Domestic Spying: Our Fool’s Paradise

Henry Makow Ph.D. – March 24, 2012


Under construction, Canada's new $880 million domestic spying HQ in Ottawa, new infrastructure for a new world police state.

Canadians were outraged in February when the government introduced Bill C-30  allowing police to monitor email traffic “in order to protect children from Internet predators.” 

Vic Toews, Canada’s “Minister of Public Safety,” a title originating in the Judeo Masonic French Revolution, caused a firestorm when he said his opponents were “siding with child pornographers.”

The backlash took the form of a Twitter campaign in which the nasty details of Toews’ affair with a babysitter and subsequent divorce were exposed.

The Tory government, ever mindful of its popularity, has since backed off.

But the controversy was irrelevant since all domestic communications — phone, email, faxes, mail — probably have been monitored for a very long time, even though it is against the law.

In fact, Canadians are now spending $880 million dollars to build a new Communications Security Establishment of Canada complex (CSEC) in Ottawa so Big Brother can track their pizza preferences.
Technically, the CSEC is forbidden by law from domestic spying.  But Canada is a member of “Echelon” a five-nation (US,UK,NZ, Canada,Oz) spy consortium which, according to Wikipedia, is “capable of interception of telephone calls, fax, e-mail and other data traffic globally…”

In other words, if necessary, we can spy on Americans and they can spy on us, and exchange the information.

Are we supposed to believe this complex, as big as the whole Dept. of National Defense HQ,  will be confined to signals intelligence and computer security as proclaimed?

Hardly. It is a part of new infrastructure designed to enforce a world police state.

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