The Department of Divide and Conquer

Smoking Mirrors – March 11, 2012

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In recent days we have explored a certain region of America’s heart of darkness. One way or another, the dysfunctional side of the culture is in the majority and this accounts for the state of the nation. There are several larger blocks of hive mind that share ghastly similarities though the members of each might not see the connection. On the surface, and there is only the surface, large population segments exist in conditions very similar to those experienced by the animals at large factory farms. In the case of religious fundies, it is the dogma and cant that operate as the Krazy Glue, which holds the subculture together in something resembling those large floating islands of plastic in the Pacific. There’s another subculture that is also religion based and involves celebrity worship. At one point, Kim Kardashian had over six million friends on Facebook. Now that seems to have translated over into ‘likes’. I’ve never seen the reality show but I did see a couple of episodes of Paris Hilton’s BFF, or whatever its called. That was a horrifying experience. I sense that the popularity of these thing will forever outstrip my own works and just about everyone else who might engage in even rudimentary complexities of thought. There’s some kind of hidden law that controls these things, like where the worst poet of all time, Rod McKuen made six million dollars in one year that probably exceeds the collective return of all the great poets in history. Maybe not but close.
Every summer, thousands of Americans set out in Jetstream campers and Winnebagos to visit American malls. That’s how they spend their summer vacation. A smaller number take walking tours of serial killers homes and killing fields. Impoverished youth with no way to afford a college education, enter the military for a ritual brutalization of their being, whose object is to make them desensitized. This was one of the reasons for the destruction of the economy; to force young people into a militarized setting. I could go into detail about the implications but the reader is smart and agile enough to intuit the many ramifications.
There is another very large subculture that contains other subcultures and all of them are internet related. Only a very small number of us go to alternative news sites. A far larger collection are religious gamers (yes, that is also a religion), porno addicts and celebrity junkies. There’s also a lot of gamblers, scammers and various sport enthusiasts. Once you add together all of these people, as well as groups I haven’t mentioned, with their own particular focus, you have a majority of the American people. Most of these collectives may seldom cross each others paths but their hive mind vibrates across the landscape and engages in eerie counterpoints with one another. It creates harmonics that might have been the envy of John Cage, if John Cage had suffered from both Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease combined with a liquid diet of Ripple wine; do not cue the Grateful Dead.
These diverse yet connected cultures all contribute to the state of the times. They each possess a type of fanaticism, except in the cases where they are self involved and indifferent. This is the most worrisome thing about the late, great United States. It’s the existence of the total of these things that permits all of the unfortunate things that are happening to happen. This is aided and abetted by the pharmaceutically dependent, the alcoholic saturates, the fast food fueled, bad health epidemic, the liberal and conservative warfare of mutual denigration and contempt. These are liberally seasoned with agenda driven, fabricated news and shallow entertainments. The necessity to escape into all of this, is the result of a systematic assault on the economy and individual human rights. The willingness and stupidity of so many, to trust their government and the corporations and bankers who own it, is the cause of the conditions that surround you today.
The cosmos is conscious and because harmony is an imperative and harmony is gone, people are required to wake up. This is why conditions are steadily worsening, eventually extremity will serve as the hand on the shoulder. I realize that many people believe this is all being done by some shadowy group of satanic psychopaths but they are on rails just like everyone else. Everything is under control for the purpose of demonstration. You might well ask then, why I rail at certain elements of society. What purpose does it serve and what difference does it make, if everything is under control anyway? It’s my job. I’m not always effective at it and I’m not always right but it’s what I do and any number of others are engaged in it too, because all of that is under control as well. Like The Bard said, we’re all actors, having our exits and entrances.
This run of history that has brought us to this moment is guided by the theme of the age. It has had an evolution of hierarchies, infrastructures, cultural and technical transitions that were all a part of the stage setting for the actions and events of the age. At the present point everything is rigidifying or becoming a mockery of its former self. When an age departs the last stages are decadence and oppression. This is the reflex action of the movers and shakers to hold on to their power base but that is impossible because the whole dynamic is shape-shifting into something else. The ‘manifest’ radiance of the archetypes and symbols that have given structure to the environment, have either been perverted beyond recognition, turned into their opposite. or diluted until there is no integrity in it. This is the time when people make fun of everything or lapse into apathy and become indifferent to those around them. It is a time of isolation as well as a congregation of collective madness. in which the participants all share a common insanity. This strength in numbers makes the abnormal normal because of the shared perspective on what is real and what is desirable. Everywhere people are seeking community because community has gone missing. The central family unit is under direct attack from the Department of Divide and Conquer.
This mass insanity is what makes it possible for so many people to integrate into and adjust to something that is anathema to the basic essentials that held it all together. We are in the time of the tyranny of minorities, with the unthinking assent of the majority. The glamor of temporary things, veils the sight and consciousness from the reality of what is actually taking place. Those who serve the darkness, are informed by the darkness and are always two steps or more ahead of all the adjustments that have to be made by those affected by them. To be in control is to be independent from the conditions and confinements of the world you control. Those with the highest degree of self interest and selfishness are the ones with the greatest impetus to be at the levers and reins. This is why, with few exceptions, outright criminals are in charge of all the things that make life easier and not easy at all.
The masses are most effectively controlled by managed distraction and by having their focus and apprehensions manipulated with regular changes that bring new difficulties and new enemies around like clockwork. The public is intentionally split up into opposing groups who are denied access to their commonality of interest. by fabricated outrages from the one side and then the other side. Conservative and liberal are natural inclinations for particular types and viewpoints. The one does not want what the other wants and routine conflicts are set up to highlight the differences. Religions have been transformed into brainwashing centers that amplify the differences between them in order to maintain discord and suspicion. They are also each imbued with their own personal rightness and the wrongness of every other. The resident force that sits at the head of these religions is the ancient enemy, not the eternal friend. This is why there is the emphasis on an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth and why we have so many blind people gumming each other to death.
Comfort and security, personal power and elevated station. are things to be defended at all costs by the people who possess them. Keeping what they have and endlessly adding more is what they do with their day. When corporations rise to become more powerful than the nations, the governments naturally fall under their control. When that happens, no laws are passed that do not benefit them and more and more laws are passed or done away with. so that they can enjoy ever greater latitude at the expense of their fellows. The possibility for general advancement is shut down. Everything becomes compartmentalized and stratified. Because corporations make enormous profits from war, war becomes an economic necessity. Because corporations make enormous profits from human misery, human misery becomes an economic necessity. Because more and more laws create more and more criminals, housing these perceived malefactors becomes big business. Everything is geared toward the maximum possible profit with the minimum expense. This leads to the destruction of trade unions, the exploitation of illegals, offshoring, reduction in every type and kind of benefits, followed by an increase in the cost of all those things no longer covered by benefits.
Because general society cannot possibly return to any kind of desirable norm while it is being looted and ruined by those in a position to do it, something has to be done about those doing it and… something will be done. It will not be pretty or pleasant. in many cases and it will be generated by the unacceptable conditions that result in push coming to shove. That’s how it works and mysterious laws govern the appearance and application of necessary change. What needs to happen will happen when critical mass is achieved.
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