Holly of Pennsylvania and Arun of India Have an Urgent Message

Americans Wake-Up Now or You May End Up Dead Like Thousands of Others Around the World Caught in the Vice-Grip of the Bush War Machine

While Holly Avila protests the Iraqi War from her small town in Pennsylvania, Arun Shrivastava of India is trying to alert the world of an ever growing “circle of death” caused by the U.S. military’s illegal use of depleted uranium in the Middle East.

An unlikely pair, nevertheless they provide a unique example of how people from all over the world are finally beginning to come together for one purpose, the purpose of stopping the war and stopping the government killers before they bring about World War III.

In fact, millions of people like Avila, a musician, poet and grocery store clerk, and Shrivastava, a management consultant, are finally starting to “wake up and smell the coffee,” giving the big boys with guns and money something to think about.

“They are killing us for sport using DU,” said John McCarthy, one American war critic trying to alert the country of the impending worldwide calamity.

Another critic of the Bush war machine, added:

“It’s like a turkey shoot and the innocent people of the world are the turkeys!

And depleted uranium expert Leuren Moret recently added her message in a mass distributed email, saying the “Trojan Horse” of the nuclear war is depleted uranium and “the circle of death,” mentioned by Shrivastava, now measures 3.14 million square miles, putting 857 million people under a death sentence.

Acting with his heart and conscience to alert people, Shrivastava has circulated a fact-laden article for worldwide distribution, pinpointing the devastating effects of depleted uranium, adding the world is under assault by the U.S. military machine.

“I have also started a community level mobilization program,” said Shrivastava in an email from India. “Hope it raises the awareness about depleted uranium. We need globalization of right minded people, not of the corporate mafia. Please, those of you who are in India, understand the seriousness, and spread the word.

“The mainstream media is still silent. So, is Down To Earth (of Sunita Narayan). Not one mainstream newspaper has published a single article on depleted uranium in India. We have to spread the word through our own channels.”

And Shrivastava’s article is a good starting point for people wanting to know how the U.S. government is pronouncing a death sentence on the world by illegal using inordinate amounts of depleted uranium.

Here is a portion of Shrivastava’s message:

“Depleted uranium is a deadly toy in the hands of the ruling bloodlines. A particle of DU ingested or inhaled can cause one or more of the 90+ seriously debilitating diseases, fatal or temporarily non-fatal. The half life of DU is 4.5 billion years, and it can destroy living things and the environment; most importantly it can destroy perfectly healthy lives.

“Depleted uranium has been used in at least the last four wars by the United States and its allies: Gulf War 1, Bosnia and Kosovo in the Balkans, Afghanistan and Gulf War 2. The last two of the four wars, all illegal, took place in 2001 (Afghanistan) and 2003 (Iraq). Effects of the contamination can manifest from within a few hours to five years.

“Evidences clearly indicate that depleted uranium is blowing in the wind all over the world. Its effects on health are showing up in distant lands. Earlier, gulf war veterans and local civilians were affected; now, of all the places, the US is showing six-fold increase in just lung cancer cases.

“Dr Rosalie Bertell says, ‘Veterans and civilians (in these wars) WERE exposed to DU; and this inhaled DU represents a seriously enhanced risk of damaged immune systems and fatal cancers. Those immediately downwind die quickly, in hours or days. Those further downwind will take longer. Those around the world will eventually suffer an unimaginably painful premature death.’

“There is no time to wring one’s hands. The people of this global village need to join hands in a global peaceful, non-violent, non-cooperation with governments that lie and kill. Let us all form small local committees and ask our governments to come clean on DU. Mobilize support to help veterans and civilians who are suffering without differentiating between race, caste, creed or religion.

“Tell every person connected with government, civil society, the police, and members of the armed forces that they are all in it up to their neck. Finally, inform yourself, educate your family and neighborhood; read the hundreds of authoritative papers written by scientists. Is there any reason to fear when all of us are under death sentence for a crime none of us committed? If we continue to cooperate with a few homicidal maniacs it’d make them more arrogant. The power is in your hand.”

And one person who took Shrivastava’s advice and used whatever power she had to try and stop the war was Avila, the musician, poet and grocery store clerk from that small town in Pennsylvania.

“The grocery store first displayed pro-Bush and pro-war posters,” said Avila, adding she decided to wear a button on her uniform reflecting her anti-war sentiments. “People in the grocery store line asked me what it meant and how I felt. And when I told them my views, some people complained to the management and I was eventually suspended for two days without pay.”

But instead of backing down, Avila is fighting a symbolic battle through her local union to get paid for the two-day dismissal, saying once the pro-war poster was displayed she also had the right to display her anti-war sentiments.

“I felt my religious and moral views were being misrepresented by the pro-war poster and I just couldn’t stand by and let that happen,” said Avila.

Besides her day job which pays the bills, Avila writes anti-war songs as well as poems. Recently she penned this one on register receipt paper while scanning groceries. It’s called Holly’s Unified Field Theory of Conspiracies and perhaps speaks out for the silent majority of millions of Americans who feel the same way, but feel helpless and in the vice-grip of the New World Order:

Hurricane scalar weather wars
Lying media corporate whores.
A missile, no plane hits the Pentagon
and all video evidence quickly is gone
World Trade Center basement explosions,
covered by shocked, patriotic emotions.
Burning jet fuel cannot melt steel.
Silverstein’s billion dollar insurance deal.
Box cutter phony hijack distraction,
Blind war mongering knee jerk reaction.
Grieving mother’s sincere protestation,
Royal Saudi business infestation.
Bush livin’ easy high on the hog,
Like some ass kissing Illuminati lap dog.
Jeff Gannon’s frequent White House sleep-overs,
CIA drug running under the covers
Clinton’s lucky Bilderburg breakfast,
Hillary’s new pearl choker necklace.
Arkansas’ hidden covert air strips
Triangle shaped flying space ships.
MK delta and the Montauk boys
Bush Sr’s secret little boy toys
Microbiologist suicides
H5N1 genocide.
Verichip mandatory national ID
Mind and mood control technology.
Starvation and torture at Guantanamo Bay
For democracy and the American Way.
Haliburton and Carlyle Group doing well,
Liberty and justice going to hell.
The truth can still set us free,
I’m just the messenger, don’t shoot me!

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