The Cover-Up Of Vince Foster’s Murder Gets Stranger and Stranger

The cover-up of Vince Foster’s 1993 murder gets stranger and stranger, as the U.S. Attorney who blew the whistle on massive, high-level White House criminality has apparently undergone a sex change.

Lead investigator in the Foster case and U.S. Attorney Miguel Rodriguez, who went public in 1995 with allegations independent prosecutor Kenneth Starr and others purposely withheld evidence and intimidated witnesses to cover-up Foster’s murder, is now working in Sacramento, Ca., apparently under the name of U.S. Attorney Michelle Rodriguez.

Although Rodriguez failed to return phone calls, a secretary in the U.S. Attorney’s office Tuesday in Sacramento confirmed Michelle was once Miguel, although not coming right out and saying it.

Asked if the name Michelle was a mistake and the attorney in the office really was Miguel from Washington D.C., the secretary said:

“When was the last time you talked with Miguel?” asked the secretary, who then responded to the answer. “If it has been that long, she is now Michelle.”

To further verify Michelle Rodriguez worked in the office, a Sept.29, 2005, Sacramento Bee news article referred to Rodriguez, saying:

“Jared Oreste Giampaoli and Steven Foster Little are accused of “interference with federally protected rights,” according to documents filed by Assistant U.S Attorney Michelle Rodriguez.”

Although Rodriguez’s sex change could easily be dismissed as a man being trapped in a woman’s body, bigger questions need to answered about Rodriguez’s actions since he talked “a blue streak” in 1995, pointing the dirty finger of corruption in the Foster case all the way up to the doorstep of the white House.

But 13 years later why is Rodriguez remaining ‘mum’ about the case? How and why could he still be holding a job in the U.S. Attorney’s Office after hitting the big boys below the belt so hard?

And the biggest question is what happened to the photograph Rodriguez took when he left Starr’s office as the chief investigator, a photograph which allegedly shows a bullet hole in Foster’s neck when the official report claimed he shot himself to death by sticking a gun in his mouth?

The photograph, which would clearly nail the top dogs in Washington with withholding evidence, has never been published and, according to the main researchers in the Foster case, it has somehow disappeared.

Although it is only speculation where the photograph ended up since Rodriguez isn’t talking, the best explanation given is that he sold it for a hefty sum of money to an influential British newspaper.

In turn, investigators speculate the British newspaper, with MI6 and CIA ties, turned the evidence back over to the government without publishing it. Whether Rodriguez has a duplicate copy of the photo is unknown and it is also unknown whether Rodriguez has cut a deal with government officials to keep quiet in return for his life, a life he now leads as a woman.

Regarding the sex change, the final question needs to be asked whether it had anything remotely to do with the Foster case or whether it can be dismissed as a natural progression in Rodriguez’s personal life.

One thing for sure, the importance of Rodriguez’s testimony in getting at the truth behind the Foster murder should never be diminished or discredited, according to author Huh Turley, one of three writers who wrote a 511 page book/legal document categorically proving beyond a reasonable doubt Foster was murdered and it was cover-ed up.

The 1999 book, entitled Failure of the Public Trust, pins Starr and others with withholding evidence and intimidating witnesses to reach a premature conclusion in the case, a conclusion reached even before the evidence was gathered.

Turley and the authors meticulously gathered crime scene irregularities, including evidence tampering, witness intimidation and grand jury manipulation, using taped testimony by Rodriguez, the lead investigator, to prove the Starr report was corrupted from the outset.

Regarding the possibility of Rodriguez going public again, Turley recently said he isn’t talking but doesn’t know why.

“It is doubtful that he will talk again,” said Turley in an email this week after appearing on Greg Szymanski’s radio show, The Investigative Journal, where he talked extensively about the government and media cover-up. “He is no longer talking to anyone. Attorney John H. Clarke, (co-author of the book) made a trip to Sacramento several years ago to see him, before we had the audio tapes, without success. I think he is afraid to talk.

“However, his comments, legally tape recorded by the late Reed Irvine of Accuracy in Media, on our audio CD are the next best thing to interviewing him. For more background on Rodriguez see Ambrose Evans-Pritchard’s book “The Secret Life of Bill Clinton” and also Christopher Ruddy’s book, “The Strange Death of Vincent Foster.” Ruddy’s book is only good in calling attention to the suspicious death but Mr. Ruddy goes out of his way to conceal the role of the FBI and the media in the cover-up.”

One other element of the Foster case which has never received proper attention is the involvement of three former Mossad agents, two men and a woman, seen and captured on video exiting the Foster apartment on July 20, 1993, the day he was killed.

The Starr investigation never followed up the leads and the first mention of it appeared in the Washington Post, when an article dismissed the possibility as wild and unsubstantiated rumors.

However, critics suggest The Post was engaged in a smear job to cover the tracks of the government sponsored hit team, as a concerted media investigation never took place.

“If they had looked into it,” said an investigator from Italy who wanted to remain anonymous, “they might have uncovered the same hit team, two men and a blonde woman, former known Mossad expert killers and agents, who traveled to Italy three days after Foster was killed and were thought to be involved in the murder of Raul Gardini, a wealthy Italian businessman with ties to America.”

Gardini, one of Italy’s most wealthy businessmen, was found dead in his hotel room on July 23, 1993.The incident was quickly reported as a suicide even though some Italian investigators claim the gun supposedly used by Gardini was found on a table across the room from where the body was found.

As in the Foster case, Italian critics claim a proper investigation was never undertaken and a premature suicide result was reached in order to protect the real killers. Also, like in America, the leads tracing the movements of the three Mossad agents were never followed up, leaving on speculation that the same hit team killed Foster and Gardini.

According to insiders who knew Gardini, suicide was the last thing on his mind, as he was flamboyant and fun loving, displaying extravagant tastes, racing yachts worth millions of dollars in prestige events, and even making it to the America’s Cup final in his first attempt before losing to America 3.

Like in the Foster case who died shortly after returning from Switzerland with $250 million dollars, Gardini’s inside information and financial dealings may have been what finally led to his death.

As recently as a month before Gardini was died, he was conducting a spirited public defense of his tenure as head of Ferruzzi, saying its present indebtedness — totaling a staggering $20 billion — was not his fault.

According to leaked testimony by company insiders, however, Mr. Gardini falsified company balance sheets to hide losses totaling between $200 million and $300 million incurred in speculations on the Chicago futures market in 1989. He also accused Mr. Gardini of having used real estate deals to build up covert slush funds.

Coincidently, the $250 million given to Foster in Switzerland, verified by U.S. Treasury agent Leo Wanta, was never tracked down, as recent investigations have uncovered it was headed for the Childrens’ Fund, a covert fund created by an executive order and chaired by Hillary Clinton, who supposedly used it as her own personal slush fund.

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