The ‘Shit Happens’ Department of Cosmic Affairs

Smoking Mirrors – March 2, 2012

Dog Poet Transmitting…….
May your noses always be cold and sweet.
(I have a guest in the house and that makes for less of me operating here, so, that should explain late posting and possibly a little late posting comments but also, there is a fire in the houses I visit so it’s not a good time to visit and I probably won’t visit again until it stops. Once everyone realizes that all we are sowing is the seeds of dissension. It will go into remission, until then I am in an intermission )
Deals make the world go round with less consistency and order, than if it were just sorting out itself. Our world at present is floundering in the midst of anti-human deals, which breaks up the internal harmony and balance of what would have been far more possible and far more beautiful that it is, because of the deals.
We are beset on all sides by political and economic deals that affect the horizon and the sight line, the way that smog and mercury vapor lamps affect what we can see by night and by day. The artificial superimposition of what has been wrought and which is driven by appetite and desire, obscures what lies behind and beneath and possibly above. It also gives a false impression of what we cannot see (grin). The state of the culture can be measured by the presence and absence of high ideals, not just from the podiums but in action through the land. Barring these virtues as guidelines and subliminal, two by fours in the subconscious, you are guaranteed, a criminal nation and the reverse of whatever was originally intended by the founders. By example, America is now manifested in tyranny and an increasingly difficult environment for travel and freedom of expression. The overriding motivation and direction in the minds of those, seemingly in control of the process, can be dramatically sussed out by observing what has been done to the laws, that formerly protected the citizen from their government. It can be further emphasized by the fact that the government, by force of Israel’s insistence, orchestrated an attack on its own country, to justify a series of wars and domestic offenses against the populace; changing the laws and doing away with the laws in order to make possible a police state. They did the very things they claim to be protecting you from. They committed high treason and… they continue.
Deals and more deals. They have destroyed the culture and the economic system that was behind the huge success of the American way. They became the world’s reserve currency because of this. In a short time they have made mincemeat of the financial structure, by betting for and against and even (treasonously again) engineering situations that would crush the system from here, or over there; just like Goldman Sachs went into Greece to set up their financial crisis. The countries they operate from and upon are of no importance to them at all. The country might as well be a business being chop-shopped by vulture capitalists. The center cannot hold so, what can an out of work revolutionary do?
In a world where things like this can happen. In a world where the cultures they have impoverished, to where they don’t give a shit about the elephant, or rhino, you will no longer see anything but the baboon, the jackal and the hyena. I’m not dissing the scavengers. The vultures have their place in this world- on the bench of the supreme court …and given the world that is it, I am sure there is at least one person who has a raised a vulture, who got hard fantasizing about the vulture eating him, once his assets were gone
Well he went this way and he went that way and then he went sideways and hit Cleveland with a fork. He left his stomach in Chicago and ah… why o Ming, you have to get me out of here before I’m an Oregon duck and someone else can lose their lunch on the table. That’s right Mabel, the nickels for the beer. There are no chickens left in the foxholes.
Why kill dogs when there are sled dog rescue organizations that will take them? Why bomb far away countries because bankers don’t have enough money? Why do this and why do that? Because you can? Because it’s cost effective and helps the bottom line? Well, maybe that will be some kind of a cushion when you bottom out.
All this crap is going on because those who stole more than they would ever need and can’t stop even now, when they should, are unable to discipline or police themselves. Sooner or later; accent on soon, judgment will come to call. It always does. Push wouldn’t come to shove if people would only stop pushing but they cannot. They believe they have the upper hand and that there will never be a better time. They are right about that and this isn’t that time either. You can pay now or you can pay later but,given that you are a usurious bunch, you won’t be able to walk away from the compound interest even when it is not in your favor. That’s just how you are made. There will be no lemonade from those lemons. You’re gonna need to chase it with Stoly or Sterno, meaning now, or later. Fine with me either way. I won’t be going till you do and I will be going in the other direction but not until I see the door hit you in the ass on your way out.
This measured time. This more than reasonable time, whose moments we Occupy, is brought to you by the universe, so that you can pull over to the curb, get out of the car and walk away. This time is given so that you can fasten your seatbelt; so that you can check the oil and not forget your dog’s passport, if you are going across borders. This deliciously extensive reach of time, that you are couch kittening in, is brought to you for all those long pauses, recently forgotten afterthoughts and midnight specials at the malls, if that spins your top. No, our boy won’t quit now. You see, he’s developed a taste for it. He likes it and it gets him high and hard. He feels positively washed in the blood and he literally is. He’s the poster boy for that new Chanel scent that tastes like copper on your tongue. It’s that blood scent. It can make a dog howl and it can make a psychopath sweat, cause the jollies and their Rodger are going to have a threesome with the Artful Dodger. Tell them visible sent you and you get to take home the DVD with all those bonus clips, make sure you got lots of potato chips, popcorn and poppers; that be amyl nitrate there Jim, “Ye be smart as paint”. Whether ye be on The Walrus or the Hispaniola, there be rotten apples in the barrel.
It’s the night of the long knives and the vampire midwives giving birth to a crucified Timex. You’ll be taking a licking but you’ll keep on ticking, ♫a ticky, ticky, timing, timing in the sea, timing means a lot to me♫ We been up the roads and we been down the roads and we been sleeping with Goldilocks and the bears are on their way home. Do you give Goldilocks a GHB cocktail, smooth her forehead and walk out the door, or do you wait until you see the bears and then walk around them in the woods? Do you shit in the woods with The Pope? You will remember that if you want to run away from a bear you should go downhill. It works out better for you edgewise, if it works out at all. Que Serah, Serah seraphim? It’s time for the devil and the deep blue sea and Gabriel is going to blow that horn; metaphorically speaking, maybe.
They played like it was lights out and the lights did go out, not that they could see where they were going in the first place. We here on the margins are doing our own kind of hedging; not being bankers our style and signature is different. We do what we got to do before someone else does it for us. If there is a someone else, which is always our lasting concern. We do wet work in the Shit Happens Department of Cosmic Affairs. I only work there because I like cosmic affairs. All the rest of them are just so pedestrian. Yes, you too can be an outrageous starlet and cost yourself a life by letting your way too long scarf get caught in the rear wheel of the car. Isadora Duncan to the white courtesy phone. Yes, that happened and it’s about to happen again in a more pervasive manner.
You have a ticket to ride so you had better get on the right train, or have the good sense to cross the tracks at the next stop. That is what all this in between time is for. In between is the new ‘lean and mean’ and I’ll be your waiter. Would you like to hear about the daily specials? How about a drink to start off your stay?
We aim to please or apologize, cause apparently you can’t have it both ways and you can’t have it at all if you don’t get it to begin with.
You be careful out there.
End Transmission…….
I see no real signs of let up in the internecine warfare going on among people who should know better so, if you don’t see me at any sites after this you will know why. I’ll still be around of course. It might be time to go over to the right hand menu and become a follower of these blogs.


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