How Illuminati Jews Recruit & Network

Henry Makow – March 14, 2012

What do Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman and CNN’s Wolf Blitzer have in common?  How about Chicago Tribune owner Sam Zell, and pop singers Simon and Garfunkle?
At university, they were all members of the Jewish college fraternity Alpha Epsilon Pi.   It has 10,000 members in 155 chapters in the US, Canada, the UK and Israel. Apparently some non-Jews who espouse its “purpose and values” are admitted.
Affiliated with the B’nai Brith,  this fraternity is one way Jews get recruited by Freemasonry and get a shot at the inside track in the New World Order.
At some campuses, 50% of Jewish students join Jewish fraternities and make up that proportion of fraternities in general.
Although most students join with the vague sense they are networking, they have no idea they are joining a Luciferian organization secretly dedicated to enslaving mankind spiritually and physically according to the plan set out in “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.”  They are gulled by the empty talk of a campus “brotherhood” and serving the Jewish community.
But the coat of arms of the fraternity is a clue to its real occult (i.e. satanic) designs.
At my request, Texe Marrs has kindly deciphered the emblem.

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