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Visible Origami – March 16, 2012

Dog Poet Transmitting…….
May your noses always be cold and wet!
I’ve been mostly background scenery for a few days, trying to absorb all of the positive changes and developments in my life. I feel a little like the guy in Malachi 4:10 (funny, I remember the location, after all these years, right off the bat) these last days, though I have yet to experience the outworking of what’s come down, the presence of it is unmistakeable. It’s a kind of “nowhere to run, nowhere to hide” thing in a good way.. Howsa bout you? Spring has sprung in a big way hereabouts and that certainly adds some color to my daily palate.
Visitations of a high order are on the calendar and I am looking forward to that, with overnights in secluded cabins, around fire-pits and trips to favored locales, where all kind of cool things tend to happen, as will be remembered by some of the readers who have been with me in those places before. Looks like a lot of warm weather, short jaunts into ‘The Wayback, Pay it Forward Machine’ with Mr. Peabody.
It’s funny how you can go through so much of your life with so many incidents of unmistakeable supernatural influence, that confirms things and bring them into the indisputable and then have one series of episodes which, for some reason, contain a much greater impact of affirmation that lingers with such a sense of real authenticity. The events and transmissions may not have been as outrageous or intense as many that had preceded them but the impact is just so much greater.
The intensity in the world and the reactions to it have certainly gone up a few notches. Outbreaks of random violence have become a daily affair and war zone catastrophes, such as the recent craziness in Afghanistan and Gaza, seem to indicate the genesis of coming clustermucks on the horizon. No amount of exposure, or good sense, seems to have made any impression on the international criminals operating on the world scene. That mass murder tandem of Obama and Cameron is geared for ignorant action right up there with Bush and Blair. They are in the unshakeable control of the Zionazi ogre whose unbridled appetite for destruction, in search of a stapled stomach, is a wonder to behold.
I sense the destruction of this vicious and relentless enemy of humanity cannot be far off. What kind of serendipitous breath of fresh air will sweep this planet once that has taken place? Add that to the list of consummations most devoutly to be wished. There’s no question it will happen. The whole world is tired of it and no one more so that those most compromised by it. The very public resignation of one of Goldman Sachs’ poster boys is something of greater significance than may be presently apparent. I sense parallel events in both government and the military soon enough and they can’t come too soon. Enough!
In the meantime… In the meantime, it just goes on and on in one direction and on and on in the other. My apologies on this day for being unable to get it together with any degree of eloquence, continuity or other device; too many things buzzing around like companionable bees making honey in the ethers. It’s like whatever I could say or want to say isn’t possible at the moment. It’s like I’m simultaneously thrilled and annoyed at the same time; if that makes any sense. I’m a little hot off the trigger at the moment at small things. I was told that was understood and permitted, tolerated, due to it being well understood at a much higher level, but certainly not by me (grin). I’m trying to rein it in, all the while the horses are snorting and stamping in the courtyard. Can I get an Amen! I hope so.
Ah well, trying to hold it together, while contemplating the shards of my mind, glittering like broken glass on the ground in front of me (grin). I heard some things over recent days, a lot of them I can’t remember, only the echo of meaning and intent. I heard details in more specificity than I am used to. I heard the kind of details I’m not used to, about particular things in type and content that I am not used to. I’m used to a lot of things but nothing like this. I guess you have to expect this sort of thing in times like these which none of us are used to.
I suppose by now, most of us have the sense that the world is not going to end but that it will certainly change beyond recognition. Certainly it will end for some people because it ends for someone every day but… it’s going to change for everyone. This is something that doesn’t occur to most people; Armageddon comes every day for someone.
I’ve been toying with, playing with, tinkering with and trying to avoid this post for several days now (grin). It is possibly the worst and least interesting posting I have made since I can remember. It’s a hodge podge amalgam of throwaway Twitter submission and I hate Twitter with a passion. I won’t go near it. I can’t avoid hearing about it because there are twits everywhere. Twitter is the internet equivalent of public toilet walls. It’s the ultimate, superficial trivialization of life, at the most cutting edge location of our times. It’s cyber, air kissing, let’s do lunch. It’s what Hollywood Blvd actually looks like, on any given day, as opposed to the fabricated glamor. There’s nothing going on there, you just think there is.
So, I’m wrestling with something right now, feeling my way around the best manner in which to exercise my less than considerable finesse in the diplomatic arena. It’s complicated because I have all kinds of good reasons not to even get engaged, while at the same time, it serves many interests for me to engage. It comes down to my walking the talk and taking the left hand side of the matter, regardless of what my instincts, information and experience put in front of me. Along with that, there are these things that just happened to me and have got me spinning like a top. Yesterday was a nightmare of disorientation, with my subconscious burbling and bubbling like a cauldron full of mysterious soup at some apocalypse after party. The frustrating thing was that there was all this crosstalk going on and I couldn’t hear any of it but… it was having an effect. It was being accompanied by a voice-over that was telling me all kinds of things that were as mind-blowing as anything I’ve heard since I don’t know when so, I was bumping into most everything and tripping over whatever was left. I was typing like a myopic with one eye. I was instead of I, is. Or, would that be, I am?
It only follows and makes sense that people would pop out of the woodwork looking for, exposure, association and either a rocket booster or a sparkler, when visible is not into fireworks, wouldn’t go around the corner to see them and has no rocket boosters in any case, because he is already in outer space. So, I’m dancing in different dimensions, while trying to do the dishes; take care of the shrubbery, interact with the dogs, saw off tree limbs, soon to be logs and thank god I don’t have to slop the hogs, because pork doesn’t relate or integrate into the mix, though I hear stealthy, Mason Verger hybrids, are popping up in various locations to mirror the culture of the moment.
Here’s the most incisive and well written explanation for the main problem that I have seen in many a year. Both of the just mentioned phenomena are directly linked and similarities in temperament and behavior are not to be overlooked. Well, I did digress but I also wanted to leave you with some things of interest given that I haven’t done much of that up to this point.
All I know is that I am moving into uncharted waters and that means all kinds of new currents and different looking fish, maybe unseen shores, islands and atolls, not to mention ships on the surface and submarines beneath. There are possibly also things that go boom when you bump into them but that’s what radar and sonar are for and, if the fish are your friends, you got enhanced sonar.
I am only too happy to get this indefinable patchwork quilt off of the desktop and into Sal’s Boutique, without having to go through retail on the way. I do have a lot to think about, or a lot not to think about, because both the approach and non approach work in their own way. Most hopefully, I can ‘solve et coagula’ certain unresolved concerns but… if life on the outside is like it usually is, no matter how different life on the inside may now be, one can generally enjoy mixed results. One thing I do know is that this time will set the standard for future actions of a similar nature.
Anyway, tomorrow, maybe tomorrow, we’ll be back with something to say about the last link you visited here and whatever else gets said. In the meantime, I wish you still waters and calm seas; most likely they are the same thing.
End Transmission…….


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