Voice of the White House March 16, 2006

“Growing fear is becoming manifest, not only inside the White House but also in the upper ranks of the Republican Party. All of these professional politicians realize their dream of iron and permanent Republican control over Congress, the White House and the Courts, is rapidly melting away. This is caused by utterly stupid actions on the part of Bush and his cronies who were triumphant when their poll numbers were up but now that a constant drumfire of blunders, exposed frauds, chronic lying and sheer greed and vindictiveness is crumbling their defenses, most are looking for a way to first save the Party, second to try to keep control of Congress and third, to replace the useless and idiotic President with someone that the general public can vote for. All of their excellent but very private polls show that the Republicans will be beaten to death in November, in spite of the mindless lack of a candidate or program on the part of the Democrats. It won’t be a populist Huey P. Long that will rise up and activate the multitude but the day to day mumbling stupidity of Bush and his Likudist friends. Cheny, who ran things here with an iron hand, is now seen as a member of the Dyke Brigade and as mad as they come. Interesting to note how many perverts are involved with the GOP at very top levels. And it is funnier to observe that they scream the loudest about gay marriages. These people, and I see them every day, are hypocrites and bigots of the worst sort. Let’s all vote them out in November. Liberal fuzziness is far better than greedy and corrupt bigots trying to turn this country into a police state.”

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