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By Rev. Ted Pike – truthtellers.com 5 Mar 12

Nearly 60 nations are governed by the Jewish Anti-Defamation League’s hate crime laws. In all of them except America, ADL’s definition of a hate crime is to publicly “express hatred or contempt against members of an identifiable group.”

This perfectly describes Jewish Disney/ABC’s new sitcom Good Christian Bitches. (GCB) Few Christians would deny it holds up our “identifiable group” to contempt. Disney/ABC is headed by Robert Iger, Jewish. GCB’s executive producer is Darren Star, a Jewish homosexual. It is directed by Alan Poul, also a Jewish homosexual and is produced by Aaron Kaplan, Jewish.

I watched the first episode and found this sitcom fulfills all of ADL’s criteria of a hate crime: it is motivated by bias against Christianity. It negatively stereotypes Christians. It expresses intolerance by portraying Bible-belt Christianity derisively. It marginalizes evangelical Christians as a group that is “other” than the mainstream: ridiculous and contemptible for its hypocrisy, crass materialism, vindictiveness and closet immorality.

The term “Jewish American princess” or “JAP” has become familiar in popular culture to denote the Jewish equivalent of the women caricatured on ABC’s sitcom: catty, materialistic, shallow, backbiting. But you will never see a primetime sitcom about them. In 2004, Urban Outfitters created a t-shirt that said, “Everyone loves a Jewish girl,” decorated with dollar signs and purses. The Anti-Defamation League immediately cried “anti-Semitism!” and the t-shirt was pulled. This was a t-shirt. Imagine the response if it were a primetime TV sitcom starring popular actors and actresses! Yet since GCB is about Christian women, not a word is said.

GCB Expresses Hate

Here is a brief summary of what ADL should condemn as blatantly “hateful” content.

Christian Churches are Full of Gossip, Contention,  Shallowness

Carlene Cockburn (Kristin Chenoweth) is the primary “Christian” antagonist to heroine Amanda Vaughn (Leslie Bibb).  She says of the fact that Amanda’s deceased husband was having oral sex in his car with his girlfriend before crashing: “Ladies, it is not appropriate to speak of such things on the phone—I’ll see you in church!”

Amanda’s mother, a dedicated church member, does all she can to corrupt Amanda and her children. She teaches her grandson to mix drinks and instructs her granddaughter to expose her cleavage in high school. Yet she says, “If you live in my house, you’ll go to church!” Amanda objects that she wants her children to find their own spirituality. Her mother snaps back, “Cut the crap! My grandchildren are going to church so they can go to heaven—end of story, amen!”

Carlene blasts Amanda from the choir as a prodigal daughter, lacking in moral decency.  She says in her prayer, “Keep us ever mindful of the humiliation of sin, moral degradation, and lack of decency.” She piously adds, “It is not ours to judge.” Amanda’s mother says, “You see, people around here really care.”

Christians are Immoral

The promotional image for GCB shows a diamond-encrusted cross plunged between a woman’s ample breasts. Materialism and immorality entwine.

Church member and car dealership owner Zach Peacham attempts to seduce Amanda. She flees.  Amanda is at a booth with a married church member, Blake and his male ranch foreman. Glancing under the table, Amanda sees them caressing each other.

Christians are Materialistic

Amanda’s mother says God wants her to have a new fur coat. “God often speaks to me through Christian Dior.”  The entire environment as well as the diamond-studded promotional graphics of GCB bespeaks exorbitant wealth and materialistic self-indulgence.

Christians Vindictive, Hypocritical, Persecutive

Amanda receives an expensive car from an unknown admirer. While listening to “Amazing Grace,” Carlene studies Amanda and the car in a telescope. She then spreads the news to the her friends who are intent on ruining Amanda’s life for being such a “bitch” in high school.

Carlene has a super-expensive car with license plate “Holy One” and John 3:16 featured above it.

Christians Dishonest, Unethical in Business

Church member Heather is described as “such a gossip…knowing everybody’s business.”  This has made her rich in real estate. “You can sell a lot of real estate when you know whose marriage is falling apart, whose stocks are falling down. Nobody can turn grief into a 6% commission better than Heather.”

The “Christian bitches,” including Heather, attempt to sabotage Amanda’s attempts to find housing and employment. They believe she wants to steal Zack from his wife. Frustrated, Amanda becomes a scantily clad cocktail waitress at “Booby-licious.”

