The Voice of the White House April 20, 2006

“The White House is now a mixture of hope and fear: hope that the Bush people can pull off an ‘October Surprise’ to rebuilt Bush, and the Republicans, collapsing public confidence numbers (32% as of today.) and fear that not only will the GOP lose complete control of both Houses of Congress in November but the victorious Democrats would, without a doubt, go after the unbelievable corruption and lawbreaking now rampant here.

The sacking of the poor press chief, who was way out of his depth dealing with the fanatic and duplicitous Bush people, and the “demotion” of Karl Rove are only band aids on a severed leg.

Right wing fanatics, to include the utterly pro-Israel neo cons, Rice, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Rove are costing the Republicans all of their power so they are determined to pull off something “big” just before the election.

One of the clerk/typists who has top level security clearances and has been preparing meeting memoranda, told me, in a whisper, during her lunch break today, that she was terrified at the casual way the leadership is talking about rigging a faked “terrorist attack” on the United States or that Bush, in his utter desperation, will decide to drop nuclear bombs on Iran.

This is rampant insanity, of course, but Bush could do both if he wished and while future historians might speak of him with contempt and anger, we will all live in the present with the results of his mindless actions.

Bush does not live in our world. He lives in a world of his own, thriving on the trappings of power (motorcades, rigged public appearances, saluting guards, sycophantic aides) and a man who absolutely will not acknowledge that his actions might be wrong.

To a man like Bush, he is always right (and this view is reinforced daily by a parade of butt-kissing advisors who would never dare to suggest that a Bush view or action might not be the right one.)

There has been tentative talk about a seizure of domestic power using the military because of a faked “emergency” but Bush and his cronies can no longer rely on the military.

At this moment, it is a toss-up between a nuclear war with Iran and a faked “terrorist attack” on American territory.

They have spoken about blowing up an American Embassy, Ambassador, staff and all, in some other country. Italy has been mentioned as has Greece but the logistics of accomplishing this without detection are immense.

Another, far easier to execute, ploy would be to blow up an American cruise ship filled with old ladies and children somewhere in international waters. That way, Rove has reasoned, we don’t have to threaten some other country, like Italy or Greece, with punitive action, something an outraged American public would demand. The blowing up of small children would be a must for the fury it would engender in the soon-to-be-voting public.

This type of thinking belongs in a nut house and not our White House.

This sort of action has edged out, in the minds of some of the top brass, an attack on Iran. While the Jews pray daily for this removal of their enemies, the military cannot support such an action and if the American public is getting more and more angry over the failed Iraq business, they would lynch Republicans at the really high casualty lists such an Iranian attack would engender.

And this afternoon, there was an emergency meeting here with top brass over the skyrocketing gas prices. The oil companies, recognizing that summer driving is peak gas use time, have jacked their prices up (just as they jack up heating oil when it is needed in winter) and have refused to listen to pleas by the Bush people to keep prices “more acceptable” until after November. Rove has said, in print yet, that if “we can’t bring prices down” soon, the abyss of political disaster has opened at their very feet. There has also been talk of Bush “nationalizing” the American oil industry in a ploy to regain his vanished public support but the negative side is that the oil industry would pay a hit man (or men) to take Bush out.

These things do happen. All it takes is enough money to pay for it.

God must hate Bush because He has dealt Bush a terrible hand which no sane person could be expected to play. Bush should take a leaf from Nixon’s book and fold while he still can, and his head is still firmly fixed on his shoulders.”

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