Illegal Immigration is Destroying America’s National Sovereignty

Before the arrival of white men in North America, there were a multitude of thriving Native American societies, each functioning as a fiercely independent sovereign nation with clearly defined borders. These native tribes lived their lives not according to laws and regulations, but according to traditions, individual freedom and the immutable laws of nature. Many of the first whites to arrive in North America, consisting of the more spirited types seeking adventure and unspoiled frontiers, appreciated and even adopted the customs and values of these native cultures. However, as more and more settlers arrived seeking their fortunes and valuable resources like gold, silver and fertile soil were discovered, competition for real estate increased.

As often happens when one culture is overwhelmed by another, the less numerous and technologically disadvantaged native cultures were eventually obliterated and some even forgotten. It happened the same way it has throughout history. The natives were portrayed as sub-human savages, totally deprived of moral values, who stood in the way of progress and fortune. Because these cultures were so fiercely independent and self sufficient, they were not easily controlled by ordinary means. So measures were taken to increase the natives’ dependence on government programs and newly introduced commodities like alcohol. Food sources were eliminated, diseases were purposely introduced, treaties were broken and families and communities were brutalized and herded onto reservations in an attempt to bring the proud people to their knees. If native cultures could not be assimilated, they would be targeted for elimination.

Many people, myself included, lament the destruction of the Native way of life on the road to empirical government dominance. Many of these same people however, do not recognize that the very same scenario is playing out in America today on an even larger scale.

Fast forward to current day America, which was also founded by fiercely independent people as a sovereign nation with clearly defined borders. America was founded by men seeking individual liberty, who fled the bondage of authoritarian central government. Today however, the United States federal government is becoming more centralized and authoritarian than anything the founders could ever have imagined. Social programs designed to develop dependency have been instituted, food sources are becoming more and more controlled and manipulated, and diseases have been introduced in an effort to control the populace. As treaties with Natives were broken in the past, today the foundational document of our republic, the Constitution of the United States, has been undermined and discarded as a source of authority. Add to that the fact that illegal immigrants are allowed to flood into our once great country in virtually unlimited numbers, and it is not hard to recognize that America is being destroyed from within and that it is being done by design.

Legal immigrants come to America seeking individual liberty, independence, and prosperity, and throughout history they have made valuable contributions to society. Illegal immigrants on the other hand, come to America seeking primarily economic opportunity and place a burden on society. That is not to say that all illegal immigrants are bad people. The problem of illegal immigration cannot be blamed entirely on the people crossing the border illegally. It is the result of poor government policy and a failure to enforce good policy.

No nation can survive an unlimited flow of immigrants, whether legal or illegal, and maintain a high standard of living and economic opportunity. Immigration legal processes are designed to ensure that the economy can support the incoming immigrants, that they have marketable skills, are disease free, and they understand and value the history and traditions of The United States. When illegal immigrants flood a nation, wages are driven down, disease is rampant, infrastructures are overburdened, and values and traditions are compromised.

The flow of illegal immigration, which constitutes a very real threat to our continued existence as a nation, could be stopped immediately and our borders secured using National Guard troops and existing law enforcement entities. Why then are our borders left unsecured and why is the flow of illegal immigrants allowed to continue?

I believe the answer is that the same tactics and measures used to absorb and destroy native cultures in North America 200 years ago are being used today to absorb and destroy America itself. Illegal immigration is a key component of these tactics. In the 19th century, sovereign native societies represented an obstacle to an empirical United States government and were therefore demonized and ultimately eliminated. Today, sovereign nations, and especially a constitutional republic represent an obstacle to the globalist New World Order agenda, which is to implement world government after the collectivist or communist model. Most Americans value both their individual and national sovereignty. As with the Native Americans, sovereign individuals and nations that will not be assimilated must be targeted for elimination.

Illegal immigration and unsecured borders represent an obvious and serious threat to national security. There is evidence that this threat will be used as a pretext for herding illegal immigrants into detention centers, which have already been established across the US. Judging from past experiences in places like Guantanamo Bay, this opens the door for rounding up anybody for any reason and detaining them indefinitely without charges, creating the perfect conditions for detaining all dissenters. This represents another way that the flood of illegal immigrants serves the purposes of the globalist New World Order agenda.

The good news is that while Native sovereignty could not be totally defeated or eliminated, individual sovereignty will not be defeated or eliminated either. The enemy is weak and thrives on fear and physical dominance. A righteous individual who knows what he or she believes and is willing to fight for it cannot be defeated. As many Natives understood, the problem we face is spiritual in nature. To defeat a spiritual enemy requires the use of spiritual tactics.

As Zacharias prophesied in Luke chapter one, God has delivered on His promise of deliverance and spiritual victory in His son, the Lord Jesus Christ.

That we should be saved from our enemies, and from the hand of all that hate us;

To perform the mercy promised to our fathers, and to remember his holy covenant;

The oath which he sware to our father Abraham,

That he would grant unto us, that we being delivered out of the hand of our enemies might serve him without fear

Many of the objectives of the globalist agenda have already been achieved, and the destruction of America appears close at hand. It may be too late for America to repent of her sin as a nation, but it is not too late for us as individuals. If you have read your Bible, you know that in the end the enemy, which is spiritual wickedness in high places, WILL be defeated. The New Heavens and the New Earth will be ushered in, and all evil will be purged from God’s creation. Victory is assured, so repent of your sin, believe on The Lord Jesus Christ, and then get in the battle and fight for Truth.