Why is Western Society Toxic?

henrymakow.com — Nov 16, 2017

What motivates Jews like Louis CK and Harvey Weinstein? Read on. Click to enlarge

What motivates Jews like Louis CK and Harvey Weinstein? Read on. Click to enlarge

Freemasonry, a satanic cult based on Cabalist Judaism has colonized the West by creating a bogus reality. “Secularism” is a mask for Satanism. We must eschew  modern “cult–ure” if we are to become human.
“Increasingly, Western society is an open-air mental asylum run by psychopaths.”

Humanity is Satanically Possessed

Revised from Feb 28, 2012 — by Henry Makow Ph.D.

If you take your cues from society, (education, mass media) you will become dysfunctional or insane. This is how a satanic cult controls and exploits its members — by making them sick (while convincing them their sickness is normal.)
If you want to figure how to live, and why, you would not seek answers in a mental asylum. You would not devour speeches, books, and films written by inmates.  This is the case with a bankrupt culture.
If you wish to escape the ravages of modern life, you must understand mankind is satanically possessed.  We have been inducted into the lowest ranks of a satanic cult based on Jewish Cabalism, the Illuminati (i.e Freemasonry.)
kissinger and quoteEssentially Cabalism is about turning the natural and moral order upside down (i.e. “revolution”) so that evil is good, lies are truth, sick is healthy and unnatural is natural. The goal is to replace God (the Creator’s Design) with Lucifer who represents the interests and perversions of Cabalists.
The Cabalists’ main priority has been to gain a monopoly over our means of perception, the mass media. Cabalists do not believe in objective reality. They believe that reality is whatever they think it is.  They invent reality (“fake news”) and go so far to create fake terror events which they present as real. They cannot distinguish between truth and fiction.  Because of this, “imagination” is highly overrated and unreliable source of truth, a bad substitute for mystical experience and a distraction.
Satanists, they turn reality on its head. They present what is healthy and natural (e.g. marriage, family, heterosexuality) as unhealthy while what is sick (e.g. homosexuality, transsexuals) is taught to school children as natural and healthy. Sexual promiscuity is presented as “liberation.” Hollywood has warped our perception of sex and love from the beginning.
We live in a Cabalist solipsism, a world of “imagination.” Our TV shows, music, and films are the products of someone’s feverish imagination. Writers-artists need a regular payday. They churn it out. They are not real artists. There is little that is recognizably human, that we can identify with and feel good about being human. When was the last time you felt inspired by a TV show or movie? This was more common a generation ago.
Western cult-ure is a broken record playing “sex-money-power” until the end of time. Add occultism, discrimination and sexual abuse for a little spice and you have a recipe for eternity.  We do not have genuine creativity or freedom (of expression.) We have de facto Communism. Political correctness is a Communist term. Satanists hate truth, i.e. reality.



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