The Monsters at the Turning of the Age

Reflections in a Petri Dish – March 4, 2012

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(Things seem to have calmed down so I’m going back to pro forma and hope to see smoother seas for those of us in the same boat, regardless of how we got there.)
Well, the world didn’t end but the world doesn’t end. The world is like a gigantic factory that makes stuff based on the collective mindset of the inhabitants. It’s a Shake ‘n Bake world. This factory, like any factory, goes through an unending process of upgrading and adapting and changing according to the mindset of the collective. It’s possible that, over the course of time, the factory no longer makes any of its original products but moves on to make entirely new products because the demands of the consciousness require this. The world doesn’t end. It changes. It is going to change soon, in ways and by degrees of intensity, that we have not seen since long before presently recorded history. A great many things, a great many people, a great many traditions and institutions may soon or shortly be gone …or they may simply be changed. A very large amount of people came here for some reason. Quite obviously, a great many of them forgot why they came here.
People who are here in this time; trapped in this time might also apply, when the consciousness is caught up in material nature, are extremely confused and not representative of what is possible for humanity in an age where more light is present. It stands to reason that the predators among us would take advantage of this and they do. In a time of material darkness, banking and the control of currency is behind all of the evils that beset us. Criminal nations have been constructed in order to steal all of the wealth of the world. When the political and religious institutions have reached a certain level of corruption then the bankers can command policy on all levels. One of their primary tools is historical revisionism. Create a historical tale that supports the application of injurious policies upon the public. Control the content and flow of information so that everything is justified according to the lies created to defend whatever comes about. Make things happen and then blame them on the people you wish to exterminate.
No matter what period of history we are in, the collective consciousness lives in a dream that is reflective of the amount of light that the age makes available. Materialism is a dream. Everything we imagine is a dream. Everything that composes our view of the external world and everything we seek and intend to realize is a dream. At the moment, the awesome pull toward material culture is immense. This compromises our values and our perceptions of what is and is not so. This is how so many people can buy into obvious lies and turn a deaf ear to the truth, because accepting the truth and promoting the truth can be a dangerous proposition. It can get in the way of getting what you want. People have a natural inclination to bow to authority, to trust someone in a uniform, to believe what is stated on a piece of paper, to abide by the declarations of paper, no matter how many ways the words on the paper get rearranged, to suit the purposes and interests of those who employ the lawyers and the hired guns to enforce the dictates of their will.
Cattle mills about in crowds, eats and sleeps en masse and stampedes the same way. Most unfortunately for the cattle, or sheep, if you prefer, those empowered to herd and care for them have made an arrangement with the predators who feed on them. Basically they are screwed but they have the idea that, since there are so many of them, there’s a good chance that things can go on for a good length of time before anyone or anything gets around to them. They’re playing the odds, just like when they buy lottery tickets. They couldn’t be happier about the presence of protestors and imaginary terrorists because it gives the government and their hired guns someone to focus on. Of course, they keep changing the designation and definition of what constitutes a terrorist or a protestor, until it pretty much covers any objection, no matter how slight or ridiculous it might become.
The odds change. The possibilities change and soon enough the conditions change and they change and change until they become so bad that no one can breathe; until there are few people breathing or until they are changed by whatever means necessary. That’s where we are now.
A monster walks among us with a clipboard and instruments of torment and oppression. This monster has been walking for a long time, planning for a long time. This monster works for the concentrated evil of the departing age. This monster wants war, mass murder, gulags and concentration camps. This monster wants unending screams, uninterrupted by rights and protections. This monster has all of it’s rights of performance and practice guaranteed by laws brought into being by other monsters employed or compromised by it and who came into positions of power because too many people were dreaming about their own confinements that came disguised as the liberty and freedom to acquire and possess what they did not have and believed they needed and that their lives would not be complete without. Even as they pursued these things they lost everything of real value, which they possessed along the way, until they had neither.
We know who this monster is. This monster screams for blood in the headlines of the world, in the media controlled by this monster. This monster wants to attack and destroy nations and peoples who have not made war on others in centuries and those who did, did it with the assistance and at the urging of this monster. Agents of this monster are traveling from country to country at this very moment, breathing down the necks of other monsters, until they have achieved what they seek. They want to open the gates of Hell, just to see what happens and to enjoy the show. There will be no peace, no symmetry and no prosperity, while this monster and his crew are allowed to move among us. We have always been at war with the same enemy and this enemies chief weapons are our ignorance and our appetites. We are seduced but we go willing enough.
Our good friend, Mr Apocalypse is banging with his stick on the closed door of the collective mind. The collective mind is awakening. It’s a race between the evils being committed and enough minds awakening to stop them. Is it neck in neck or is it not even close? The speed of the one is increasing at a far greater pace than the pace of the monster but… will it be enough in the home stretch?
I, for one, do not believe we came all this distance to collectively sink into the darkness of this transitioning age. I believe that the end result will be very different from what most everyone expects. I think a whole lot of people are in for a big surprise, even though I don’t know what that surprise is. I can feel the tension in the air. I can see the malevolent and malicious machinations of the enemies of humanity; the enemies of all that is good and decent and desirable in life. I can see the levels of their industry. They press down on the well being and economy of the masses in order to create desperation, confusion and want. They create the appearance of danger to instill and inspire fear and this grants the permissions to engage in all kinds of horrors. They are the authors of the climate and conditions. They are the authors of the appearances of danger and they are the authors of the horrors. It’s all a part of ‘problem, reaction, solution’.
It’s all a lie. It’s all transparent and obvious lies and the degree of transparent and obvious is directly related to the degree of flat out stupidity that is the general state of awareness, in those seduced by crass material attractions in shrink wrapped glitter. It’s all about showing a little leg as a promise of what lies beyond but… when you unwrap the thing there are no privates, just plastic bumps. Whatever they thought they were after isn’t there and even when it is, it’s not what they thought it was. The next thing they know, they’re trapped below the surface in filament nets; food for what lies beneath.
This is not a new story. This is always going on to some degree. You couldn’t have this world without the interaction of dual nature. It’s balance that we want, the same way it’s always a good idea to take the vices and darker attractions and put them in a certain part of town. If you get hurt, robbed or disappointed well, you went there under your own power. People go to Las Vegas for the single purpose of throwing their money away and to temporarily feel that they are part of some kind of hot and heavy action. They’re like people playing carnival games that don’t understand how the games work. It’s why you still see three card monte games and you still see people taken in by them. These are the same people that believe all of the other bullshit and who have picture frames on their mantels of their dead children in uniforms.
I don’t know where I was going with all of this. It just sort of happened and there it is. Make of it what you like. It won’t be long now and we are going to see what the results of our cowardice and indifference have gotten us. We’re going to see what stupidity and ignorance harvest. You plant tomatoes, you get tomatoes.
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