Know Thyself…

Rixon Stewart – February 26, 2012

The recent spat between Henry Makow and Jeff Rense was ugly and got even uglier as Rense made his case.
We wanted to avoid getting involved. For the sake of balance we even posted Les Visible’s defence of Rense but Rense made further accusations against this web site that demand an answer.
In his most recent outburst Rense accused this website of plagiarism.
Regular readers will know this is untrue. Although some of our contributing writers correspond with both websites, that doesn’t make this website guilty of plagiarism and Rense knows it.
What really caught our attention however, was the suggestion that this website was in the service of British intelligence. Again, this is completely untrue. What’s more we can prove it and in doing so hope to expose the depths of Rense’s duplicity.
To refute this charge we cite Richard Tomlinson’s sworn affidavit on the death of Princess Diana. A factual deposition it clearly implicates British intelligence in Princess Diana’s death.
Obviously, if this website were in the service of British intelligence we wouldn’t publicise the document. We would indeed do our utmost to conceal it.
Yet it was one of the first things we posted. A copy was even sent to in the hope that it would be seen more widely.
Strangely though Rense ignored the affidavit. And despite referring to Richard Tomlinson in subsequent reports has pointedly ignored his momentous testimony ever since.
Richard Tomlinson’s affidavit is a landmark document. It is a touchstone. Not only because it implicates British intelligence in Princess Diana’s death but also because the corporate media’s almost universal silence on it reveals how our ‘free press’ is controlled. 
By wilfully ignoring Tomlinson’s historic deposition Rense has clearly identified himself as controlled opposition. Nothing less.
Rense’s duplicity is further illustrated in his reply when Henry Makow wrote:

“… Jeff thinks Rixon “plagiarized” his site. He goes ballistic every time Rixon’s name is mentioned. He forbade Brother Nathaniel and myself from appearing on Rixon’s site after Rixon criticized him publicly. He said we had to be loyal to him. This ban did not apply to Gilad Atzmon or Israel Shamir or Smoking Mirrors. But I accepted it out of “loyalty” and the belief that Jeff was doing a lot of good.”

To which Rense replied –  “Remarkable that I have the power to ‘forbid’ another writer from choosing where to post his or her material.  I had no idea!  I simply informed the man what Mr. Stewart had done to and told him that I don’t condone wholesale copying of other peoples’ intellectual property, that I call it THEFT, and that if the man wanted to support such behavior, he was no longer welcome at  Gosh, I guess having principles is not in vogue with certain people.  What happened to, you say?  One morning, I awoke to numerous emails congratulating me on finally having a ‘mirror site’ up and running.  Unfortunately, I had no mirror site.  I looked at the link in some of the emails and it led to a site in the UK.

Rense portrays himself as a man of principle when he writes that he doesn’t condone the “wholesale copying of other peoples’ intellectual property”. Yet his own website largely consists of the “wholesale copying of other people’s” work. Take a look at and confirm this for yourself.
In other words, Rense exhibits all the attributes of a pathological, in your face liar. Nothing less.
Rense continues:

 ”I was, shall we say, shocked at what I saw.  I saw…a virtual clone in every way…same three column set-up, same exact splash art space in the top center and to top off the dessert, a passle of stories right from my homepage…headlines and all. Here is a statement that my geopolitical correspondent in England, Tim Rifat, asked me to include here.  Tim, it seems, was an associate of Mr Stewart at the time of the great heist. I called Tim as I knew he was acquainted with the proprietor of the clone.

Tim says…and you can verify with HIM…”I took a look and couldn’t believe it.  I phoned Rixon and asked him what the hell he was doing. 

”Rixon answered with insane laughter and said, “F*CK RENSE!!! Just let him try to stop me!!!!” followed by more maniacal laughter.  I immediately severed all business dealings and relations with him and consider what was done to you to be an MI6 operation to try to dilute the power of” 

For those who don’t know of him, Tim Rifat sells courses in Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing in addition to offering crystals known as “Psychtronic generators, which he claims “tap into the seven realms of psychic space”.
However, this writer has had absolutely no “business dealings” with Rifat. Moreover this web site is not interested in making money by selling ‘Psychotronic crystals’ or even advertising space. Our advertising space is indeed given freely to those we think warrant it through the contribution of articles or ideas.      
There is moreover something of the charlatan about Rifat. Like Rense he is the modern day version of a showground barker touting various wonders of dubious authenticity.  More to the point though the conversation quoted above never occurred, its fictitiousness illustrated by the theatrical:

”Rixon answered with insane laughter and said, “F*CK RENSE!!! Just let him try to stop me!!!!” followed by more maniacal laughter…”

This wouldn’t have been out of place in vaudeville were it not for the suggestion that I worked for MI6. A proposal that bears the hallmarks of an intelligence smear campaign – accuse your opponents of your own crimes – borne out by the belief in some quarters that if anyone is in the employ of British intelligence its Tim Rifat.  
However, this writer is not alone in suspecting that Rense may not be all he makes himself out to be. Nor is Henry Makow the first to question Rense’s integrity. There has indeed been a steady-stream of writers, researchers and others who’ve worked or associated with Rense only to end up questioning his real agenda.
One of the first was veteran Aussie researcher and investigator Joe Vialls. It’s a pity that Joe is no longer with us to offer his side of the story but he became suspicious after Rense gave his reports negligible prominence and posted them alongside other stories that disputed his conclusions.
After Joe voiced his suspicions I observed, as Rense indeed gave Joe’s stories limited exposure, posting them together with other reports that contradicted his conclusions. It was as if Rense was manipulating his web site’s news presentation to play down Joe’s findings.
Henry Makow’s recent expositions on Rense’s personal affairs are perhaps even more telling. They reveal a man whose personal life seems to revolve around deception and deceit. Of course, his personal life is entirely his own concern but if his most private life is so fraudulent can his website be any more honest?
This whole episode should remind us of the need for honesty: as much with ourselves as with others, if not more so.
It is indeed paramount that we subject ourselves to the same rigorous scrutiny as those we investigate. If we don’t we will end up falling prey to the same dark forces that our leaders have.
Like they say: know thyself. 
We all have our failings. That’s why we are here on this earth, to identify and rectify those shortcomings. It’s part and parcel of our destiny as individual human beings.
Jeff Rense however, seems to have a problem with this. Of course we don’t expect or want all the details about his private life but he’s not telling us everything.
Why, for example after he left Oregon NBC affiliate KOBI-TV in the late 80’s did he buy and run “All About Pets” stores in Santa Barbara for several years before going on to ‘Sightings on the Radio’?
It seems an odd diversion on a career path that had been otherwise confined to the media, allegedly.
Like the revelations about his private life, there is something here that doesn’t quite gel with the idea that Rense promotes of himself being a dedicated, alternative media professional.
If we are to shine the light of objective scrutiny on our leaders, we must be ready to expose ourselves to the same. Is Jeff Rense ready to do that or does he just want to bask in the glitteringly glow of fame?
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