwig and the Angry Inch” are two of my favorite movies. Alright Mercury, let’s get back to your normal route; even though this is just another part of it, it is the smaller part and a reversal of your usual ways.
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