Rabbi: Holocaust politically motivated

A leading Austrian Jewish Rabbi said that holocaust catastrophe in Europe, which victimized millions of Jews, is nowadays used as an instrument for suppressing the rightful demands of the world nations, IRNA reported.

Rabbi Moishe Fridmann, who leads the Association of Anti-Zionist Jews in Austria, made the remark late Saturday on the sidelines of the two-day “Global Conference on Constructive Interaction among Divine Religions: A Framework for International Order”.

He said a limited number of people, advocating certain notions during the past two centuries, have been trying to establish a universal society void of any religious notions with God and holy prophets having no places in it because such a society would create them an economic paradise, IRNA added.

Saying that both the world wars during the past century were provoked and administered by this limited group, the Rabbi said they tried to abuse differences between Muslim Arabs and the west as the founding base of a new power structure in the world which victimized the Jews at the very first step.

Terming as “vain” Zionist regime’s attempts to introduce itself as the representative of the Jewish community to the world, Fridmann said since the regime in Israel was a secular it could not function as so in any possible manner.
Commenting on the remarks of Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad regarding the Holocaust in Europe, the rabbi noted those who are now lamenting over the catastrophic event of massacre of millions of Jews in the Nazi camps were themselves the real initiators of the horrendous act, IRNA stated.

Introducing itself as a sufferer from the Holocaust, Fridmann regretted, the Zionist regime has even managed to secure itself atomic bombs under the US support.

The Rabbi went on stressing that the faithful Jews were against establishment of a Jewish state in Palestine because they believed the land was taken away by force from its true owners which is against Jewish teachings.

He said followers of all monotheistic faiths should be allowed to lead a peaceful life in Palestine which is the cradle of a number of divine religions.

Terming as a “fantasy” the freedom of expression which the western assume they are enjoying, Fridmann said that such notions are being misused by the antagonists politicians in the west to sow discord among followers of divine religions and create tension and conflicts among them, IRNA noted.

Certain western media and ‘Zionist’ press abuse the right for freedom of expression to serve the purposes of their politicians.

He hailed Iran’s initiative in sponsoring an international conference on inter-faith dialogue as the first solid move towards establishment of peace, friendship and justice in the world through focusing on the many common principles of all the divine religions, IRNA added.