Christians are only Hypocritically Reverent

The “Christian bitches” see a photo of Amanda at “Booby-licious.” Carlene reproaches her, saying, “We live in a righteous community.” Amanda replies, “Dallas has more churches per capita and more strip clubs per capita. Two plus two equals double standard…If memory serves, Jesus hung out with whores and thieves.” Carlene replies, “Not in my neighborhood, He didn’t.”

Sinners are more Decent than Christians

This first episode concludes with Amanda praying in church, thanking God for the ability to forgive and also for her job at “Booby-licious.” Carlene, in the choir, although furious, is forced to sing “Blessed Be the Ties that Bind our Hearts in Christian Love…”

GCB causes us to sympathize with Amanda’s decision (even though a mother) to work at “Booby-licious.” A waitress there says she can get “$1,000 a night in tips” to pay her way through nursing school. A salacious cocktail bar is thus elevated as more compassionate and redeeming than persecutive, hypocritical “Christians.”

Does GCB Qualify as a Hate Crime?

All this provides much more than is necessary in hate law countries to convict Disney/ABC for inciting hatred and contempt for an identifiable group.  But such protection is not provided for Christians anywhere under ADL hate laws.

Jesus said, “If the world hates you, you know that it has hated Me first.” (John 15:18) This sitcom not only attacks Christian womanhood; it’s a body slam against Jesus, the founder of what ABC portrays as a hypocritical, ineffective religion. It should send a powerful message to all Christians that the same Jewish hate that cried “Crucify him! Crucify him!” 2000 years ago still burns within the hearts of Jews such as Iger and Star.  

The promotional image of a cruel, materialistic woman— subtitled “Love Thy Neighbor”— mocks Christ’s words and the power of His sacrifice to change our hearts.

In Canada, if a radio pastor quotes the New Testament that Jews had Christ crucified or that homosexuality is wrong, he could and would almost certainly be convicted of a hate crime. He would be fined $5,000 under Sec. 319 of ADL’s federal hate law and imprisoned if he repeats his offense. The radio station that allowed such “hate speech” would lose its broadcast license. In court, truth would not be allowed in his defense. He fulfills ADL’s criteria of a hate crime by criticizing and “defaming” Jews and homosexuals. ADL thinks it is fitting punishment for Christians in Canada to spend an average of $175,000 defending themselves against a “speech crime” indictment.  Yet ADL is silent when Jews do the same thing to Christians.

Christians are also largely silent in opposition to GCB. As of this weekend, there has been almost no organized Christian opposition in the US, except for last week’s threat of boycott by the National Prayer Network, the Parents Television Council, and the American Family Association which threatened boycott on Friday.

How do we Protest ABC?

In ADL hate law countries (as well as under ADL’s 45 U.S. state and federal hate crimes laws), governments are empowered to mete triple punishments for a hate crime compared to a crime committed without “bias.” What should be the “punishment” for Robert Iger, Darren Star, and the largely Jewish producers of ABC in their ongoing expression of contempt for Christianity? Can they be prosecuted as hate criminals?

In America such hate cannot be prosecuted unless it has motivated an actual physical crime. Also, our First Amendment still gives people the right to publicly ridicule others. Further, according to US Attorney General Eric Holder, Jews (as a historically victimized group) are exempt from hate crimes charges. (See Video Holder Admits No Equality Under Hate Bill) ADL has made sure that “God’s chosen people” are protected from punishment under the harsh hate laws Jews have set in place for Gentiles. Clearly, the government is not going to punish Disney/ABC.

Who will punish them? That’s right, you and I! Call now or email ABC at (818) 460-7477 or http://abc.go.com/site/contact-us

Let’s punish Disney/ABC where it will probably hurt them most—the pocketbook.  Let them know that you will boycott Disney movies/products and will absolutely not be taking this year’s vacation at any Disney theme park.

Also, let these sponsors know you will not be patronizing their products as long as they support GCB:

Philadelphia Cream Cheese
Hulu Plus
Straight Talk
Victoria’s Secret
Scrubbing Bubbles
Chef Boyardee
Apple iPhone
Post Honey Bunches of Oats
Citi ThankYou Card
Best Foods

What could be the effect, especially on young people, if ABC is allowed to continue?

After watching the first ten episodes, many young people may never want to darken the door of a church again.