Ofsted. Satan’s Little Helper

Kevin Boyle – No One To Vote For March 4, 2012

I have been working for the past few months as an agency-supplied tutor of Maths in a secondary comprehensive in South London.
It has been an interesting week. One of the other tutors, a physicist earning a few quid while trying to complete an entirely theoretical Ph.D. in quantum physics (clever fellow) arrived at work on Wednesday looking very depressed. I asked him what was wrong.
“Everything is wrong”, he replied.
“What do you mean?”
“It’s all wrong. Everything…….(long pause, staring into the middle distance)…….string theory…….
(turning to look a me….helpless shrug)….it has been founded on an error.”
“How do you know?”
” A German mathematician has proved it.”
” So what happens now?”
” We must throw the theory away and start again.”
Poor fellow.
I have a degree in Physics but know nothing about the detail of string theory. It must be difficult to invest a great deal of time and energy on an idea that is later proven to be false.
Speaking of ideas that are false, Ofsted inspectors (most commonly nice, well-meaning types) also came to the school and carried out an inspection over two days this week.
However, the Ofsted “standards” agenda in schools has been in full swing now for at least twenty years. During this period most teachers would agree that standards have fallen. At the very best they have not improved.
So what’s the point?
Academic studies have exposed what all teachers know, that rising pass rates are due to grade inflation and not rising standards. It is sad to see otherwise excellent teachers and managers devotionally attentive to the demands of these old frauds.
When you get down to hard edges of reality, in education (as in every other compartment of society) we are barely adults.
All sensible judgement is abandoned when it comes to the givens of the system itself.
We chew and strain at every gnat pitched in our direction and swallow every camel.
This is surely shameful behaviour for anyone who likes to think of themselves as grown-up and honest.
Authority will not be questioned, never mind challenged. The big issues are none of our business.
I left classroom teaching because I’ve had it with the witless examinations/standards culture and the fact that it is designed primarily (it seems to me) to condition the subconscious minds of everybody involved into automatic obedience. Considering the continual, often pointless busyness, the multicultural, politically correct syllabi defining for all involved what can and cannot be discussed, it is difficult not to conclude that the very purpose of the education system is to cultivate conformity and prohibit critical thinking about anything of genuine importance.
Still, let us not be naive.
‘The system’ will never present solutions to our problems that damage its own interests.
And let us be clear-eyed about whose interests are involved here.
This same school is about to become an ‘Academy’, i.e. pass from being (theoretically) under public control to being under the control of private financial interest. This big change is taking place in thousands of schools all across the country.
……at the same time as European governments are being taken over by ‘technocrats’ (i.e. bankers).
In reality this is the ‘democracy’ we have been experiencing for a very long time…….it is just that now the financiers who own government feel secure enough to parade their influence nakedly before us and take direct control.
It just saves time by reducing the intermediaries in these processes of control…….and reduces the possibility of having to deal with awkward individuals that remain afflicted with ideas of their own.
The end result of the betrayals inflicted on ourselves, the masses, by authorities that are supposed to represent us but are in reality supine slaves to the system itself is beyond horrendous.
The senior authority to whom all other authorities submit….are responsible for the murder of (supposedly) its own people on 9/11 and 7/7. This is completely provable to anyone who is interested in the truth of these matters.
They are also responsible for all the great lies that have taken us (and will continue to take us) to war against people who pose no threat to us whatsoever.
The satanic entity in control has carried out the greatest theft in the history of humanity since the collapse of 2008…..indeed this was the very purpose of that collapse.
It is certain that another collapse is coming, perhaps another great war.
For the creatures in control, the end (a one-world government under themselves) is in sight.
For the moment the levers of control remain in their hands.
The media, parliamentarians, the funded think-tanks…..and, while they continue to enforce the mindset that is destroying us, Ofsted……are, in practice, even if unknowingly so, departments of the Satanic authority that we all continue, one way or another, to tolerate and to serve.
Let us demand answers to fair questions about 9/11, 7/7, the existence (or otherwise) of homicidal ‘gas chambers’, the Protocols of Zion, NATO-funded ‘arab spring’, the war against racial, national, familial and religious cohesion and, last but not least, the nature of the money system on which the entire western (and most of the eastern) world is now founded.


Teacher (physics/maths), would-be Christian, pro-community, anti-hierarchy.

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