The Succubi and the Incubi in the Kingdoms of Desire

Smoking Mirrors – March 8, 2012

Dog Poet Transmitting…….
May your noses always be keyed to the sweet scent of love’s potential.
Boy, are there some strange things going on. It looks like the Obama murder machine is at full tilt. Holder announces that they are going to start killing people; like they haven’t already been at it. Then they kill Breitbart, I’m pretty sure about that. Then they kill the Obama impersonator. Meanwhile, the atheist crusaders tell outrageous lies about all the important people who are going to show up at their big event and then they work both sides of their propaganda mill. Of course, we know who’s pushing this whole thing and it’s no surprise that they bring in opposing examples who are nothing more than reverse side shills for the same load of horseshit. I don’t want to offend anyone but it’s hard for me to play stupid.
I see what’s going on. I know if it weren’t for my significant protections that I would be in their gun-sights too. I don’t care one way or the other. My life isn’t in their hands and never will be. I’m not concerned about sharp blows to the sternum in any case. I only want to live long enough to be able to swim in certain waters and melt into them. If one or two things could happen for me, I don’t care one way or the other about hanging around. I just want to see the celestial love lights shinning back at me from the right set of eyes. Who cares about anything else? The chance to have something happen makes the whole point of living worthwhile and nothing else makes any difference by comparison. Nothing else matters. See, life can be very long when it contains nothing of value or promise. I remember the hours in prison sometimes, that were like waiting at the motor vehicle department, or standing in line at the unemployment office, except way more dangerous (grin). Well, I’ve been employed by the same firm now for some time and though I don’t get a paycheck like most people, my ship is always sailing into the harbor. Of course, ships like this have their own time line. Sometimes you see it on the horizon and you’re so sure it will dock anytime but it doesn’t work like that. Still, how much better is it to work for a certain company like I do, a company where you’re only as sure as your reliance makes possible, instead of working for some firm that doesn’t give a damn about the bottom line and you ain’t it?
However, when things are going well and you have things to look forward to, time is no longer a chain around your neck. I suppose there are some people who think I’m fairly successful, given that I operate completely outside of the media as we know it and given that there are very few firms that will publish my books, or allow me to disseminate my music in the usual ways and means, since the usual ways and means are controlled by the enemies of humanity and… despite how profane and or saccharine modern music is, you find that you are considered far more profane by the enemies of humanity that see you as an enemy and they might be right about that. I know for sure that my employer doesn’t like them one bit. I measure personal success by the probability of sustained esoteric resonance. I know there are other places to be, because I’ve been there more than once. It used to be I could only get there when I was in a psychedelic condition but that’s not the case anymore. I can get there under all kinds of conditions now and I know the reason for that is that trials and circumstances have altered my vibrations, until they are sympathetically harmonious with other planes of being. I suspect, once again, that I am not singular in this experience.
Anyway, I’ve been dancing on air for a couple of weeks for one reason or another. This is a switch given the darkness of recent times and some of the situations I’ve found myself in, without knowing how I got there. I was told recently to expect some outrageous opportunities and changes and darned if some of them haven’t come up in the windshield lately. Then I hear that that isn’t anything compared to what’s coming and I have to shake my head in wonder. Of course, I could be bat shit insane but that doesn’t affect the reality of what I am encountering. Yeah, that’s probably all happening in my head but external evidence indicates otherwise. The reason I bring this up is that I suspect I’m not the only one getting supernatural conditions and communications from somewhere outside of the humdrum and depressing mix-master of the material realm.
The one thing that rings most in my consciousness is something I heard a couple of years ago, “don’t concern yourself with good and evil anymore, remove all such limited constructs from your mind. These things only apply to those who need them, to mark the territory and parameters of their imprisonment, in an unreal world that bleeds them and feeds on them for it’s own sustenance. Everything you thought you knew about what is real is not. Take that next step and walk out of the controls of the slave-masters. They are impotent and without power”. Strangely enough, I have found this to be true. It’s a comfort is what it is.
You look at the list of articles on all of the sites where my work and the work of others is linked and you see a continuous litany of exposures and revelations about dark and ugly doings by those stunted and miss-formed abortions who are the dregs of a vile and progressive karma that has brought them to the top of the shit heap, as if that were some knighted and honored location, worthy of admiration and respect. They primp and pimp about in their expensive attire. They greet each other with their titles and positions of phantom power and they assume the position for the bankers and the criminal nation that seeks to make slaves of everyone. They themselves are slaves but they’re deceived by their privileges, with the arrogance of a prison trusty, ready to spy and inform on the inmates who want nothing to do with being the boss man’s dog.
Massive solar flares are coming, which should be no surprise, given what the sun symbolizes and if what I take away from that is true then that’s not all that’s coming. Nature is the active side of a dreaming invisible ocean. The surface is seldom disturbed but now the cries of the tormented and abused are rippling across it, as if it were being raked by countless hands, dragged by the wind toward an unknown destination. The howls of the dead, the dying and those who wished they were dead, echo though the canyons of the burning cities. The drunken sex junkies hump in their painful frustrations, into the unseen succubi and incubi that rules the kingdoms of their desire. They’ve forgotten all about satisfaction and the arcane techniques of the gifted in love because love has abandoned them. Love has departed from them because they have forsaken Love and Love does not abide where Love is not sought after and longed for more than any other thing. They tremble and they shake with the sorrow and need for what is no longer their primary and most sacred possession. The resonant vibration of deep orgasmic fulfillment has vanished from their lives. They are hollow and empty. Their separated self is a runaway vagrant. It’s gone. It’s gone and taken all of Love’s true union and meaning, into the ravaged and litter strewn lots of the fucked up past with it.
Look, my friends, at the dark and dreadful ruin of these twisted times. The bright and shining zukunft rides the horizon like my ship, coming like that Bedouin rider in Lawrence of Arabia. Today’s Bedouins are hunted like beasts by the authors of this. Yes my friends, much good has been done in the false and tardy dawn of the darkness in which we presently languish. The man who took so much trouble to record this is just one more brave and beautiful soldier; one more fine rainbow warrior in our ever growing ranks. You who fancy yourselves among our numbers and who do not speak out, who do not risk censure, approbation and the scorn of your slumbering fellows, are not worthy to march with us or inherit the shimmering heaven of Shiva’s drum. You are the coward, Anonymous, whose passion swells only from the safety of your hidey holes. If you can’t stand and be counted then you have no number.
Mark my words, it is not so fatal or dismal as it appears. Appearances lie. Armies are nothing but riders in a vanishing mist. Temporal force and the institutions that serve it are only temporary dwellings for hungry ghosts; mean-spirited thugs in suits who can take their weapons, warrants and suffocating laws and stick them up their ass where the judge of all things will no doubt set them on fire when the time is at hand.
All of you bent and evil servants of self interest and venal personal profit can kiss my dust. I will not bow down to you. I will not honor you with my fear. My fear is reserved alone for the apprehension that I might fail in my endurance of and contempt for your miserable presence on this once beautiful Earth; the footstool of something far beyond your imagination and comprehension. Laugh jackals, as you tear at the corpse of every good thing that you have turned into stinking offal. Wallow in your certitude that you are untouchable in your fortresses of straw. Your hour is coming round. Call your lawyers and witnesses for the defense. The laughter you will hear will not be your own.
Take heart my friends. Do not let what seems to be bring your spirit low. Appearances lie and things are not what they seem.
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Smoking Mirrors looks at much of what the mainstream media ignores. While in Profiles in Evil, he seeks to expose those shrouded in darkness to nature’s most powerful disinfectant, light.

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