Illuminati Inflict Biblical Plagues on Thailand

Semper Castleton – March 13, 2012

One can really sense local peoples’ anxiety and uncertainty in the Land of Smiles,  aka Thailand, formerly Siam . The world famous smiles may be sincere but hidden behind them is something else.

Thailand has been through such tremendous change since the writer embarked on a Siamese Sojourn which has lasted twenty years.

In the nineties, Thailand was a paradise of sun, sea , sand and all the good peaceful things in life . Thai people were just commencing their exposure to Westerners and their mixed influences. Now, in 2012, Thailand is as immersed in the political turmoil that has beset many other nation.


During the early nineties, Thailand was a very ferocious Asian Tiger. Just like South Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore, the country’s industry was booming. Tourism was booming too. Thailand was booming beyond belief in every way possible. Apart a brief military spat ( a coup d’etat  caused by an army general named Suchinda)in 1991,Thailand was quite stable economically ,socially and politically.

But the Private Corporation that controls all the world governments via the CFR, Trilateral Commission, to name a few names,  fronted by a certain George Soros could not allow these fiery Asian Tigers nations get too strong for the Rothschilds’ control.

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