Actor Sheen denies abusing wife

The report below is what passes for “news” on the BBC and for which Britons are expected to pay an annual licence fee of over £100. It’s more than exorbitant; it’s an insult to the intelligence of viewers.

After weeks of studiously ignoring Sheen’s comments on 911, the BBC has seen fit report on Sheen’s private life but without any reference to furore his comments generated. Almost as if it never happened.

Instead the BBC dwells upon dubious accusations resulting from a failed marriage. But this is how modern day propaganda works: indirectly and insidiously it calls into question Sheen’s honesty and integrity without any reference to his role in the 911 debate.

Actor Sheen denies abusing wife
BBC News Online – April 24, 2006

Actor Charlie Sheen has denied that he abused and threatened to kill estranged wife Denise Richards, accusing her of waging a “transparent smear campaign”.
His comments followed the issuing of a restraining order forbidding the actor to go within 300ft (90m) of Richards and their two daughters.

Sheen said the abuse allegations were “a heinous document of fiction” meant to “torpedo” and “discredit” him.

It was, he said, “clearly a departure from sound, sane co-parenting”.

In an interview to be broadcast on Monday on US TV’s Entertainment Tonight programme, the 40-year-old said he wanted to “move forward… and focus on my children”.

‘Threatening manner’

He claimed his ex-wife’s charges against him were “a reaction to a failed marriage” and were intended to “undermine my perception as a responsible father”.

Sheen, best known for his roles in the films Platoon and Wall Street, met Richards while filming in 2000.

The couple wed in 2002 and have two children, Sam and Lola. The relationship collapsed in March 2005, shortly before Lola’s birth.

In a written declaration filed last week in Los Angeles Superior Court, Richards claimed she could “no longer accept (Sheen’s) abusive and threatening manner”.

The actor has been granted the right to see his two daughters under supervision one day a week.