Everyone will ‘regret’ possible attack on Iran: British MP

Press TV – March 25, 2012

British MP and anti-war activist Jeremy Corbyn has warned about the “catastrophic” consequences of any military move against Iran saying everyone would “regret” it.

“Think of the consequences for the western economies, the whole world economies of the war with Iran,” Corbyn who is a member of the Stop the War Coalition told Russia Today news network.

He said “the effect on the world economy and the oil prices will be absolutely catastrophic” while the world will “live to regret” the military action on Iran.

Corbyn also said the Israeli regime is the source of tensions in the region and “the way forward” has to be “de-escalating the tensions” through “denuclearizing the region,” which should be directed at Israeli nukes, as Iran is already a member of the Non-Proliferation Treaty.

“Israel has 200 nuclear warheads … and certainly has the capability of bombing, with nuclear weapons, Iran or indeed any other country in the region,” he said.

“Isolating Iran, allowing Israel to continue with these threats and also allowing the assassinations to go on of nuclear scientists in Iran when Iran has a legal right to develop civilian nuclear power. It seems to me a very very dangerous development indeed,” he added.

His warnings came as the Stop the War Coalition activists held nationwide “Don’t Attack Iran” protests in a dozen major British cities on Saturday.

They lashed out at the propaganda being trumpeted by western governments especially by British officials in support of an attack on Iran, saying the very same people who misled the nation into invading Iraq, are now saying that they need to attack Iran.



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