George Bush Senior Implicated In Kennedy Assassination?

FBI agents lied about what they wanted from Jack Anderson’s papers. The FBI agents who, in December, approached Olivia Anderson, the widow of deceased investigative reporter Jack Anderson and more recently, in March, author and researcher Mark Feldstein, who is writing a book about Jack Anderson, were interested in far more than the names of sources in the America-Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) espionage case. That explanation by the FBI did not hold any water since Jack Anderson had not been active in pursuing that particular story — he had suffered from Parkinson’s Disease since 1986. According to individuals close to the FBI fishing expedition, the actual documents the FBI wanted to seize were files Anderson collected in the 1960s that linked George H. W. Bush’s activities in Texas in 1963 to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in Dallas on November 22 of that year. Bush was a friend of George DeMohrenschildt, Lee Harvey Oswald’s Belarusian-born contact officer. DeMohrenschildt befriended Oswald and arranged for him to settle in Dallas after leaving the Soviet Union. DeMohrenshildt “committed suicide” shortly before he was due to testify before the 1978 House Assassinations Committee. The elder Bush’s name, address, and phone number in Midland, Texas was found in DeMohrenshildt’s address book under the heading “Poppy.”

In addition, the FBI wanted to remove from future public circulation Anderson documents that point to George H. W. Bush conspiring with the government of the Ayatollah Khomeini in Iran to keep U.S. hostages imprisoned in Iran until after the 1980 presidential election and avoid an “October Surprise” for Carter. The agreement between the Iranians and Bush (who was working with William Casey) sank the chances for Jimmy Carter’s re-election and George H. W. Bush’s entry into the White House as Vice President. The hostages were released at the very time Ronald Reagan took the oath of office in 1981. That operation would lay the ground for future Bush-Tehran collusion in the Iran-Contra scandal. Another set of files involve the links between the Bush family and that of Ronald Reagan’s would-be assassin John W. Hinckley. Had Hinckley succeeded in killing Reagan, the Bush political agenda would have commenced in earnest in 1981 rather than 1989.

The Bush family has been known to use retired FBI agents as their political heavies and clean up men in the past — most notably to erase the Bush links to Dallas. George W. Bush’s departing Press Secretary Scott McClellan has a close relative who continued to muddy the waters about the JFK assassination. McClellan’s father, Barr McClellan, wrote a book claiming it was Lyndon Johnson, not George H. W. Bush, who conspired to kill the president.

Anderson's papers contain information on George H. W. Bush's role in Dallas in November 1963. Dubya ordered papers seized and withheld as 'classified' U.S. government documents. It is clear that the man standing in front of the Texas School Book Depository and his son have much to be worried about.
For comparison: another veiw of what may be the greatest criminal in American history.