The “Spy” Who Loved Jeff Rense

‘Megan’ – February 24, 2012

Jeff and 'Megan' in Oct 2010. Click to enlarge

I had never encountered anything like this before.  I thought I had married Dr. Jekyll, and then found myself living with Mr. Hyde: the meanest, cruelest man I’ve ever known.   I was mortified, in shock and afraid.

Unfortunately, I have no family. I was raised by a single parent alcoholic mother (who had died years ago.) We lived on social security since she had Addison’s disease. She neglected my sister and I, and was often verbally abusive. I left home at 17, and was very poor, working minimum wage jobs until age 25.

I had big dreams though. I believed I was smart enough to win a full scholarship to a good college. I did, and continued on to get a PhD in physics from the top school in the world (Cal Tech).  I had overcome a lot and did it on my own. But, now I was very much alone, and I didn’t know what to do.  My sister and I were no longer in contact.

I was being psychologically abused and called a domestic violence hotline. They had no help but to tell me to leave.

But, I had nowhere to go. I had no family. The intensity of my science career for the previous 15 years precluded me from forming a strong social network. I was completely alone, in a strange town with no car.

Broken Promise

It was clear that most everything Jeff had promised in the emails and on the phone were lies… 

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