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The comments below by John Kaminski are posted but with the following reservations. First this writer does not agree with Kaminski when he says that the roots of most of the world’s problems are “undeniably Jewish”.

The idea that they stem from one ethnic group plays into the hands of the elite who use it to their advantage.

Jews are not the problem; yes they constitute a major faction in the New World Order. But that doesn’t make ordinary Jews complicit in the crimes of the Zionist elite, any more than ordinary Britons and Americans are complicit in the crimes of Bush and Blair.

Nor does the Zionist elite do what they do for the benefit of ordinary Jews. Indeed, given enough incentive they will readily sacrifice their own kind to further their plans, just as they did in World War II.

Moreover Kaminski ignores the fact that many key players in the emergent New World Order, like Bush and Cheney, are not Jewish. And he doesn’t acknowledge that many of the elites most outspoken critics are themselves Jewish, like the brilliant Israel Shamir.

While his portrayal of “Henry Makow and his ilk” as colluding in a Zionist conspiracy is a measure of how severely skewed Kaminski’s judgement is on this particular topic. This writer often corresponds with Henry and he is most definitely not a closet Zionist.

I have learned to trust my instincts and on this latter point Kaminski is way off target. Certainly Henry may make mistakes from time to time, we all do, that’s part of being human. But he is definitely not some agent of intrigue and I will stake whatever you name on that.

Nonetheless, Kaminski has some important points to make, particularly about Rense, whom this writer has had suspicions about for some time now. Having seen Rense post articles in which he had excised whole paragraphs with any reference to this website. And while Rense knows about historic, ground-breaking documents like Tomlinson’s Affidavit on the murder of Princess Diana and Paul Wilcher’s report on Waco, he has yet to post them. So one can’t help wondering if Rense is not maybe a disinfo agent?

This was indeed tne late, great Joe Vialls opinion, so one can’t help but wonder. And while Kaminski has some important perspectives to offer, this website would like to point out that it does not endorse all his comments. Ed.

John Kaminski on Rense

Joe Sorry this took so long. Been busy. You don’t want to know. I was extremely disappointed about Rense. It almost seems like he contrived to get rid of me. A lot of people, including you, told me about him. That he wasn’t to be trusted. That he slanted the news in a particular way. He certainly never had anything good to say about you.

A lot of this radio infighting I simply ascribed to the genre. Fintan Dunne did the same thing to me. Later, Daryl Bradford Smith, and his objection was about Rense and the UFOs. Then Rense did it. At the same time, many websites stopped running my stuff when I turned up the volume about Jewish influence. The quote that throws people over the edge is this one: “Everything Zionists do is justified by the Talmud.” No wiggle room there. No chance to use the deceptive terms “New World Order” or “Illuminati” or “Frankists.” These are strategems used by Henry Makow and his ilk of supposedly objective critics of social issues that obscure the actual root of most of these problems, which can almost always be traced to some person or group which is undeniably Jewish.

What do “New World Order,” “Illuminati” and “Frankists” (and “communists” and “neocons”) all have in common? These are all essentially Jewish creations, maybe sects or variations of the original creed, but nonetheless their common denominator is their Jewishness. Rense poses as someone who fights the Zionist menace. But over time I’ve discovered something about Jewish commentators writing about the subject of Jews, Zionists, Israeli and Jewish influence, which permeates virtually all levels of discourse and activity throughout the world. With Jewish writers, without exception, their first priority is to defend Jews. Doesn’t matter what the issue is, the first response of a Jewish writer is to defend Jews. This automatically prevents them from dealing with any problem objectively, or dispassionately. And it guarantees any forum in which Jews participate will never get any objective data about Jews agreed to by consensus.

Notice the increasing number of Jewish writers on Rense. And the number of times Rense and his cohorts on the Genesis radio network go out of their way to either conceal or soft-pedal the impact of Jews on the world. Sure, Rense publishes all these polemics against Zionists. But Zionist is a confusing term, since so many so-called Christian dupes label themselves Zionists. My definition of Zionist is anyone who supports all these Jewish crimes in Israel and around the world. Rense pretends to be fighting this menace. Yet only so far. Hiding behind the disingenuous prattle of those who attempt to deflect and disinform those who might learn about how Jewish influence is a form of social parasitism that destabilizes and destroys any society it takes hold in — because that is its objective.

Rense’s mission seems to be to appear as a critic of Israel, Zionists and Jews, but really not to ever get to the root of the problem, which is undue and irresponsible Jewish influence destroying the very fabric of every society it takes control of. That’s what we’re facing, and for every story Rense runs on the subject, by Makow or whomever else, we are that much further from being able to discern the root problem, because Rense’s distractors come up with so many clever diversions that very few people actually understand the ruse.

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Thoughts on the Kaminsky piece

John Kaminski is a writer who lives in the Gulf Coast of Florida (pelicans are back, eating merrily) whose essays are seen on hundreds of websites around the world.