Voice of the White House April 23, 2006

“I can fully understand how the remaining passengers and crew, scrambling up on the stern of the sinking ‘Titanic’ just before the final plunge into freezing waters must have felt. That’s the general attitude here inside the White House.

Andy Card was pleasant enough and approachable but Bolton is a self-important prick who is now beginning to annoy Bush Himself. It’s like the CIA when the oafish Goss took over to clean out any anti-Bush people.

At this point, there are now very few staffers really loyal to Bush. He is seen as a gross failure, not well-wrapped and liable to start an atomic war at any minute. At best, Bush was a brittle, wise-cracking retired frat rat and at worst, a shouting and vicious man who used great quantities of foul language, regardless of who was listening, shocked women staffers included.

He depended almost entirely on the plots and plans of Rove and it is now obvious to everyone that Rove will be indicted and removed from power. Since Rove is one of the most sneaky, vicious men I have ever met, no one will suffer…except Bush who won’t move without Rove’s suggestion.

A Roveless Bush will be eyeless in Gaza.

Rove has been behind the calculated leaks about a plan to attack Iran because Karl feels that the Iranians will come to heel and make Bush look like a glorious conqueror, an invulnerable ‘wartime president’ who could use the theme to crack down on anti-Republicans across the country.

I have heard Rove discuss the Vietnam war, which he calls “a Democratic war and a political failure.’ He said that he would set things up so there would be no draft riots, no student activists, no opposition in either House of Congress and a press unified behind the Christian Savoir and Protector of America.

If you’re thinking I am inventing this, I am not.

Bush is a pathetic failure (and responsible for the deaths of untold thousands) but Rove is purely vicious and ought to be removed from office, and influence, at once and then tried. Rumsfeld is getting senile and Cheney, another crook, hasn’t much longer to live, according to his last cardiologists’ reports. One more attack and we have another State Funeral under the Capitol dome and the outraged and desperate Republicans can stick someone more palatable, and saner, in the second job and groom him for ’08. I suppose that someone will get the bright idea that the dour and inflexible Cheney might suffer some kind of a cardiac “accident” but now we get into the blogger’s realm.

Rove is supposed to run the Republican campaigns for the mid terms in November and as his techniques consist of blackmailing anyone (via FBI files) who dares to get in his way, it will be a really disgusting blot on the democratic process.

I shudder to realize that there are three more years of this.

How far down into the septic tank of political oblivion can Bush go during this time if he has fallen so badly to date?

And I know enough people to state that if the Democrats take control of either or both Houses, criminal investigations are guaranteed to be launched, that will make Watergate look like a church picnic.

This is another reason why certain Very Important Republicans are wearing dignity pants these days. And if the public had any idea how much in taxpayers’ funds were stolen via the Halliburton deals, and the FEMA “relief programs” in Jeb Bush’s Florida, they would realize that these outrageous thieves make Boss Tweed look like Mother Theresa.”

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