Robin Hood Fought Cabalist Control of Britain

Tony Cooper – Nov 2, 2011

Britain and Cabalist Ambition

After 1290, the Jews were banished from England on charges of money clipping, and usury.  Thereafter, no one could be domiciled in the land if he were not a Christian. In this connection, the Jewish historian Cecil Roth said, “In England remained the presence of crypto-Judaism.”

Roth believed this partly accounts for why numbers of the English gentry at the time of Henry VIII accepted the Reformation, as well as their preference for Biblical names by the time of Oliver Cromwell.

The false conversion of some Jews to Christianity allowed that fifth column to arise within the Church of England and made easier its severance from Rome. 

Circa 1300, the Order of The Knights Templar of the Catholic Church was investigated on charges of heresy.  The complete investigation, lasting almost a decade, was carried out by the Franciscan Order. 

This Order of monks was chosen as their vow of absolute poverty prevented any possibility of bribery  influencing the inquisition.  Some Templars who were interrogated confessed to Cabalistic practices that involved spitting upon and desecrating the crucifix in secret ceremonies, and other forms of sacrilege. 

Those who were remorseful and sought for absolution were forgiven, receiving penitential sentences.


Other Templars fled Catholic persecution with a haul of wealth.  Evidence of Templar graves in Ireland indicates that Ireland was one of their destinations, besides infiltrating Scotland and England.

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Tony is co-author of “William Wallace: Robin Hood Revealed”

(Editor’s Note: This essay should be read in conjunction with  “Cabalists Instigated The English Revolution.”)

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