Voice of the White House March 24, 2006

“Working inside the White House reminds me of :”Alice in Wonderland.” Why? There is no question that Bush’s ratings are on a fatal and unrecoverable slide. The so-called :secret” polls being taken almost on a daily basis by staff members show this trend very clearly. First worried and then frightened Republican lawmakers have been bombarding Bush, insisting he change his act before the GOP loses both houses in November. They want him to “appear more compassionate” and insist he have a change of the guard at the top. He flatly refuses to do both so now the legislators, frightened they will lose their lucrative jobs, are deserting Bush in droves so as to appear “independent” (read: Not connected with our nut President) The senior Bush people, on the other hand, live in his very own fantasy land. Today, I heard a top, top man telling two of his aides that “Diebold will guarantee we keep both houses.” They are unaware, apparently, that a number of states have banned the obviously easily-tampered with systems Diebold, a very strong supporter of Bush, refuses to improve or make safer. Diebold stole two Presidential elections but I highly doubt they will get away with a faked “Republican sweep” in November. They remind me of a neighbor who was under the impression that Jesus was going to take her away soon and she would stand in her yard, dressed in a nightgown, while waving her arms Heavenward and praying at the top of her lungs. It wasn’t Jesus that came to get her but the local mental health people initially and pneumonia eventually.”

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