The Whistle-Blower Rhapsody in Asia Minor

Reflections in a Petri Dish – March 18, 2012

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May your noses always be noses and the rest of you the same.
Radio show tonight, usual time and place.
Whistle-blowers to the right of us, whistle-blowers to the left, into the valley of disclosure rides the many. As predicted on this blog for several years, the time would come when some numbers of players will step forward and say, “He/She did it”. AND “this is what they did”. That time has arrived and just like an early leak in a dike, the rate of water intrusion will increase due to pressure and wear. It’s possible that ‘someone’ could open the floodgates but… we’ll see. Certainly there is pressure operating in the collective human subconscious to air ‘it’ out. This is going to be attended by various degrees of humor, as in the case of Jason Russell. Don’t tell me this whole thing isn’t scripted.
The winds of incredible change are blowing in the parallel atmospheres and internally, the sympathetic string is vibrating. Just yesterday, someone came and told me something that both amused and surprised me. It was something they had done, which was out of character and they wanted me to know it. It was no big deal but it was definitely an example of what I am talking about.
Conditions never arrive on their lonesome. There are always attending conditions and contents to the package. Along with the whistle-blower rhapsody in Asia minor, we’ve got that cosmic cello solo. That’s supposed to give you a warm and fuzzy feeling, as it inlays confirmation, upon the restless end of the general consciousness. There are maxims that attend these things and they are not about condom manufacture; ‘the masses are asses’, or that timeless homilie from Descartes, “I think, therefore I’m wrong”. As for the masses being asses; the thinker inside the box, this correlates to the operation of the hive mind. Control of the hive mind, grants control of the world, insofar as the world is a hive and that is certainly true, so far as it goes. Those of us outside the hive mind have simply gone further. The point about being an ass, is connected to the willing cooperation of them that are in unknowing agreement with their own confinement and destruction and it takes a lot of the freedom and joy out of the existence of those who have gone further. That changes at a certain point but it can be a bitch to get there in Kali Yuga.
When you mess with the natural order of things, fooling around in the area of science and fooling around with powers and abilities of the invisible sort, you attract the attention of guardians. Every door that leads to an area of performance, outside of the usual applications, has a door warden. Sometimes you can “break on through to the other side”, or, “storm the gates of Heaven” but that kind of thing is temporary at best, with mixed results and you get flagged for your trouble; speaking from personal experience. The acquisition of a siddhi, as the result of an excess of virtue, or relentless focus and effort, puts the door warden to sleep.
Many people, especially those who come by these things, through deceit and specialized information, believe that they have rightful possession of something. Authentic possession of any of these things comes with the manual. If you don’t have the manual, you don’t have the operating principles and your possession of any of these things, is only for the purpose of demonstration; demonstration of what happens to someone when they usurp timeless authority. It’s what happened to Atlantis. Those possessing workable details from the Atlantian time zone, are in a position to make the same mistakes because the one thing they don’t take away from it is the lesson. That would be the most important detail of all. As Lao Tzu says, “Those who miss after almost winning, should have known the end from the beginning.
The most powerful weapon in the hand of the villains de jour, is leverage. It’s leverage that has made these recent wars possible and what is fueling the drive for what is planned. It is leverage that accounts for the emergent police state; the ongoing economic crises, the behavior of politicians and all the rest of the heavy hitters and the lies which accompany the day to day. John McCain, Hilarious Clinton, John Kerry, other members of the Senate and the House and most of the governments around the world are all compromised by leverage. This leverage has various acupuncture meridians and Brazilian jujitsu, pressure points. There is the economic leverage and this is made possible by the control of the production of the currency by a handful of psychopathic sonsofbitches. There is the blackmail factor and the possession of the evidence, by those who arranged the compromising scenarios. There is the threat leverage, which involves the loss of life or freedom and the murder of those close to the principals. There is the near total domination of the press by the same fiends who control the currency presses. There is the promise of reward leverage that appeals to the greed of those who put themselves in these positions for personal gain in the first place.
Lindsey Graham being gay is attended by videotapes. Whatever dark shit McCain and Clinton have gotten up to, is attended by videotapes or other damning evidence. The judiciary is riddled with corrupt and compromised individuals, who rubber stamp according to orders. In the future, when you wonder how and why, certain individuals do despicable and unjustifiable things, you can rightly assume that not doing so puts them in a very unfortunate position. When you see the various agents of the judiciary and law enforcement, engaging in selective prosecution and acting like thugs, you may be sure that this is because of policies set in place, by those caught in circumstances they can’t get out of, or who were hired precisely because they will not argue against instructions. There’s no independence of thought and action going on here. It’s all grooved into place, by those who control the currency presses. This is the biggest big deal of all the big deals and why efforts to eliminate the Federal Reserve, come up against a dead end or wind up dead. It’s the Big Kahuna of the demon kingdoms. It’s why such a tiny minority can control such a huge majority and the largest percentage of them don’t even know what is happening, or worse, don’t even care.
Of course, all of this is incidental to the summation and conclusion of the whole affair. Think of it as a movie, where the plot is hardwired and the players only imagine and assume independence in their roles. There are the usual red herrings, twists, surprises and denouements. All of these include the impression of different possibilities, an element of the unpredictable and the usual uncertainty that keeps us involved in watching; the resident suspense that makes the whole thing interesting and hopefully entertaining. In fact, it’s none of those things in reality and as has been mentioned a time or two before, only the backing screen is real. The unseen stagehands, trot out upon the landscape of a white cow grazing in a snowstorm. They set up the scenery boards and assign the costumes. They build the stage and when it’s all ready to go, the play occurs. Once the play is over and the purposes of demonstration have been served, they break it all down and put it into storage. Then they do it all over again for the next production. On and on it goes. Some players keep coming back because the essential reason for the whole affair, has not dawned on them, nor are they finished with whatever it is they wanted out of it. Some players disappear somewhere and you don’t see them again. Sometimes one or two return after a long interval of absence. They’ve come back on the scene to make certain things known to the rest of the players, who seem incapable of coming to the necessary conclusions on their own.
The whole gamut of environments are there; from the conservative and traditional to the liberal and avant garde, straight and bohemian, the greedheads and the generous, the weak and the disciplined and they all come to particular ends, which remain as evidence, affirming that you don’t need to go down that particular road. History is littered with examples and the forgotten histories are filled with them too. Multiple, glaring examples are present in abundance but… for some reason, this doesn’t do much for the hive mind. This leads to periods like the one we are in, where you are guaranteed answers and examples, whether you want them or not.
Some of us have acquired or constructed an anchor, in the process of their arrival at this moment. Some of us have anchors around our necks. Not all anchors are desirable but the good anchors are very valuable and important, for when the forces of Nature go to work, dislodging and dispensing with all of our former illusions and confinements. The same goes for internal Nature as well. It’s a little late to lock yourself into place when the tsunami is upon you. Those in the mountain reaches don’t have to concern themselves with tsunamis.
Very soon we are going to have all kinds of new things to talk about. Intermission is about to end. If you don’t have any idea of what’s under discussion here, you can just go on repeating, “Whip me, beat me, just say you love me”.
End Transmission…….

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