The Satanic Core of Libertarianism

Memehunter – February 25, 2012 

Bernard de Mandeville, the Satanist who inspired Libertarianism and Austrian economics

Libertarianism is part of the Illuminati Dialectic with Communism:

Essentially, two seemingly opposed forces advance the same goal: a world police state governed by an oligarchy of billionaire Satanists.”

In Proof Libertarianism is an Illuminati ploy, we covered the Jewish Money Power’s ongoing involvement in Libertarianism.

In The “Catholic” Wing of Libertarianism, we explored the Jesuit a.k.a. Illuminati connections with Libertarianism.

In this article, we explore the Illuminati creed at the root of Austrian economics and Libertarianism: Satanism. 

The obscure hero of Libertarianism: Bernard de Mandeville

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