Thoughts on the Kaminski piece

I appreciate your recent articles about questionable trends in alt journalism, but I wanted to make a few comments. I think this is a very important discussion.

First of all, I think we can safely assume that the Pentagon has infiltrated alt news, and likely has been part of this phenomenon over the years (My speculation: I think Doug Thompson and Rense were disinfo purveyors from the start, like Art Bell.) Integrity and sanity demand that we must hold each other accountable to very high standards of journalism, especially confronting trends that reflect censorship and poorly sourced information.

That said, we may also soeculate that a major way that the government can diminish public opinion on the very real and true information provided by these alt news sites, is to plant information that makes the reporting/morals/importance of the work questionable. I think that much of this post-Thompson- dissappointment ‘disinfo’ hooplah has been planted to discredit alt media sources, and more importantly, to get us questioning ourselves.

I find it incredibly significant that Alex Jones is being lumped in with Rense and Doug Thompson, when he has made GREAT LEAPS and BOUNDS in getting the 911 truth out there recently (Doug Thompson is being criticized for recently DISMISSING 911 Truth, let’s not forget). Alex Jones made a serious splash on CNN last month with his Charlie Sheen interview, and he represented the movement well enough to get more than a few people sweating in Washington, I’m sure. Now take someone like Kaminsky, who propagates information that supports NWO research, 911 truth, and antiwar sentiments, but has VERY questionable racist slants on EVERYTHING. I regularly view political forums, and it has been OBVIOUS for months that there is a propaganda effort to foment anti-semitism within the antiwar/anti-NWO movement, likely in order to push wider public opinion away from alt media and forums, and even to paint them as a potential threat (maybe to justify internet censorship by Bush in the future? More speculation, I guess we’ll see.)

I’m no apologist for Alex Jones, I don’t visit his site anymore (usually). I’m a lesbian, and he’s posted more than a few articles on the ‘NWO homosexual agenda’, which is an oxymoron if you ask me, and it is highly offensive (sexual shame is a super-tool of the elites, always has been, always will be). Jones may be a reactionary, he may be a catastrophist, and he may be full of himself, but he’s no 911 cover-up agent. More importantly, he is one of the only alt broadcasters to get time on a MSM forum to make ANY points about the 911 cover-up, and to make them in a coherent and hard to counter way.

The last point I’d like to make is the questionable nature of your source information, Victor Thorn and Julia Gulani. I’ve never seen his site before (doesn’t necessarily mean anything), and the archives section is not functioning (hmm, convenient?), so I don’t know the extent of his research, ideology, or history. I find it interesting that a Google search on his name comes up with an article by Michael Ruppert from October 2004, basically countering a pointed character assassination and answering 10 VERY loaded questions Thorn presented to him. The piece speaks for itself, especially in regards to the behaviour of Mr. Thorn. Mr. Thorn’s questions are obviously loaded, poorly researched, and obviously SPUN in the ways we’ve come to expect from the mainstream media. Since when is it acceptable for an ‘alt journalist’ to repeatedly attack MULTIPLE other alt journalists in a spun, manipulated way in an effort to discredit them, when he supposedly fights for the same cause? Since when is this even logical? This is divisiveness, pure and simple, and it’s pure gold to the elites, because it keeps us from uniting against them. The link to the above mentioned article is here. I not only suggest you read it, but you should put the link nearby the Thorn piece as a counter-argument.

I know, this e-mail has probably already been deleted, but I hope you hear me out, I hope you value what your readership sees when they visit your site. I assume from the get-go that any alt site, including truthseeker, may be a conscious purveyor of disinfo propoganda, which is why I think about everything I read, and research the sources. When I’ve been to a site that has repeatedly made me question it’s objectives and it’s objectivity, I delete it the URL from my favorites and move on. I enjoy your site thus far, but you’re now teetering on my edge of acceptance, for what it’s worth.

Post a link to the Ruppert peice, or at least identify some of Thorn’s questionable history, and prove me wrong. I’d be ecstatic if I were.


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