Who is Behind the High-Tech Ambushes in Iraq?

Out of 8 vehicles in a 40 mph convoy, only the one carrying troops was hit by the roadside bomb! This requires a wireless trigger, and those who planted the bomb

– had to know the convoy route in advance
– had to have free access to the roadside
– had to know this truck carried men not munition, on that particular day
– had to be near the truck just before departure

Click the video to watch how it happened.

My military buddies do not buy the “Zarqawi did it” tale anymore. Zarqawi = “resistance.” We can understand Zarqawi. Zarqawi is not creepy enough, not cold-blooded enough, to explain what is happening.

Who gets next to us and earns our trust?

1. The Iraqi soldiers? But I don’t think they are going to blow themselves up.

2. The contractors? I am suspicious about this group because they never seem to get hit.

Aren’t they among us 24/7? Aren’t they fixing the roads? Aren’t they advising us on how to combat terrorism? Aren’t they supposed to know about terrorists?

Who is checking our vehicles for transmitters before we go out on the road? Who can get their hands on high-tech devices?

For God’s sake, who is standing alongside of the road making a video of the truck blowing up, or retrieving a hidden camera? If they are real, and not psy-ops, why don’t we chase after them and catch them. That’s the logical reaction.

Where are our roadside mine-sweepers? Why don’t our trillion dollar spy planes and satellites link people to the scene of a blast?

My buddies used to be all fired up about Zarqawi. Now we have our doubts. We sense the plot is much more ominous–that the traitors are in our midst. They are among us, cold-blooded killers who look around and at any given moment decide who will live and who will die.

The effect of this bomb campaign is to keep the occupation going. Who wants to do that, we are asking ourselves?

The Arabs hate our guts. They are passionate. They yell and scream and curse at us, or regale us with fake sweetness and charm. They don’t know how to hide who they are. They want us to get out. They don’t want us dead.