Rumsfeld lies, AP covers it up

Here’s what U.S. Secretary of Defense [sic] Donald Rumsfeld said today:

“There is obviously concern about Iran. It’s a country that is — supports terrorists. It’s a country that has indicated an interest in having weapons of mass destruction.”

Now read how AP reported the story, and pay very careful attention to the placement of the quotation marks:

Said Rumsfeld: “There is obviously concern about Iran. Iran is a country that supports terrorism. It is a country that has indicated” a desire to obtain nuclear technology.

AP completely fabricated the last part of the quote!!!! Rumsfeld said nothing about “nuclear technology”; indeed, in the entire briefing, he doesn’t even utter the word “nuclear.” So there can’t be any question that he was really referring to “nuclear technology” (or nuclear power) and simply misspoke; he very deliberately refers to “weapons of mass destruction.” Which, I should point out, since AP doesn’t, is an absolute lie; Iran has very specifically denied any interest in weapons of mass destruction. But it wasn’t enough for AP simply to have failed to point out that lie; no, they took the much more active step of fabricating a quote from Rumsfeld to make it appear that he did not lie.