Voice of the White House April 29, 2006

“ One of the reasons why a growing legion of top Republican lawgivers are hysterically demanding that Bush “do something” to lower soaring gas prices is that in the event they lose either or both Houses at the mid-terms in November, the Democrats will then be in power and are guaranteed to vigorously pursue them for their appallingly rampant thievery and corruption.

An article in the Wall Street Journal on last Thursday is the growing tip of a huge, submerged iceberg that will sink the Republicans as surely as the real iceberg sank the Titanic. The article reported that federal investigators are now very actively investigating repeated allegations that a U.S. defense contractor, Brent Wilkes, obtained DC prostitutes, luxury hotel suites and transportation by stretch limousines for not only the jailed and disgraced former Republican Congressman Randy “Duke” Cunningham, but also other senior Republican congressmen and numerous members of their senior staffs.

It is well-known inside the Beltway, and the White House, that these physically unattractive, aging and flabby legislators eagerly solicit Washington’s legions of crooked lobbyists for favors such as drugs, sex with whores, both female, men and boys (but as far as is known, not animals…yet) and as many free trips and visits to expensive resorts as possible. The legend that the lobbyists go after the Congressmen is not true; it is the other way around. In this case, it was pathetic paid sex for votes and nothing more. The great number of these eager petitioners are, most unfortunately for the President, all Republicans, including some very important Committee Chairmen.

Cunningham, who is suffering from an onset of Alzheimer’s Disease, was sentenced in March by U.S. District Judge Larry Alan Burns in San Diego to eight years, four months in federal prison for taking more than $2.4 million in bribes and cheating on his taxes. Cunningham is now in Federal facility in North Carolina undergoing mental and physical evaluation. Parenthetically, both the House and Senate have more than a few members who could never pass a psych review unless the doctor was a cousin. There are more doddering and senile twits staggering around the sacred halls of Congress than you can find in a good nursing home. Jesus, when you think of the power these flakes hold, you start getting travel brochures on Costa Rica.

According to the Journal article, federal investigators are looking into the degree and extent Wilkes and former Washington defense contractor Mitchell Wade may have provided the Republican legislators with the illicit services of whores at Washington’s luxury Watergate Hotel, of other corruption scandals, and at one other site, and that federal agents removed room records and other documents from the Watergate hotel.

Wade has pleaded guilty to bribing Cunningham and faces up to 11 years in prison and has been identified by sources close to the investigation as the other defense contractor who is stated to have bribed Cunningham.

In February, Wade went before a federal judge in Washington and pleaded guilty to bribing Cunningham with more than $1 million to secure lucrative defense contracts for his firm, MZM Inc.

In August, agents with the FBI, the Pentagon’s Defense Criminal Investigative Service and the IRS raided Wilkes’ Poway, California, home and the offices of his company ADCS Inc.

Cunningham weepingly admitted, to the television cameras, funneling contracts to the co-conspirators through his role on a different panel, the powerful House Appropriations Committee.

The Armed Services Committee’s review is far from over, however, as staffers have been asked to research the panel’s records stretching back to 1991, the first year Cunningham took office.

We do a good deal of private polling here in the White House. Public polls reflect what those who commission them want to see. A pro-Bush site would show him at 36% popularity rating while our polls (conducted almost daily and covering a much larger body of the civic population than the public ones cover) show him at 32% and falling.

The idea of a sudden ‘terrorist attack” just before the mid terms is being spoken of here more often. One of my friends, who reads official reports, says a study has been made, and submitted, both to the White House and the Pentagon, concerning the sinking of a cruise ship full of granny ladies and kiddies. Would they actually let this happen? Oh yes, they would, but only if they have plausible deniability to hide behind. None of the frightened Republicans here, in the government and Congress, want to be indicted for their blatant thefts and peculations and will <>do absolutely anything<> to keep from going the way of Libby or DeLay. (And probably Rove.)

Big oil has posted its first quarter figures for 2006 and ExxonMobil made an $8.4 billion profit, Chevron $4 billion and ConocoPhillips over 3 billion. The public is starting to get really nasty but there is nothing Bush nor his crooked Republican friends can do about it. The oil companies have been accommodating to Bush’s requests to “keep prices down,” but now that peak driving months are coming, the companies have told the Bush people to stuff it. Bush and his crime partners will never, under any circumstances, take on the oil people. There are billions and billions of dollars at stake here and if Bush were to get up on his hind legs and bite them, he wouldn’t see next Christmas. A newly-minted Cheney, on the other hand, would give them the keys to the Mint the day he took over the job.

With a barrel of light crude oil approaching the $100 level, a $5 per gallon charge at the pumps over in the next two months is a very reasonable assumption at this point. Hotels and the tottering airlines will take a terrible beating this year as gold and gas soar upwards.

There is an old saying; “Whom the Gods destroy, they first make mad.” Keep that in mind over the next few months. And if you read that the ‘Vacation Princess’ is blown up off of Malaga by ’Muslim terrorists’, all passengers feared lost,’ don’t believe it.”

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