Voice of the White House April 10, 2006

“Bush’s approval polls are tanking. Republicans are terrified lest, as they now believe, they will lose both the House and Senate in November. (Really major felonious activities would certainly be revealed by Democrats in control of either, or both, houses.)

There certainly have been prepared, at the Pentagon, plans to attack Iran. They were only plans for possible future actions. There are also current plans, on file, to attack Lebanon, Syria, Venezuela, Bolivia, Cuba (again!), and Mexico. Not to forget Dubai and Saudi Arabia in the event that Muslim fundamentalists gain power in those states. These plans are kept in the Big Safe over at the Pentagon in the event they are needed.

Now, the evil Karl Rove, terrified that he might be indicted and have to go to jail (and as a chubby invert, repeatedly raped by blacks…in his fevered imagination) and seeing the coming destruction of his Imperial Republican Reign Grand Design, has been pushing Bush to make a new war. Rove points out, one learns here from those who have read reams of notes and memos, that these slimy shits believe that Bush can regain his lost popularity in a wave of wonderful American patriotism, the military will be enhanced by a public-demanded general draft, we can at once, (when the new military is in place), invade the evil leftist Chavez (and guarantee his oil production for the United States and not the PRC) and put an end to the Castro government, not to mention all kinds of things designed to flatter the idiot Bush who does not want to seem weak (he is) or a failure (which he certainly is.)

Believe me, Bush wants to do this and Karl, with his connivance, has “leaked” this to a number of “friendly” media people.

If this action (the leaking) was not approved by Bush, the public revelation of a Top Secret military action under contemplation would be greeted by shrieks of “treason” from the Bush staff toadies followed by orders to the FBI to “locate the source” of the leak, just as they are frantically trying to find out who leaked the NSA phone tapping project last year..

The smug silence from the White House tells it all.

The departure of Card and now, Treasury Secretary Snow, (who had financial interests in the failed Dubai deal) from the Inner Circle is most interesting. No one walks away from their kind of power without either being sacked (as Ashcroft was for refusing to go along with Bush’s completely illegal domestic phone tapping schemes) or being privy to the inner secrets, finding a way out now so as to avoid having to explain their actions to a Grand Jury later.

A personal friend in the Pentagon (War Plans Division) tells me that we simply cannot maintain any further military activities in that region. Bottomed-out morale, suicides, desertions, self-mutilations to get a discharge and such like would make any more expanded activity a disaster of the first magnitude. Also, a report tells us that many West Pointers, considered to be the elite of the Army’s officer corps, are leaving the service in droves when their enlistment period (5 years) is up. Also, the Pentagon is now taking young men with criminal records who have never gone to high school or who, if they have, have not graduated. This is the real bottom of the barrel, believe me, and we are scraping it even as I speak.

Many senior military personages are beginning to say that Bush should be physically removed from office lest he utterly destroy the United States., and similar sentiments are being expressed in different influential quarters.

Let’s hope they are successful! “

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