9-11 Truth Movement: Time for Action

Last weekend, half a million pro-illegal immigration marchers gathered on the streets of Los Angeles to protest new legislation which would supposedly toughen penalties on law-breakers from Mexico and Central/South America (as well as those who hire or aid and abet them). There were also similar events in other cities around the country, including Phoenix, Chicago, and Washington DC.

On a different note, 250-300,000 people surrounded the White House last September 24, 2005. Their purpose: they were opposed to the war in Iraq. We’ve also seen massive displays of outrage in foreign countries, such as those who were appalled by the Mohammed cartoons, or the riots in Mar del Plata, Argentina to coincide with the fourth Summit of the Americas conference.

Yet when it comes to the most traumatic, disastrous terrorist attack in this nation’s history, what kind of public display do we see? Virtually none. Instead, 9-11 truth seekers are still cocooned in their chat rooms arguing about pods, blue-screens, and hologram airliners.

It’s been 4 ½ years! What are we waiting for? We’ve done enough theorizing because, in essence, we know the jist of what happened on 9-11. Now it’s time for action. What we should be doing is organizing on a massive scale to not only show the world that we don’t believe the government’s heinous lies; but to begin a process where the guilty parties are brought to justice (and their asses are thrown in jail).

And if you don’t think marches and protests are effective, read the following quote from Senator John McCain, who commented on these recent protests and how they are having an impact on pro-illegal immigrant legislation:

“McCain said the turnouts in the hundreds of thousands — particularly among Hispanics — at recent rallies in Los Angeles, Chicago and Washington helped galvanize support for the bill.”

In other words, congressmen in DC saw these hundreds of thousands of people, and will now vote in favor of a bill that will allow more lawbreakers into this country.

Yet for some reason, we refuse to get mobilized and do something similar. Why?

Michael Collins Piper recently said it best on his radio show, The Piper Report: “My biggest fear is that 9-11 will become like the JFK assassination where a handful of researchers are still arguing over minutiae forty years later.”

He’s absolutely correct! We have verifiable, scientific proof based on physics and mathematics that the World Trade Center towers were destroyed via controlled demolition. Better yet, 19 Arab cave-dwellers could not have been able to perform such a feat. Plus, this information can be proven in a court of law without any speculation, pie-in-the-sky lunacy, or the use of conspiracy theories.

Yet we’re still discussing pods, blue-screens, and the absurd notion that NO flying aircraft struck the WTC towers. What this phenomenon reminds me of is either:

(1) a form of unbridled insanity which infects an organization and eventually makes it resemble a mental institution, or

(2) deliberate disinformation and/or distraction which prevents any meaningful progress

Wake up. It’s time for action! We need to get off our asses and DO something rather than remain huddled behind computer monitors. If all the other above-mentioned groups can come together as one and protest, why the hell can’t we? When you think about it, we haven’t even had ONE massive rally yet – not one! Why not? What’s wrong with us, and what is holding us back?

If we can’t unite this September 11th to commemorate the fifth anniversary of 9-11, we should absolutely be ashamed of ourselves. Hell, more people gather for the annual hog-calling contest in Weatherford, Oklahoma than do at Ground Zero in New York City. How can that be? And the worst part is, the government is laughing their asses off about it.

“Look at those idiots arguing about pods and bluescreens. They’re doing exactly what we want them to do – nothing! They could convict us in any court of law on the crux issue – controlled demolition – yet they’re still running around on their wild goose chases like chickens with their heads cut off. And its our plants and agents that are distracting them on all these message boards! What fools!”

I was speaking with a scientiest the other day, and he introduced me to a concept called “Activation Energy,” which is defined as: “The amount of energy that you have to expend to move from one point to another. And if you don’t expend the energy, you can’t move.”

Do you get it? If we want to reach the next level we have to MOVE – expend energy, and get organized. If we don’t, then we’ll stay exactly where we are right now – in little chat rooms and discussion forums, talking about minutiae.

Is that all the 9-11 truth movement wants – to spin our wheels and shadow-box with each other, or will we rise up once-and-for-all and show our outrage in a significant way? If this anniversary comes and goes with no massive show of unity, 9-11 will be officially relegated to the dustbin of history. With the Charlie Sheen appearances on CNN and thousands of people flocking to the Scholars for 9-11 Truth website, we have momentum. Now let’s push forward and refuse to settle for the status quo.