Voice of the White House April 13, 2006

“Here is a lot of input for your information. I have always known, as have many others in a position to be aware of the facts, that Israel has built up her position in this country to one of disproportionate influence. She has used the large and financially influential American Jewish population, fake sympathy for the slaughter of thirty millions of their co religionists during the Second World War (the number, like Topsy, just keep on growin’) financial and political power through Jewish ownership, or direct control, of most of the American print and television media and the natural greed of American politicians.

Israel attacked an American ship, the Liberty, inflicting great damage and many casualties but attempts on the part of the U.S. Navy to go to her rescue were immediately halted by a specific order of President Lyndon Johnson.

Modern Israel occupied ancestral Arab lands that were blatantly stolen by genuine terrorists in 1946-1948 and has brutally repressed these people whenever and wherever they can be found.

They have attacked other countries without legal cause but their insidious infiltration of the United States intelligence organs (they hold almost all the key positions in the CIA) and the fact that their Mossad or foreign intelligence, operates freely in this country against what they state are “enemies of Israel” is shocking to those who are aware of the degree and extent of it.

Israel is afraid Iran will attack it. Iraq attacked Israel during the Desert Storm campaign, attacked it with missiles that our vaunted Patriot missiles were helpless against. Israel was a prime mover in pushing the Bush administration into attacking Hussein whom they viewed as a prime enemy. Note, if you will, that there are no Israeli troops co-joined with the famous, but rapidly shrinking, Coalition forces. Now, Israel wants America to destroy Iran before Iran is able to assault their country with nuclear weapons.

No one actually knows where the Iranian atomic facilities actually are or whether or not Iran has managed to either make or, more probable, obtain from other sources, enough atomic weaponry which it now had in its growing arsenal of weapons.

We know that a top agent of the CIA, Colonel James Critchfield, along with another CIA operative, James Atwood, sold former Soviet artillery shells with atomic warheads to a Pakistani group for an immense sum of cash. Could one of these have ended up in Tehran?

Russia still has tens of thousands of weapons, including many with atomic warheads. No one disputes this whatsoever. Who is to say with certainty that elements within the Russian government have not given threatened Iran at least one of these weapons and a mobile and very easy to hide, portable launching system?

It does not take a nuclear scientist to determine or predict that if Iran feels it is under a genuine and growing U.S. threat to bomb it, it can, and certainly will launch a preemptive strike.

The two main targets of opportunity within the range of any such weaponry can be clearly identified as the mass of American military personnel and equipment concentrated (against all common sense) in the so-called ‘Green Zone’ of Baghdad or any target, such as Tel Aviv, inside an equally threatening Israel.

If Bush is playing high-stakes diplomatic poker with Iran, he does not hold any kind of a winning hand.

The immigration mess, mass meetings, liberal outrage and all, is not going away and, if they have their way, neither are the tens of millions of completely illegal aliens now fattening at the public hog trough. What we are now facing is what can best be called a manifestation of the old States Rights concept wherein states can, and should, pass and enforce laws in the best interests of their citizens. It is obvious that a corrupt Congress, ever attuned to the cash contributions of agribusiness and other members of the American economic community in the furtherance of more and more cheap labor, will do the best it can to accommodate, in spite of the long-term economic and social damage to the rest of the country. Arizona, Illinois and several other states are now preparing legislation that will remove these parasites from the public tit. Legally, they can do this and legally, they will.

An article in a recent Chicago Tribune aptly pointed out that, deprived of generous welfare and unfettered access to public education, free medical assistance and other benefits intended solely for American citizens, they will remove to other states who do not have any such restrictive, but entirely legal, laws. Hopefully, the states will circumvent the greedy and disruptive policies of a remote and corrupt Congress and we can see a return to responsive local representation, so sadly missing.

Our battered, depressed and demoralized troops in Iraq were never very good to begin with. Well-equipped, yes, but their training lacked a good deal of substance and included no morality training whatsoever. ( Do not rape women, little boys or pets; do not shoot the wounded; do not use flame throwers on children; do not run over small children with armored vehicles; do not use government issue pliers to tear gold teeth out of your dead civilians.) Summer soldiers, they attended monthly meetings and finally had found a way out of social and economic ghettos and permanent mediocrity but when faced with a very prolonged, destructive and unwinable war, they started out by terrorizing, and then slaughtering, civilians (who had no weapons and couldn’t fight back) and then sent complaints to their families Stateside via email (which were quickly intercepted, censored and blocked by the authorities there) and now we have a sharp increase in desertions, self-mutilations, aggravated mental problems, growing sullenness and the beginning of mutinous behavior.

And Bush wants to use <>these<> shopworn and growingly unreliable men in another, probably far more serious, war in Iran? The senior military, some of whom are old friends, tell me without reservation, that there is a <>coup d’etat<> mentality building in the Pentagon. Rage is directed at Bush himself, Rice, Rumsfeld and the detested and vicious Cheney.

Now, I have been informed from a reliable source, the CIA is talking about the New Bush Plan for Permanent Presidency by getting an “Arab Coalition” made up of 250,000 Arab military units from: Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Tunisia and other countries to occupy civil war-ravaged Iraq while he takes his troops and sends them into Iran.

He is also talking about using nuclear weapons, mass carpet bombing of Tehran and <>any city with a population of over 10,000<>. These plans have been formulated via staff talks with an eager Israel and diplomatic one-on-one talks between neutral Arab states and the stupid and shallow Rice (but totally sycophantic in her slavish catering to Bush’s paranoid dreams) and there has been sufficient leakage (some planned but some in earnest) to convince most of the media (except for the speaking fecal matter on FOX) that Bush is a nut and, as some talking heads are starting to imply, one who ought not to be in the White House.

This dissatisfaction has extended to Cheney, Rice and Rumsfeld. There is also a growing, and very serious, wave of anti-Semitism welling up in top business, military and political circles. The brayings of the Jewish Neocons have done terrible damage to the Jewish community of the United States and, in strong probability, to the future of the U.S./Israeli relations.

Everyone I know who is in a position to be aware of such things (and I know quite a few…many are new information sources who read my site) that Israel has been forcefully counseling Bush to attack Iran and remove it as a specific threat to that bloody state.

As far as removing the Bush cabal, it is now at the “who-will-bell-the-cat” stage.

It is inevitable that such circumstances will always produce a man of action who will say, and do, what is necessary to restore order and public confidence. Will he go away if he is successful? Hardly. Look at Kemal Ataturk, Mussolini, Augustus, Hitler, Franco and many, many other Men on White Horses. Weak men like Bush always create situations where eventually someone puts a stop to their Caligula-like madnesses.

All of these matters are well-covered in history but the present rulers do not read history and if they did, are utterly incapable of understanding it.

We always get what we pay for. Josef Stalin best summed it up beautifully when he said, ‘No man…no problem!’ ”

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