The Great Schmoo Army of Mindless Zombie Christians

Reflections in a Petri Dish – March 9, 2012

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May your noses develop a chronic addiction to the truth.
There’s crack cocaine and then there’s crack cocaine. The most deadly, destructive and addictive crack is Christian fundamentalism. You’ve heard that bullshit anti-drug, pro alcohol, advertising line; “a mind is a terrible thing to waste”? It’s arguable how much it might apply here because in order to be a Christian fundamentalist, you can’t have a mind; certainly not a mind with independent function. Of course, you don’t have to be a no fun fundie to lack cognitive abilities. Most people do not have an independently functioning mind. It’s a signature of the times. This is some inexplicable reverse engineered evolution. This is premeditated with calculation for the result. A specific percentage of people not having a mind is job one for the vampire elite. The bankers are at the top of the food chain.
Although the existence of the state of Israel is the gravest of problems for the rest of the world. The force it put into use for the performance of it’s perverted will, is that great Schmoo army of Zombie Christians. This is the mechanism at work, in opposition to all things human and a sleepwalking contradiction in all ways, concerning the tenets of the founder of the religion they represent. It’s nothing less than a cosmic irony that Jesus was not a Jew. They were his enemy in person, as they are his enemy in his absence in the moment. He may or may not be hereabouts but one place he certainly is not is in the hearts and lives of most Christians. The Judaic religion is another cosmic irony because the Jews have the highest rate of atheism by far, among the less civilized cultures.
The Protocols of Zion was a road map for principles and policies that we see in action in the present and which was written quite some time ago. Of course they wrote this book and of course they are engaged in carrying out everything it contains. Their denial of provenance is ridiculous, in the face of the evidence of the contents being visibly carried out, by them, in modern times. The intent to identify Jesus as a Jew went into play well before the protocols was written. There are historical suppositions that Julius Caesar burned the library of Alexandria, when he set fire to his ships and also that it was burned by Amr Bin Aas under instructions from Caliph Umar. The very fact of the truth being unknown tells me it was burned by those who knew what was coming and wanted all record of it gone. Who would that be? Who has it always been?
In the library at Alexandria were many books about Atlantis and previous conditions that existed before the latest round of whatever this is. Those who had access to these records were in a good position to know what was coming, due to what had been and were also in position to take advantage of this information by substituting crafted lies into the prominent religions, in order for massive falsehoods to be embraced as true, by those who were intended to be the footsoldiers of ignorance. This huge army carries out the will of these defilers of history. They are the poster boy retards for stupid and stupid believes anything it’s told and anything that justifies the end result.
The good news is that with the introduction of a new age and… not just any new age, but the completion and beginning of a grand cycle, is that all of these religions are going belly up and symbolic adjustments will be made to each and every icon, the same way Christianity grafted itself over polytheistic paganism. We’re living in the death rattle of all former institutions both religious and temporal. This is why the final moments are so intense and why the predators and psychopaths are scurrying about like meth crazed chihuahuas. Christianity is the hillbilly heroin of the opium of the people. That quote about the ‘opium of the people’ was coined by one of the recurrent tribal scribes who come around to set up blueprints for mass murder.
It is beyond my comprehension what means can be employed to wake up these people. They’re not in a deep sleep. They’re in a coma. Obviously some other force has to come into play to make the necessary changes and that’s the job of Mr Apocalypse and Madame De Revelation. She’s knitting up some items just like Madame DeFarge.
The destiny of evil is a step by step affair. It’s also a tunnel vision modality. It’s cyclopean in directional intent and Byzantine in strategy, which means there’s a combination mares nest and briar patch for Br’er Stoat. The image is of one tangled in vines, wires and brambles planted by the same. Eventually one is trapped inextricably, in the product of one’s own machinations. It includes grasping beyond reach, buck and gold fever in a Treasure of Sierra Madre context, within the framework of a personalized insanity that gladly trades one’s life for the object of desire, without ever fully comprehending that angle. That’s where the tunnel vision comes in and that is the state of evil in this time. You’re watching it play out in front of you. Now you can ask yourself, why are all these seemingly innocent people having to experience such terrible conditions as the result of Christian love and charity, at the hands of those who manipulate them? It’s hard for a lot of people to understand. Thankfully I have a system that explains all of it. A lot of people don’t like this system, don’t believe in it, or think it’s an example of the cosmos being as fucked up as they are. However, there are no innocent bystanders. Everybody is at Point This or Point That because of whatever happened from Point A to Point B to Point C, unless you’re Asian (grin) and then it looks different but the result is the same. The laws of Karma are inviolable, except where exceptional states or forces come into play.
