Dutch come up with tolerance test

The camera focuses on two gay men kissing in a park. Later, a topless woman emerges from the sea and walks onto a crowded beach. For would-be immigrants to the Netherlands, this film is a test of their readiness to participate in the liberal Dutch culture.

If they can’t stomach it, they need not apply.

Despite whether they find the film offensive, applicants must buy a copy and watch it if they hope to pass the Netherlands’ new entrance examination.

The test – the first of its kind in the world – became compulsory Wednesday, and was made available at 138 Dutch embassies.

Taking the exam costs €350 (about $488 Canadian). The price for a preparation package that includes the film, a CD ROM and a picture album of famous Dutch people is about $86.50.

“As of today, immigrants wishing to settle in the Netherlands for, in particular, the purposes of marrying or forming a relationship will be required to take the civic integration examination abroad,” the Immigration Ministry said in a statement.

The test is part of a broader crackdown on immigration that has been gathering momentum in the Netherlands since 2001.

Anti-immigration sentiment peaked with filmmaker Theo van Gogh’s murder by a Dutch national of Moroccan descent in November, 2004.

Both praise and scorn have been poured on Immigration Minister Rita Verdonk, the architect of the new test and other policies that have reduced immigration by at least one-third.

“If you pass, you’re more than welcome,” Ms. Verdonk said. “It is in the interest of Dutch society and those concerned.”

Not everyone is happy with the new test.

“Today is a black day for the people intending to bring their partners to Holland,” said Buitenlandse Partner, a lobbying group for mixed Dutch/immigrant couples.
Dutch theologian Karel Steenbrink criticized the 105-minute movie, saying it would be offensive to some Muslims.

“It is not a prudent way of welcoming people to the Netherlands,” said Mr. Steenbrink, a professor at the University of Utrecht. “Minister Verdonk has radical ideas.”

But Mohammed Sini, the chairman of Islam and Citizenship, a national Muslim organization, defended the film, saying that homosexuality is “a reality.”

Mr. Sini urged all immigrants “to embrace modernity.”

A censored version with no homosexual and nude material had been prepared because it is illegal to show such images in Iran and some other countries, filmmaker Walter Goverde said.

“With all the respect I have for all religions, I think people need to understand that Holland has its own liberal side as well,” he said.

After viewing the film, which is available in most languages, applicants are then quizzed on important Dutch factoids such as the number of provinces that make up the Netherlands; the role played by William of Orange in the country’s history; and Queen Beatrix’s monarchial functions.

There are some major exemptions. EU nationals, asylum-seekers and skilled workers who earn more than $62,400 a year will not be required to take the 30-minute computerized exam.

Also, citizens of the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Japan and Switzerland are exempt.


The Illuminati have long used the ruse of creating problems to further their plans. It works like this: first a problem is created or allowed to develop unchecked. Then, when it reaches a critical point at which everyone is crying out for an answer, the “solution” appears.

Trouble is, the “solution” just so happens to be what the elite wanted all along. Formerly it would hitherto been deemed completely unacceptable, without the creation of a problem which it magically appears to solve.

In effect, the problem is being used to lever into place the next step of the Illuminati agenda.

So it is with Holland’s “tolerance test” which is being used to promote a wider acceptance of homosexuality. The implications being if you can’t “stomach” homosexuality as somehow normal or acceptable then you aren’t fit to be part of wider Dutch society. Ed.