In Times of Trial and Uncertainty

Visible Origami – February 22, 2012

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It has been an interesting week, along the lines of interesting times. I haven’t been looking over my shoulder in many a moon but I find it reflexively happening now. Certain planetary aspects are hammering on me and making even every day normal activities challenging. I’m writing about this because I suspect and even hear that others are not immune to similar conditions. It’s a dicey and rapidly transforming world of the moment. Staying upright and focused takes more work than I’ve been used to in some time.
It got to where I felt compelled to ask my friend, the astrologer, Robert Phoenix to give me some idea of what the heck was going on. I knew that Neptune was causing all kinds of strange mental images. I come to find out that it’s Pluto and Uranus who are causing at least, if not more, turmoil. I came away from it somewhat uneasy and perplexed. Things I had heard the year before about this coming period of time did not reflect any of these concerns.
So it was that I went to my bed last evening, wondering about what it all means and what sort of circumstances might confront me. My most present invisible friend, who always speaks for the ineffable and who may be the ineffable, for all I know, said to me, “Why did you go to an astrologer? Why didn’t you come to me”? Wham! Things of this order have been happening consistently for some time now. I am routinely seeking outside myself for answers and then finding that I wasn’t doing the one thing I keep being told to do, “rely on me”. “Rely on me in all things”, is what I keep being told and I keep forgetting. I also heard, last night, that nothing I am given to believe concerning the movement of the stars, is relevant to my situation as long as I rely on the ineffable. None of it applies unless I apply it in my consciousness. Wham! Again… I’ve been told I am being made to forget this so that I can be reminded over and over. It doesn’t seem fair (grin). I took great comfort in hearing it.
I had noticed that when was in altered states over recent time; seeking the refuge of different states as some kind of escape, from the relentless pummeling of the cosmos, that it brought no relief and only made things worse. I see no useful avenue that I can follow that contains this sort of engagement on my part for future times so I’m going to shut down that side of my activities and just hope for the best. It’s not an easy thing to do because the complexity of these multiple forces is not an easy thing to bear. I don’t seem to have a choice in the matter though. The ineffable hasn’t told me to hold back on any of it, simply telling me that the more completely and deeply I rely on it, the less I need to be concerned about anything. Well, I just don’t know.
Since the last week of December, this whole scheme of new pressures has been a daily concern. I’ve had windows of normal (for me), go by for a week or two but then it suddenly springs upon me, with a greater force, and I go running for an escape hatch. These escape hatches have been leading into the piranha tank and sometimes, electric eel and shark infested waters. It give a whole new meaning to “the devil and the deep blue sea (grin)”. I can see where it might all be necessary but that doesn’t make it any easier.
The saving grace to all of this, is that planetary conflicts and pressures are all about evolutionary shifts in consciousness and if one is capable of adapting correctly, it’s all to the good. The thing is, most of us are not equipped to make smooth transitions because of the baggage we carry that seems to have a mind of its own and doesn’t want to be dropped off. Whether that is the fault of the baggage or the one carrying it, I don’t know with any degree of high certainty. If our nature and being was as it should be, we wouldn’t need to be transformed and that means there will probably be some amount of resistance that we may or may not be aware of. It’s complicated because we are complicated. Maybe in less cluttered and confusing times, we wouldn’t be so complicated but it seems that way now.
Two propaganda tools have been killed in Syria and they say a couple of more are wounded and in the rocketed house but no one can get to them. By now we know they were probably killed by western agency, since that nearly always seems to be the case. It may seem a little cold and callous for me to be indifferent to the passing of journalists but I consider most presently operating journalists to be enemy combatants against greater humanity. It was their lies; the lies they reported, made up and printed that led to the deaths of millions, over the last decade and more. They are street-walking hookers with notebooks and tape recorders, instead of miniskirts and condoms. They willingly promote lies in exchange for position and a paycheck. The news announcers know they are lying. They all know they are lying. They don’t care.
It seems certain that something will happen in March, simply because the mouthpieces for the murder machine of the west keep talking about Summer and possibly later on. That always means it will be sooner than expected. One of Israel’s many religious holidays based on mayhem and killing is coming up in March and the FBI is talking about shutting down the internet on March 8th. The FBI; the Federal Bureau of Israel is always deep in the mix when bad things happen, as they were on 9/11, Oklahoma City and so many other ‘staged’ domestic terror events. The FBI is a state funded terror organization. Concerning the looming attack on Iran, I am posting a commentary by one of the finest writers working on the internet today. It is important enough to appear in tomorrow’s Smoking Mirrors as well.
You may be wondering why I segued out of my personalized narrative into a digression about whatever that just was. It’s because the planetary conditions are affecting everything at this time but everything is being affected differently, according to what it is and what it intends. The special placements and relationships of planetary force, are exactly what they are at this time, in order to bring about changes in all of us, as people, as nations, as creeds and what have you. It’s all being changed. Religions that have been around for thousands of years are about to be changed beyond recognition and in some cases fall into obscurity. It may be hard to believe at the moment but… a lot of things are going to happen. Now back to the original line of thought.
I can certainly ‘feel things’ these days. I can’t isolate much of it into anything identifiable but that is par for the course. Part of me wants to get into bed and pull the covers over my head. Part of me wants to cover my head in other ways but none of these are viable options. They just don’t work anymore.
My biggest problem over the last several years has been those periods when I have tried to immerse myself in meditation and the disciplines that attend the lifestyle. Soon enough, after getting into it, something bad always happens, as if I’m not supposed to be doing it. That doesn’t make any kind of sense but that’s how it’s been. Maybe that is past now and… maybe not. I guess I’ll be finding out (grin).
I don’t fancy finding out but… nothing ventured, nothing gained.
I haven’t encountered such a state of restless uncertainty in a long time and, apparently it’s going to be around for awhile. Oh goody! Then again, maybe what I’ve been up to in recent times is the reason for it and I may find that my efforts make for a very different result now. Man, I hope so (grin). A lot of grins are going into this post, as they should. I feel pretty darn good at the moment. This morning at 5:00AM, I did not feel very good. I went back to bed and asked for help. When I woke up later, I felt great. There was no reason why I should, according to the normal rules of these abnormal times. I did, though. It’s some number of hours later, after a long car trip into a far town and it all went as smooth as could be and now I’m finishing what I started this morning. We’ll have to see how it goes because that’s all we ever have; how things go and what we do about them. How we react or don’t react. I’d say the majority of our experiences and the very course of our existence, is determined by our reactions. A lot of them come out of our subconscious programming. We instinctively react and which reaction we come up with, is determined by where our heads and hearts are at the moment. The state of the heart fuels the intensity of the mind, in response to conditions and stimuli. The are any number of people who are locked up for a long time, for things they can’t even remember and a lot of that is from previous act and previous states of being. The evidence for reincarnation is indisputable but if you don’t take the trouble to look at the evidence, or it’s troubling to accept or consider it, that doesn’t change anything. Things are what they are. People come to terms with it or they don’t.
It’s taken well into the evening from this morning to finish this because all kinds of interruptions and duties got in the way; just like they will tomorrow (grin) and the following, given trips and birthdays and such. Life does these kinds of things and we react, adjust or whatever. Things are what they are and we are what we are, until things change, or we change. There’s an argument for our whole world changing, in the moment our consciousness is altered, by the aggregation and culmination of experience and how it impacts on us. We’re all bound somewhere. Where we wind up and how we wind up depends on how we react, how we adjust and what we rely on. Who knows, there may be a lot more to it. We’ll see.
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