Macaroni and Cheese and the Wonderland of the Inexplicable

Visible Origami – February 26, 2012

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There are the times of animosity and acrimony. People who suppose themselves well balanced are acting like amputee gyroscopes. I know that makes no sense but the image works for me. I have seen quite a bit of nasty business, from nasty minds concerning nasty behavior, over something that wasn’t any kind of a big deal, but some people thought they would make a big deal out of it. I’m not impressed. Someone didn’t want certain information connected to him, period. That’s his right and he doesn’t have to explain himself. I mention God too much, or write the usual Origami posting and I don’t show up on a certain website; fine by me.
So, the truth is that there is more to all of this than the surface indicates. I’m not even going to mention what I’m talking about because most readers will know and those who don’t, can get an answer in the comments section from someone.
It’s a given that noxious elements, no longer human, are about the business of destroying nations, cultures, religions and individuals. They are a pestilence and a plague and they are making life difficult for everyone, except their witting and unwitting servants. One anonymous poster recently said that we should stop thinking about, or concerning ourselves with, the elite and Zionists; that we are the problem and if we just fix ourselves they won’t be a problem. Of course, that’s 24 carat bullshit. It doesn’t sort out playground bullies any better than political, legal, or marketplace bullies. An argument could be made that if you make yourself stronger on various levels, or acquire powerful friends that you can militate against bully power but that would be the exception. Most people in this world are bullied by forces they are only dimly or peripherally aware of and sometimes not aware of at all.
It’s not ‘ourselves’ that needs to be fixed as much as the collective awareness. Lao Tzu, more or less, said that if the people’s bellies are full and their priorities and values are solid, then bad leaders or pernicious external influences will not be able to influence and manipulate them. “A leader is best when the people barely know that he exists. It is not so good when they love and praise him, worse when they fear him and truly bad when they mock and make fun of him”. I am sort of paraphrasing here but… with so many translations extant this is close enough.
A reader mentioned the ‘root meaning of justice’. For my money that is best understood through understanding Karma and reincarnation. People attempt to interpret conditions and experiences through material perception. That is nothing more than the extraction of limited understanding, from limited bandwidth. You get flawed conclusions and that leaves you open to collective manipulations. The other problem is that everything is being stated and explained in words. Words make fences so that what is contained within, can be given dimension by the enclosing and constricting parameters. What about everything outside of the drawn parameters? Music is more effective than words and jazz as well as other expressions, operate with less fencing. Then you’ve got math, binary and otherwise. At some point, all of these things come up against the limiters that allow them to operate in a field of play to begin with. “the Tao that can be spoken is not the true Tao”. Lao Tzu speaks of the mysterious valley of the cosmic mother. It is beyond comprehension. It is mystery that deepens and deepens as you go and then… you’re gone. In a good way.
The mysteries of this realm are of a different order. When you unravel these mysteries there is nothing there. It is like the mystery of the ageless courtesan, the ancient attraction of the magnetic and alluring unknown. There’s nothing there but a process; no offense to courtesans, they have to make a living just like politicians and priests. There’s no there, there, either. People want to be fooled, the same way they want to be entertained and forget themselves in the movie theater, as they become part of the film. When the film ends, there is nothing but the white backing screen. That is what is real. What remains at the end of the production is what was real. Of course, all of this chatter on my part is only for the purpose of explanation by allusion, inference and speculation upon what is never going to rear its lovely head here, except maybe if you left the window cracked (seeking a little fresh air) and an invisible wind stirs the curtains and allows a temporary burst of sunlight to enter and hit the mirror behind you, causing a flash of light to occur outside the line of your vision.
We argue because we have different perspectives and, on a darker note, different agendas. Perspectives and agendas are what they are, personalized limitations that we mistake for legitimate states or conditions. They’re only legitimate as far as our temporary perceptions and the perceptions of those who agree with us. Soon enough, neither they nor ourselves will be here and when we return we will not be the same. This is one of the reasons it is so hard to get off of the wheel. There are other reasons as well and predisposition and the aggregate collective of former experiences and assumptions play their part, once we hit the playground again. This is why sustained determination and intention are so important. You have to think of determination as a rocket booster and intention as a navigational system. If your aim is true, you can arrive at a different and more comprehensive planetary environment, where what could not be formerly known can now be understood in a much deeper way. It doesn’t have to be a planet and it doesn’t have to be the same kind of planet we are presently familiar with. We are talking about ‘lokas’.
Something people consistently fail to get is that you don’t make yourself more believable and acceptable by practicing the reverse on someone who didn’t let you get your way, or didn’t take you at your own dissertations on what you are and what you represent. This is just more of the ego engaging in it’s primary modus operandi; advancing andprotecting itself at all costs. There you are trying to defend something, engaged in unavoidable change, as if you could keep it from changing. That’s like commanding your hair to resist the impact of pattern baldness. Of course, that’s when we begin to delude ourselves through chemistry and artifice, from Prospecia to toupees. Or we make a whole lot of money and go for that high end, Joe Biden transplant thing. The fundamental disconnect here is that, when and if you actually pull it off, you are now a more desirable and valuable acquisition, for some brittle blonde, half your age, or less, whose window of desirability is less than a decade and whose hands will soon enough show the grasping nature of their primary attractions, not to mention the cold eyes of contempt for your ridiculous efforts, to make yourself look like something you are not, while unfortunately proving you are exactly what you are, which, even more unfortunately, you also are not.
These people have one advantage that they press to its bending end; that they are, somehow, better off than you; in possession of certain cosmic secrets, more valuable to existence, more memorable and legitimate. They have the dubious reward of getting to hang out with each other and present a unified front of airbrushed shit that remains shit, despite its being encased in Lucite, or decoupaged under layers of gilt, liquified and congealed iron pyrite and marine varnish. They get the same immortality as an Egyptian mummy. Their got the usual, strange ideas about the practice of alchemy.
In times of darkness, the very worst of us are preeminent and providing the face time for what is and is not worth having, being and doing. In these worst of times, the best of us are deep in the mountains or concealed beneath protective covers because the others hunt them for sport. They’re all about sport killing and sport fucking and getting their pictures taken with dead lions and rhinos that they killed at a hundred meters away. This is how they make war as well, besides getting people too stupid to know any better to do it for them. They\re the ones who string out the bunting and hire the bands that play, when Johnny comes limping home, if he comes home at all and these days, when some part of him does, there’s no public greeting at the docks and he’s just as likely to wind up bulldozed into a landfill.
We are presently in the fulfilling moments of reductio ad absurdum. The more stupid, transparently ridiculous and vile that it is possible to become, it is in the act of becoming. There is a particular fantasy that was created by a particularly venal, mercantile faction that moves among us. There was almost no mention of it until the 60’s. Now it dominates as a defense mechanism in the hands of the most indefensible villains this planet has seen, since the last crew of malicious and organized footpads made their way into the dustbin of forgotten history. If you mention or point out the absurdity of the impossible math and all attendant lies, you are a pariah. It’s the same thing that was applied to 9/11 by the same people; black is the new white.
Anyway, I hope you’ve enjoyed our little stroll through whatever the Hell this has been (grin) and we shall rejoin our little interchange, at some further remove up the road. Until then, I bid you a fond and temporary adieu from the macaroni and cheese wonderland of the inexplicable.
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