Jailed Christian Activist Refusing to Eat

With commentary from Mark Glenn and Kevin MacDonald – henrymakow.com March 22, 2012

Brendon O’Connell is an Australian activist who was sentenced to three years in jail for posting a video online vilifying Jews. He is seen insulting two Jews in May 2009 at a demonstration against the sale of fruit grown on the Occupied West Bank by Israelis.
O’Connell called a Jew who challenged him, a “racist, homicidal maniac”. “You have a religion of racism, hate, homicide and ethnic cleansing,” he said.
At his 2011 trial for “inciting hate,” he was unrepentant and scornful of the judge. While I do not agree with all of O’Connell’s views or tactics, I don’t believe in thought crimes or “hate speech.”   To imprison someone for expressing their convictions is reminiscent of Soviet Russia and underlines the Communist (Masonic) Jewish nature of the New World Order.
“Hate Crime” enforcement is selective. If a Christian is beaten, it is ignored.
But if a Jew or homosexual is merely offended, the law is enforced.  

by Mark Glenn – (theuglytruth) 

I received a very welcome phone call Wednesday from Brendon O’Connell who is currently one year into serving a 3-year prison sentence. In effect, he is in jail for his anti-Zionist activism.
As reported here a week ago, Brendon is on a hunger strike until his case is reheard. He alleges that the Australian government–due to pressure from powerful Jewish interests–denied him the right to a free trial and has broken every rule of judicial procedure possible in doing so.
As of this evening, he is into his 15th day of not eating.

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