How the Illuminati $pawn Libertarians

Anthony Migchels – March 3, 2012

Hundreds of millions if not billions are poured into Libertarianism and Austrian Economics each year. The usual suspects are the paymasters. The money is used to ‘to litter the world with free-market think-tanks’. Their impact has been enormous.
As we saw in ‘Proof Libertarianism is an Illuminati Ploy‘, the Volker Fund was responsible for bringing Austrian Economics to the United States. It created the Libertarian/Austrian Economics movement out of nothing. It was not just the money, but also their strategy: the spawning of myriad ‘independent’ Libertarian organizations. This is the same strategy employed by their dialectical evil twin, Communism.
For example, the Volker Fund birthed the Institute of Humane Studies, National Book Foundation, Foundation for Economic Education and the Intercollegiate Studies institute.
These organizations themselves continued on this path. According to John Blundell, Atlas’ president (1987 to 1990) the mission is, “to litter the world with free-market think-tanks”. It claims to network 400 think tanks furthering Libertarian causes worldwide.
Atlas Foundation was created by Antony Fisher, who had already founded the previously mentioned Institute of Economic Affairs in London, but also the influential Fraser Institute, Manhattan Institute and the Pacific Research Institute.
Youth is not forgotten. There are the Students for Liberty, The Intercollegiate Studies Institute, Young Americans for Liberty etc. Helpful documents are on-line to help ambitious young students found their own independent Libertarian organizations on campus. The Atlas Foundation will typically give them $10,000 to start up.


Most of these organizations protect the privacy of their sponsors. This does not suggest broad base grassroots funding. They obtain about 40% from well endowed foundations, 30 percent from wealthy individuals, 20 percent from corporations and 10% others. Most are not too enthusiastic about Government funding. However, many of them are state sanctioned, tax exempt foundations.

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