There’s a particular illusion at work where we are all seeing the most powerful nations on Earth, under the command of a collection of dung slugs, effortlessly removing all protections and any semblance of human rights from possession and practice, domestically and abroad. They are, without opposition, killing many people in various countries, while making the survivors wish they were dead. It all makes you think that they are really powerful. The truth is that they have never been weaker, but in order for the purposes of soul sorting and effective demonstration, the powers of appearance are operating the way they are and concealing the truth of the matter. They are relentlessly marching toward a Waterloo and these careful planners, these meticulous strategists, are ignoring the obvious because the obvious is not desirable and so far, hey, they’ve managed to do all of the other nasty shit, so this shouldn’t be a problem either. The redoubtable Dr. Lasha Darkmoon has laid out some reality factors that you would think these fools would be aware of. They are but they aren’t. Once again it’s the tunnel vision and we might add, there is the banker nation pressures that are very difficult to deal with.
Most reasonably sane people would swiftly be able to see that Israel has, for her own reasons and profit, been behind every war in recent times, using the same arguments against each new victim. Any reasonably sane person could see this but that would not include Christian fundamentalists and it also wouldn’t include those bought and paid for and those compromised beyond resistance. The latter, of course, might know these things but it doesn’t make any difference, such as in the case of John McCain, Lindsey Graham and John Kerry, who are routine pillow biters for Joe Lieberman, Carl Levin and the other satanic little drummer boys.
Most reasonably sane people with even basic research skills would know who owns world media. That’s the same people who own the currency printing presses. Now some say that these facts are not true. What they wish is that these facts were not known and they can thank the internet for that. Just look at what these two links show. Whoomph, they it is! The control of the printing presses is the resource for the control of the media, all media, informational and artistic. Interestingly, these same people performed 9/11 and related terror false flags and are the primary motivational collective that has sponsored and demanded all recent wars, for their own profit and are seeking now a global conflict, where they hope to be the head maggots at the top of the biggest pile of corpses in recent history. This one paragraph makes something very clear. That’s how it is, argue at your leisure. That’s how it is. I left out some really big historical demon morphs but you know all about that.
It all comes down to whether the cosmos is conscious. That’s the demarcation line between physics and metaphysics. However, physics says that the cosmos is conscious. Physics says that the universe is ‘thought born’. Obviously a lot of people didn’t get the memo because they are arguing about and denying what their own sciences have already confirmed. Sure, we may not be sure about the composition and intent of this consciousness, but as far as it being conscious; somehow, some way, that’s no longer under dispute. The good news here is that it’s possible, possible that the cosmos will become proactive. I submit that it’s been proactive all along. Movies are no fun unless they are engrossing, thrilling and or nicely comedic. Well, life apparently agrees with that projection and as a result, many people are caught up in the drama and also think they see the plot but… they do not.
The vast Christian Army of spastic somnambulists is marching somewhere. No doubt there is a cliff in the vicinity; a sinkhole, a swamp or some kind of opposite to expectations. It is highly doubtful that the cosmos, being conscious, would have anything but contempt or antipathy for these cretins. The only rapture one can confidently expect, is the rapture that comes with their absence and that would be experienced by others. There is no heaven set up by an impossible and non existent deity of anthropomorphic construction, where those who systematically torment, maim and murder their fellows, will go in their imaginary afterlife. It is far more likely they will return as food animals on large factory farms. They can huddle together in their pens that permit of little movement, with their equally deluded fellows, just as they huddle together now, praying for the destruction of everyone who is unlike them or defined as an enemy by their real enemy, who continues to deceive them with transparent lies. Quo vadis? Absolutely nowhere, or worse.
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