Fundamentalist Christian Crocodiles in Heat

Visible Origami – March 10, 2012

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Well, I’m glad to see Petri Dish in my rear view mirror. I don’t mind criticism, you don’t grow and improve without it but… one would hope (and hope in vain) that people would address their comments to the exact and specific contents of the posting, or that at least they would read it with a little care and attention, instead of having their heads turn into a flaming Chia Pet, the moment their personal buzzwords go across the screen. It reminds me of that scene from the Marx Brothers, Abbot and Costello or The Three Stooges; I can’t remember who did it at the moment. Anyway, someone says, “Niagara Falls”, then the other person goes through a personality transformation and says, “Niagara Falls! Slowly I turned and step by step, inch by inch” (or something like it), with his hands extended as if he were intending to grab the other person by the neck which, indeed, is the case. As you can see, two of the 3 did it and… it turns out that Lucille Ball also did it. Anyway, you say Niagara Falls innocently enough but you’re in the room with someone who has ‘issues’. God I hate that term (grin).
The funny thing is that every time I go through the trouble to describe a condition, such as how one can’t write or speak without contradicting themselves, and how it’s impossible to speak the truth and that you can only infer the direction of its presence or speak indirectly about it, hoping to give some indication that will activate the intuition… or when I talk about Fundamentalist Christian Crocodiles in heat, you can be certain that someone or several someones will show up and completely miss the point of my point (grin) or we will be graced by some political correctness bot who objects to my terms and language and who failed to read the terms and conditions of the posting that is always at the bottom of each post (no they’re not).
There’s nothing like a fundie Christian when it comes to burning women at the stake, torturing heretics with hot iron skewers, or any number of delightful activities that have been engaged in over the centuries. Of course, the same goes for Muslim fundamentalists, or for fundamentalists of any religion. Fundies are great at rationalizing things like, protecting the interests of the unborn, while signing on for the murder of those already born. They’re great at dispensing charity, so long as you parrot the party line, which isn’t all that hard, if you’re starving to death. Fundies are great at hunger porn. As I’ve mentioned before, they head off to the African countries, like Bennie Hinn and drive around in their black SUV’s, looking for kids with swollen bellies. Then they take them on their laps in their Banana Republic Safari suits but not until they paint sugar water under their eyes to attract flies. I love that great white father act. I also love the hands on proxy parenting, whether it’s the altar boys, if you’re a Catholic priest, or your own daughter if you happen to be an orthodox Jew; the highest incidence of it in any demographic. The fundie Muslims seem to have a similar bent; accent on bent and it’s heartwarming when you hear about them hanging their own daughters if she happens to have a boyfriend.
It’s true, I could be all light and loving and cosmically embracing. I could gaze at you with a far away distant look of wisdom in my eyes. I could turn the Valium gleam of my peepers upon the congregation, except I don’t use Valium or Xanax either. I don’t like them and don’t enjoy them. They’re drugs for straight people. I could be really respectful of people’s religions but the truth is that I don’t respect their religions. They might as well rip the hearts out of small children on stone altars. They do worse than that, supporting the wars that are engineered by the twisted freaks who perverted and poisoned the things they could have believed in. The truth is that these things offend me. They piss me off. I guess I’m just not detached enough. I lack the equanimity and tolerance to swallow and process their bloodthirsty bullshit. So, I guess I don’t come off like a prophet or some cat in ocher robes who can simply tell themselves it’s all an illusion, these things aren’t really happening, whatever the rationale is.
The fact is that I want to kick their asses but that’s no easy thing given that there are tens of millions of them. Here’s a sweet little scenario that makes me want to drink Ted Bundy’s bathwater or have lunch with Jeffrey Dalmer. This bloodthirsty vampire bat and his freak brothers in the GOP, along with their competition on the other side of the aisle, make me want to pick up a two by four. I know that’s not my job, that’s Kalki’s or Maitreya’s job. Now whether they are both renditions of Mithra in a new outfit is besides the point. The only entity equipped to dispense justice is someone who possesses the impartiality to carry it out without personal motive. Of course, I have restrained myself so far so, maybe I know this.
I’m not comfortable or supportive of the status quo. I’m not a fan of depleted uranium, or white phosphorus raining down from the skies. I’m not a fan of cluster bombs, or the people who use them. I don’t think it makes you a hero to wipe out entire families with your superior weaponry. I think the other guys are the heroes and I’m not ashamed to say that I root for them. I know that doesn’t make me look good but whenever I hear about bad news concerning events connected to the usual aggressors I approve.
I know there are some good people in the United States and in England. I know there are possibly sincere and decent people in the military but since I’ve been in the military, I know how those guys generally are. A lot of them really look forward to killing somebody. They get off into those foreign countries and they cut women and children in half with their M16’s. They shoot dogs for sport. They’re all high on testosterone and bravado and they probably love Jesus too. Yeah, they’re killing for God and Country. Like Arnald Amalric said, before the slaughter at Beziers, “Kill them all, God will recognize his own”. Here’s a selection of touching quotes on the matter of religion.
I’m afraid that I have say in all honesty that I hold most religions in contempt. I don’t belong to any of them, although I have learned from all of them. Some of the idea and aspirations are beautiful but then you have the unfortunate experience of meeting the congregation. I suppose I wish I could be perfectly understanding and tolerant of these vicious beasts, who spread such pain and torment in the name of God. I’m just not. I suppose it is a personal flaw that I have to live with until I get enlightened. That’s supposed to happen but when I run my bar code under the etheric scanner I don’t get a due date.
All these politicians that claim to be good religious people in order to get really stupid religious people to vote for them make me sick. I still remember Bush the Younger making fun of Karla Faye Tucker and his lie about taking a walk with Billy Graham who actually said it was a lie. I’ve met a few decent Christians, not many though and I hardly ever meet one who is tolerant or has an open mind. There’s too much ‘my way or the highway’ going on. In the meantime, just about everything is a sin and since a lot of the things I like are supposedly sinful, well, you do the math. I guess that’s where all the hypocrisy comes in. It’s sin except when you do it and of course, the flesh is weak and that is followed by forgiveness. It’s pretty convenient to be washed in the blood of the scam. I imagine the whole thing is pretty sexual on a certain level. First you get all that delicious guilt and then you get laundered and regardless, all you have to do it believe that you are saved and none of it matters anyway
The arguments go on about salvation. How did you get saved? Did you get saved according to the accepted ritual of whatever sect is the only one, which is all of them at any given time? Were you immersed? Are you filled with the holy spirit? Do you talk in tongues. The only thing I am certain of is that the Pope does not shit in the woods and that he can’t see the forest for the trees.
Well I certainly ham-handed this Origami; apologies and genuflections all round. I just have a hard time with killing women and children and men too. I have a hard time convincing myself that there is some kind of rationale that has escaped me. I don’t believe in bloodstained soldiers kneeling down and getting a blessing from some shill of an officer who’s employed by The Devil, whether he knows it or not. I’m not comfortable with death and destruction, based on lies told by the people who did all the acts of terror, which they now blame on the people they want dead. I’m not going to whitewash or sugar coat any of this crap inside my head just so I can get along with people I have no intention of being around any longer than it takes me to determine what they are.
Any real Christian is speaking out against all of this. Any real Christian is emulating the character and behavior of the one they all claim to have a personal relationship with. Any real Christian is an outlaw. They would have to be. There’s no alternative to that. Any real Christian would stay as far away from most so called Christians as they can possibly get. What do I think about Christians, or any of the rest of them in different colored clothes? It would be nice to actually meet one.
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