Red Tea For the Gillerman

Reflections in a Petri Dish – February 21, 2012

Dog Poet Transmitting…….
May your noses always be hoses for the best of the ineffable’s comestibles…
and then some.
Enter Dan Gillerman; toxic death-bot, looking to make Xerxes jerky. He’s got the manual, the recipe book. It’s like that Twilight Zone segment, “To Serve Man”. You’re on the menu. Feister Gillerman, all buffed and bravado bound is bumping uglies with hatchet handed syntax and if you want hear him talk, that’s no problem because they own the air waves ♫a romp a bump bum, a rum ba bump bum, beat on my drum♫ Right there, is a Profile in Evil but it is also noxious enough to simmer and seethe in the Petri Dish. Since I myself am one of the cosmos’s chemistry experiments it all works out.
They got different suits that show up as a precursor to each new war. They had Michael Ledeen for Iraq and somebody else for Afghanistan and another again for Libya, where they destroyed the guy who built the waterworks under the desert and wrote The Green Book. Of course they want to get Assad too cause he’s been raising the standard of living and engaging in way too much toleration of competitive religion.
On and on it goes. They tell the same lies that got proven false in every other encounter, so have another slice of yellow cake while you’re at it because you can fool some of the people all of the time and that’s usually enough to get her going, when you throw in all the rest of the people who don’t care, aren’t paying attention or are too stupid to get in the way. That sounds stupid but I’ll just leave it there and move right along, cause they are moving right along, kind of like marching to Pretoria.
There’s this thing about arrogance and hubris as they make their way on to the stage. Sure they egg each other on hoping the guy next to them catches it first and being just that pretty damned sure about themselves. Hey, you throw in a little pomposity and poise, you nod your head, as if, “Yeah, that’s what’s going to happen because we can’t permit that happening because these are evil, diabolical people”. Actually they are describing themselves.
Vladimir Putin is an interesting man. I look at him and I see one of those forces of destiny… now, force is just force. Motive gives meaning to force. We all have motives and therein lies our field of dreams and motives are the determinant of whether we have nightmares, or worse or, far, far better interludes of the stuff that dreams are made of. Putin isn’t making war on people. Ahmadinejad isn’t making war on people. Assad isn’t making war on people. The people getting into the planes and ships, flying and sailing and don’t forget DRONING on and on are from the United States, Israel and England and sundry countries that make up that weird and tangled alliance that was once NATO and is now ZATO.
All the aggressions of recent years, have been coming out of a nasty collective of psychopaths who have taken control of large parts of the world. Anyone who isn’t dumber than a toaster oven knows who really did 911 by now. All the violence that followed has profited their interests.
These other world leaders, they all know who did 911. We now live under the echo of the thunderous fart that was cut by the elephant in the world’s living room. It is public knowledge that Mohammed Atta was on Jack Abramoff’s gambling boat and the trail of hyena shit, scattered like Frisbees out of a skeet machine, all across the U S of A, is sounding off like driven rivets , hammering the truth home with all the corresponding catalog of connected incidents to the point that everybody knows at some level that things are not what they have been presented as and everything that keeps happening, based on this pulp fiction continues on.
The people who did these things have painted themselves into a tight corner. They stole everything they could but they didn’t have the good sense to stop themselves, once they already had way, way more than they could ever spend. It’s their nature. They are Hellbent. So the cosmos has to step in. The thing is that there is a system. There is ebb and flow. When Ebb stops ebbing, or Flow stops flowing, adjustments have to be made. The bad guys can’t see any way out except to pummel and punish everyone else and hope that plays out as some kind of crowd control. It never works. It always fails.
This is why Gillerman is banging on the drum. When you can’t fall back, you have to push forward. If you’re small and smart, then it makes sense to befriend someone who is big and stupid and to convince them to go and pound on anyone you don’t like. You provide the big and stupid with what it thinks it wants and big and stupid will give you what you want. But, there is a problem. It’s a big world and there are all kinds of bigs and smalls and stupids and smarts. Sooner or later, you are going to run into the wrong combination. That’s not the only thing that can go wrong. Big and stupid might get a smart pill, or he could trip over his shoelaces and knock his head against the ground and some parts of his brain that weren’t working before start working. That’s kind of how astrology works. Planetary forces move through us, engaging in various relationships for the purpose of transformation. The human factor, independent will, affects that dynamic so… the outcome is variable. We all play our parts. Degree of intensity and determination, make a big difference in the force of the will. We all have to answer on some level, no matter what you believe, because what is going on around us is happening anyway.
You see little signposts on the way, like India tossing out chabad houses for doing monkey business with the Mumbai caper. There’s that arrogance thing again. A tiny little, privileged, crime syndicate, operating as a country, figured it could take the silk road money that was generated by its war games and pocket that too. Now India, Pakistan, Russia and China are all having to come to grips with it on the playing fields of Syria.
The leaders in various countries are having to deal with domestic problems being created by this crime syndicate, especially Russia. Well, you can only push so far. You can only steal so much. Then, one day, it is too far and too much. Nobody wants Armageddon; except the batshit insane and they will press and press and probably should have read the first part of the Bhagavad-Gita. Maybe they did, like Oppenheimer, but just missed the point. There are controls in place. There are parameters. No one has ever taken over the whole world. It can’t be done. Well, that’s arrogance for you and… a tip of the hat to Mr. Gillerman sitting at the controls of his Gameboy mind and clenching and seizing up like a a boy with his dick in his hand, surprised, astonished, in wonder; wow, did I do that all by myself?
I’d like to take a personal moment in this posting to speak directly to you miscreants who could care less who gets hurt so long as it ain’t you and yours. There’s nothing you can do to me that hasn’t been done before by people with greater expertise; some of us, more than you might think, we keep coming back. We just keep coming back until every single one of you is in the place you need to be. That might be Heaven and that might be Hell. I don’t know. I don’t make that determination. You do. You do. Some of us come here for the purpose of observation. However it is, that southpaw backhand that comes out of nowhere, has nothing to do with us. You did it to yourself. You got that backhand or you got the surprise kiss on the cheek for being righteous and real when it was a lot less trouble not to be.
Things don’t always make sense down here and that’s how the programmers in the back like it. We get the half Mobius Strip cause the game doesn’t mean anything unless there’s doubt about the outcome. The game can’t have the dramatic effect it needs to have if there was total security in knowing, one way or the other. “Do not pass Go, do not collect 200 dollars”. Well, I couldn’t say. I don’t know.
So Gillerman. You and the rest of your assclown associates must be creeming in your jeans about now. You just figure it’s a slam dunk and Chocolate Thunder is going to take it to the net for you because he’s big and stupid. Chocolate Thunder’s not as stupid as you think he is. What he is, is confused and all it takes to change that is some kind of serendipitous, or tripping over a shoelace. For some reason and I do believe it is a cosmic law, something like that always happens.
Mess with people long enough and sooner or later they are going to mess with you. You talk about peace while you’re making war. You talk about orphans as you are busy creating them. You set up rescue missions for abused children so you can help yourself to them. Hey! It’s not like they haven’t already been doing it, eh? You can’t unfuck somebody, right? Well, you keep on keeping on and you will wind up exactly where you are headed. I don’t think poetic justice covers it but it will do.
End Transmission…….
people… if you don’t catch or understand certain terms or words; put them into a search engine. I always make sure it’s there before I use it (grin). Of course, a variety of things may go by the same name. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to determine which one of them might apply.


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