Weiner “Savage” Calls for Genocide of Muslims

Clear Channel’s KNEW 910 A.M. resident fascist and misanthropic beatnik, Michael “Savage” Weiner, has called for slaughtering 100 million Muslims, thus winning this year’s Ann Coulter award for hatemongering. Weiner told listeners that “intelligent people, wealthy people … are very depressed by the weakness that America is showing to these psychotics in the Muslim world. They say, ‘Oh, there’s a billion of them’…. I said, ‘So, kill 100 million of them, then there’d be 900 million of them.’ I mean … would you rather us die than them?…. Would you rather we disappear or we die? Or would you rather they disappear and they die? Because you’re going to have to make that choice sooner rather than later.”

In other words, Weiner is calling for an act of genocide that would best Mao’s “Great Leap Forward” into mass murder (49,000,000), Stalin’s various famines and purges (13,000,000), Adolf Hitler’s Nazi killing spree (12,000,000), and Pol Pot’s “Year Zero” (1,700,000), to list the most infamous.

In America, circa 2006, you will end up arrested and abused if you hold up an anti-Bush placard along the presidential motorcade route, and yet large “entertainment” corporations allow vicious hatemongers such as Weiner to spew venom over the once publically owned airwaves. “Savage” should be picked up and put in a rubber room and observed closely for any homicidal tendencies, lest he endanger any Muslims, or for that matter “red diaper doper babies,” that is to say any boomer who is not a neocon fascist. Instead, he is a three time New York Times bestseller and a nationally syndicated radio show host with over eight million listeners on 377 stations throughout the United States, ranking third in nationwide ratings behind the neocon shills Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity.

Weiner’s hatred will unfortunately influence a percentage of the easily brainwashed and stampeded masses, already steeped in an endless barrage of anti-Muslim propaganda engineered by the Straussian neocons and a complaisant corporate media as part of their “Clash of Civilizations” crusade against Islamic society and culture.

But what is really startling is Weiner-Savage is allowed to get away with dispensing such over-the-top hatred while a small number of people, essentially locked out of the corporate media, are called conspiracy nuts and anti-American trolls for asking questions about obvious inconsistencies (and violations of the laws of physics) in regard to the official version of nine eleven events.

Obviously, the corporate media is fully onboard with the Straussian total war agenda—and Mike Weiner, a former beatnik who once frolicked nude with Allen Ginsberg in Fiji, serves their purposes nicely. Beatnik San Francisco bookstore owner Lawrence Ferlinghetti considers Weiner’s hate radio persona “total opportunism,” the crowning achievement of someone who was “always looking to make a fast buck” and “always trying to think up new schemes to get famous” (see the Wikipedia entry on Michael Alan Weiner). Unfortunately, his beguiled listeners are unaware the man is a charlatan and fake. However, it is difficult to fake hatred of the sort Weiner espouses against largely peaceful Muslims.

In a perfect world, those in influential positions calling for war and mass murder would be held to account for their reprehensible advocacy and also destroying the remaining vestiges of our one-time constitutional republic, now in tatters and moving ever closer to outright tyranny by the hour. On the day Bushzarro world finally crashes, not only should Bush and crew be immediately arrested and prosecuted, but Michael Weiner as well for preaching hatred, advocating mass murder, accurately characterized as genocide.

After he is convicted of hate-mongering and deemed a potential threat to the social order, Weiner-Savage should be sent to a small island, preferably an uninhabited one in the vicinity of Aitutaki in the Pacific, although that may be too close to civilization for comfort. Fiji, of course, is out of the question since it may elicit fond memories