Belarus President Lukashenko Calls George W Bush World’s Main Terrorist

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko has called the U.S. President George W. Bush world’s biggest terrorist, RIA Novosti said Sunday.

“He is the planet’s main terrorist,” Lukashenko told the journalists after he cast his ballot at the presidential elections in Minsk.

“Look at how he has smashed countries and now he has reached out for presidents,” Lukashenko said.

Speaking about the documents concerning his income that had been passed to the U.S. Congress, Lukashenko said that “if Bush has found any money at any accounts, let him have it”.

He said Bush should first look at his own income.

“He is unable to count his income that comes from oil and wars,” Lukashenko said.

When asked what he thought about being called “Europe’s last dictator”, Lukashenko said, “A dictatorship in the middle of Europe is impossible. Those who say so are stupid people.”

Polls opened in Belarus on Sunday in a presidential election where President Alexander Lukashenko seeks re-election against a liberal opposition who vow to contest any attempt to rig the polls, Reuters reported.

Lukashenko, criticised in the West for crushing human rights during his 12 years in power, says his rivals are Western-funded troublemakers and has vowed to “wring the necks” of anyone violating public order. His security service, called the KGB as in Soviet times, says protests will be seen as “terrorism”.